Parks and Recreation Filming Locations

The show follows Leslie Knope's (Amy Poehler) work for the Parks and Recreation department of the fictional town Pawnee, Indiana.

Parks and Recreation was filmed in Los Angeles & Chicago in United States of America.
Show Map

880 La Loma Road

From episode 2x21 "94 Meetings".

Source: IMDb


Wells Fargo Bank

From episode #515 "Partridge".


Millenium Park

From episode 7x02 "Ron & Jammy".

Source: IMDb


544 Mateo Street


In episode S4E11 The Comeback Kid, Ron Swanson drives past this building when the cop pulls him over and he pulls up along side it.


Pasadena City Hall

Pawnee City Hall

Exterior of Pawnee City Hall.


Pickwick Bowl

Ricky’s Rock N’ Roll Bowl

In season four's "Bowling for Votes" Leslie holds a bowling night in order to win over a man who does not plan to vote for her.


Walter Reed Middle School

Public Forum Meetings

The gym at Walter Reed is used for some Pawnee public forums.


Four'N 20

JJ's Diner

Interior of JJ's Diner was filmed at Four'N 20. Leslie and Ben frequently met up with Jennifer (Kathyrn Hahn), the campaign manager for Bobby Newport.


12718 Valley Spring Ln

Andy, April and Ben's House


Serra's Dine & Dance

The Bulge

Interiors scenes in The Bulge are filmed at Serra's.