The Five-Year Engagement Filming Locations

When Violet is offered a job at University of Michigan, Tom and her pack up and leave Northern California for Ann Arbor. Filmed on location with the help of Michigan tax credits. Read more about location filming over at the Detroit Free Press.

The Five-Year Engagement was filmed in San Francisco & Ann Arbor in United States of America.
Show Map

Alamo Square Park

Tom and Violet's Wedding


Old Town Tavern


Violet and her friends go for drinks.


Cavern Club

San Francisco Party


Liberty Plaza

The Plaza was covered in snow in the middle of June for filming, see on youtube.


Zingermann's Deli

Zingermann's Deli

Exterior of Tom's workplace. Zingermann's was too small for the film crew to actually film inside of so the interior had to be recreated on a set.


Zingerman's Bakehouse


Tom works at Zigerman's and bakes bread at their bakehouse.