Bill Nye The Science Guy Filming Locations

Comedian/scientist Bill Nye stars as the host of this show designed to get kids interested in the science of everyday, and some not-so-everyday, things. On a full range of subjects, including ecology, biology, chemistry and physics, Nye gives an easy-to-understand, yet informative lesson that both kids and their parents can enjoy.

Bill Nye The Science Guy was filmed in Seattle in United States of America.
Show Map

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

SeaTac Airport

Airport where planes are shown taking off as well as the tower where the air traffic controller interview is filmed in episode 1x01 "Flight".


Gas Works Park

Gas Works Park

Where the kids are making and flying kites during the "Check It Out" section of episode #101 "Flight".


Occidental Park

Occidental Park

Park where Bill Nye makes balloon animals in episode 1x01 "Flight".


Seward Park

Seward Park

The park where Bill Nye talks about how parasails work and then flies off into the air on one in episode 1x01 "Flight".


The Museum of Flight

Museum of Flight

Where Bill Nye shows off the SR-71 Blackbird and does some outdoor demonstrations in episode 1x01 "Flight".


Mount Saint Helens

Mt. St. Helens

Bill Nye visits here in episode 1x02 "The Earth's Crust".


Dinosaur National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument Visitors Center

Bill Nye visits here in episode 1x03 "Dinosaurs".


Alki Beach


Beach where the kids talk about sunburns in episode 1x04 "Skin".


820 1st Avenue South

Loading Dock

Bill Nye is drenched with water in the loading dock of this building in episode 1x04 "Skin".


Bailey Gatzert Elementary School

School Playground

Where the kids are playing basketball and then do a sweat demonstration in episode 1x04 "Skin".