21 and Over Filming Locations

Filmed around the University of Washington.

21 and Over was filmed in Seattle in United States of America.
Show Map

Hansee Hall (UW)


The boys play tower of power in an attempt to find out where Jeff Chang lives.


The Knarr Shipwreck Lounge

Knarr Bar

The boys sit outside the Knarr and decide its time to get Jeff home.


Big Time Brewery & Alehouse


Big Time Brewery is the first stop on Jeff Chang's birthday party.


Clark Hall (UW)

University Medical Building

Jeff Chang breaks out of the psych holding.


1664 Federal Avenue Eeast

Frat House

The Capitol Hill street was turned into Greek Row for the shoot. Read more about it at the Capitol Hill Blog


Finn MacCool's


A drunk Jeff Chang urinates on the crowd at Finn MacCools.