Midnight in Paris Filming Locations

This oscar nominated film is Woody Allen's first film shot entirely around Paris.

Midnight in Paris was filmed in Paris in France.
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Maxim's de Paris

Gil and Adriana visit Maxim in their night in 1890s Belle Époque


Hotel Le Bristol


Le Bristol was used for the hotel room scenes for Gil and Inez on their trip to Paris


Foundation Claude Monet

Monet's Garden

Gil and Inez talk on the green bridge over the water lilies at Giverny


Les Puces


Gil, Inez, and her mother go shopping around Marche aux puces de saint-ouen. It may look deserted in streetview, but that's because it's only open Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


Église Saint-Étienne du Mont


Gil sees a car approach at midnight while sitting on the steps outside the church of St-Etienne du Mont


Musée Rodin

The Thinker

Paul and Gil discuss Rodin in front of the Thinker


Musée de l'Orangerie


Paul, Carol, Gil and Inez view Monet's water lilies


Le Meurice


Le Meurice served as the Hotel entrance, dining area, and roof top wine tasting scenes


Chateau de Versailles


Paul, Gil and Inez go on a day trip to Versailles