Vertigo Filming Locations

Part of the works of Alfred Hitchcock

Vertigo was filmed in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, & San Francisco in United States of America.

Palace of Fine Arts Theatre

where Scottie and Judy walk towards the end of the film


Fort Point National Historic Site

where Kim Novak jumps into the water


900 Lombard Street

Scottie's Apartment

exterior only, has been painted


Big Basin Redwoods State Park

Muir Woods

while there is actually a Muir Woods in North Bay, they filmed it elsewhere


San Juan Bautista Mission

might look different since some parts have been demolished, some were created as models for the film


Mission Dolores

Where Scottie follows Madeleine to see Carlotta's grave


Brocklebank Apartments

Madeleine's Apartment Complex


California Palace of the Legion of Honor

art gallery where Kim Novak goes to look at the portrait


Cypress Point

Scottie and Madeleine kiss after the forest


Hotel Vertigo

Empire Hotel

exterior only, hotel has been painted and turned over