The Hangover Part II Filming Locations

Part of the Hangover trilogy

See also: Part I & Part III.

The Hangover Part II was filmed in Bangkok in Thailand.
Show Map

lebua Hotel at State Tower

The gang meets Kingsley in two different restaurants at the lebua hotel.


Boo SA Bar

White Lion

Exterior shots only, remodeled for the film.

Source: Travel Happy


Cactus Bar

Siam Sam's

The exterior of Siam Sam's was a remodeled for the film, the changes might become a permanent fixture.

Source: Travel Happy


Nang Noun Restaurant

Floating Restaurant

Alan plays pac-man and eats an ice cream cone while Stu figures out where Teddy is.


Ancient City

Ching Mei Monastery

The boys head to the monastery in hopes of getting a monk to talk.



Siam Sam's

The interior of Siam Sam's is rumoured to be filmed here, or in LA in a set modeled after Tilac's real interior. Either way check out this youtube video from the inside of Tilac to see the similarities.