Rock of Ages Filming Locations

This adaptation of the Broadway musical is set in 1980s LA. While Sunset Strip plays a central role in the film, its really a recreation built in the Overton area of Miami, FL.

Rock of Ages was filmed in Miami in United States of America.
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"Mount Trashmore"

Hollywood Sign

A replica of LA's iconic Hollywood sign was placed on a landfill for filming, the closest Miami had to a mountain.


N Miami Ave

Sunset Strip

N Miami Ave was transformed into 1980's Sunset Strip. See a video of the street on Youtube. The building on the SW corner of N Miami Ave and NE 14th St was used for the exterior of The Bourbon Room.


Castle Beach Club

The Venus

The fictional strip club The Venus filmed interior scenes at the Castle Beach Club's former Playboy Club.


Revolution Live

The Bourbon Room

Interiors filmed at Revolution night club. Read more about filming from Revolutions Rock of Ages site