Expiration Date Filming Locations

Expiration Date was filmed in Seattle in United States of America.
Show Map

Shilshole Bay Marina

Fishing Birthday

Charlie Silvercloud Jr. is fishing in a small boat for his birthday when he is killed by a milk truck.


Jax Joon

Indian Paintbrush

Florist shop run by Charlie's mom.


Waiting for the Interurban

Waiting for the Interurban

Charlie is standing by the statue when he sees a young girl drinking milk.


Alibi Room (Pike Place Market)

Charlie's Work

Coffee shop where Charlie works and where he breaks up with Alicia.


Black Sun (Volunteer Park)

Happy Family

Charlie is reading at the bus stop when he sees a happy family celebrating a birthday.


Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery


Charlie goes to the cemetery to try out grave plots.


1200 5th Avenue North

Charlie's Apartment

Charlie comes home to find his sidewalk and front door vandalized by Bessie.


Troll Under The Bridge

The Troll

Charlie and Bessie walk past the troll on their way back from the cemetery.


5400 Block, Ballard Avenue Northwest

Street by Cancer Clinic

Charlie and Bessie walk past the Seattle Cancer Clinic on their first date.


Post Alley (south of Pike, west of 1st)

Post Alley

Bessie walks Charlie back to his work.


Phinney Neighborhood Center

Exercise Class

Charlie finds Bessie leading an exercise class.


King County Animal Services

Seattle Animal Control

Charlie and Bessie spring their dog from animal control.


Gas Works Park

Ice Cream Date

Charlie and Bessie share a celebratory ice cream after rescuing their dog from Animal Control.


Marvin's Garden

Stolen Notebook

Bessie steals Charlie's "Thing to Do Before I Die" notebook.


Former Bop Street Records

Bop Street Records

Bessie introduces Charlie to some music.


Seattle Maritime Academy

Date on Dock

Charlie and Bessie are sharing a date on the dock when Charlie spots a lurking milk truck.


Under Ballard Bridge

Hiding from Truck

Charlie leads Bessie under the bridge in order to escape the stalking milk truck.


Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center

Dance Performance

Charlie and his mom attend a native dance performance.


5th Avenue North (between Lee & Highland)

Hiding from Milk Truck

Charlie lies down just off the road to hide from the pursuing milk truck.