“AKA Crush Syndrome” Filming Locations

Jessica tries to find out how Kilgrave survived the bus crash and attempt to get Hogarth to represent Hope.

Series: Jessica Jones Season 1, Episode 2
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Jessica Jones episode "AKA Crush Syndrome" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

7B Horseshoe Bar aka Vazacs as Luke's Bar

Jessica sees Luke being questioned by the cops and attempts to explain and later she returns to stop an attack by the husband of the woman he was sleeping with and his buddies.


Fulton Correctional Facility as Northeast Correctional Facility

Jessica visits Hope where she is being held after being arrested and later Hogarth tells Hope that she is her new lawyer.


217 West 101st Street as Jessica's Apartment

Trish waits for Jessica outside to talk, Jessica later calls her while the man sent to repair her door is being taken away in an ambulance, and later still she is confronted by Robyn in the lobby to stay away from Ruben.


West 39th Street (between 10th & 11th) as Bus Crash

Jessica remembers the bus crash where Kilgrave was injured, and returns to the scene to investigate.


Goodyear Tire & Auto Center as Auto Body Shop

Jessica questions a worker at an auto shop about the bus crash.