“AKA 99 Friends” Filming Locations

Jessica picks up a new but suspicious client, searches for the person who was photographing her for Kilgrave, and gathers several other survivors of Kilgrave’s control.

Series: Jessica Jones Season 1, Episode 4
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Jessica Jones episode "AKA 99 Friends" was filmed in New York in United States of America.
Show Map

West 42nd Street (between 5th & 6th) as Subway Exit

Jessica watches people exit the subway where she was photographed.


Bank of America Tower as Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz

Jessica interviews people claiming to be Kilgrave victims and eventually settles on a few whose stories are plausible.


105 Avenue B as Fire Escape

Jessica examines a picture taken of her on the fire escape.


Duane Park as Park near Trish's Apartment

Jessica talks to Simpson in the park about his desire to help against Kilgrave after she stops him from bothering Trish.


20 Harrison Street as Audrey Eastman's Studio

Audrey Eastman works while being observed by Jessica.


21 Harrison Street as Watching Audrey Eastman

Jessica balances between two buildings while watching Audrey Eastman at her work and talking to Trish on the phone.


Lavagna as Trattoria Italiana

Hogarth takes Pam out to dinner at the restaurant where she proposed to Wendy only to find that Wendy is already there.


61 Greenpoint Avenue as Audrey Eastman's Shooting Range

Jessica trails Audrey Eastman to an abandoned restaurant and sees her practicing with her handgun.


217 West 101st Street as Jessica's Apartment

Jessica is talking to Simpson when he yells at Malcolm who he sees loitering outside.


Homecoming as Coffee Shop

Jessica reviews security footage matching a photo of her getting coffee with Trish.


Franklin Street (between Greenwich & Hudson) as Approached by Child

Jessica is passed a message by a child under the control of Kilgrave.


East 6th Street & Avenue B as Jessica on Street Corner

Jessica stops at a corner and looks at the throngs of people after dealing with the Eastmans.

Bryant Park as Bryant Park

Jessica examines security footage of the park to identify who was photographing her.