Movies Filmed at Bank of America Tower

Bank of America Tower, New York, NY 10036, USA

Situated at One Bryant Park, the Bank of America Tower was opened in 2009 as the fourth tallest building in New York (just below the Empire State Building). Designed to be incredibly environmentally sound, the building is the first skyscraper to achieve LEED Platinum Certification and includes two honeybee hives.

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Bank of America Tower at One Bryant Park from Set It Up
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Aureole from Younger
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6th Avenue (between 42nd & 43rd) from Younger and 1 other movie.
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Empirical Press (exterior)

The lobby and exterior of the publishing house where Liza works frequently features conversations between Liza and her coworkers on their way to and from work.

Appears in 8 episodes.
Liza Sows Her Oates

Liza runs into Kelsey as she is leaving the subway and they chat about her date with Josh while walking to the office.

I'm with Stupid

Liza reads The Scarf while walking down the street outside work.

Hot Mitzvah

Liza & Kelsey meet Lauren outside the office and she invites them to her Hot Mitzvah. Later, Liza meets with the author of the book she is hoping to doctor.

The Old Ma'am and the C

Kelsey runs up to Liza as they are arriving at work and asks what went down over the weekend.

The Good Shepherd

Liza and Kelsey talk about how to bring the mysterious man from the farmer's market in to their press.

Last Days of Books

Liza talks to Michelle on the phone and talks to her about the investment in the bookstore.

What's Up, Dock?

A cute bicyclist talks to Diana outside the office.

Post Truth

Liza runs into Charles outside of the office and he invites her to see some Hemingway stuff.

Jessica Jones

Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz

Jeri Hogarth, a lawyer who frequently hires Jessica's services, runs her law firm from upscale offices high over the city.

Appears in 5 episodes.
AKA Ladies Night

Jessica heads to Hogarth's office to get a new case.

AKA It's Called Whiskey

Jessica gets a text from Luke after leaving Hogarth's office and then calls Trish to ask a favor.

AKA 99 Friends

Jessica interviews people claiming to be Kilgrave victims and eventually settles on a few whose stories are plausible.

AKA God Help the Hobo

Hogarth sees a woman with a similar condition to her collapse outside her office.

AKA Playland

Hogarth meets with her partners and uses the evidence Malcolm collected to blackmail them into letter her take her clients with her.