“Walk of Punishment” Filming Locations

Game of Thrones episode “Walk of Punishment” was filmed in Antrim & Ballintoy in the United Kingdom, Essaouira in Morocco, and in Spain.

Essaouira City Wall as Palace of the Good Masters

Daenerys, Ser Jorah, and Barristan Selmy meet with the Good Masters and she agrees to sell one of her dragons for all of the Unsullied.

Ballintoy Beach as Dragonstone Landing

Stannis tries to convince Melisandre, who is planning on leaving, to stay and give him a child.

Essaouira City Wall as Walk of Punishment

Daenerys, Ser Jorah, and Barristan Selmy walk past they slaves strung up to die and Daenerys attempts to give one of them her water.

Gosford Castle as Littlefinger's Brothel

Tyrion meets with Littlefinger to retrieve his account books and then gives Pod a gift of time with several hookers.