Game of Thrones Filming Locations

A fantasy series about the various noble families fighting to gain control of the kingdom while a much more ominous threat approaches from the north. Based on the book series A Song of Fire and Ice by George R. R. Martin.

Game of Thrones was filmed in 17 cities across 7 countries.
Antrim & Ballintoy in the United Kingdom, Girona, Cáceres‎, Seville, Almería, Peñíscola, Osuna, & Barcelona in Spain, Dubrovnik, Split, & Šibenik in Croatia, Mdina in Malta, Mývatn in Iceland, Aït Benhaddou, Essaouira, & Ouarzazate in Morocco, and in Greece.

Magheramorne Quarry

Castle Black

Home of the Nights Watch at the base of The Wall where Jon Snow travels. Photos of the set constructed in the disused quarry can be found here. One of the quarry walls was painted to look like ice, all of the buildings around the courtyard were built (including several interiors) as well as a working elevator.

Appears in 19 episodes.
Winter Is Coming

Three scouts from the Nights Watch ride out of the castle north of The Wall.


Meera and Bran return from the north and talk to Tollett outside the wall.

The Iron Throne

Jon is escorted back to the castle and greets the few remaining members of the Nights Watch before heading north with the Wildlings.

Also appears in “Lord Snow”, “Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things”, “Two Swords”, “Oathkeeper”, “The Watchers on the Wall”, “The Children”, “The Wars to Come”, “High Sparrow”, “Kill the Boy”, “The Dance of Dragons”, “Mother's Mercy”, “The Red Woman”, “Home”, “Oathbreaker”, “Book of the Stranger”, & “The Door”.
War Camp near Winterfell

Jon, Sansa, and Davos look over their forces gathered near Winterfell in episode 6x07 “The Broken Man”. Davos finds the pyre where Shireen was burned in episode 6x09 “Battle of the Bastards”.

Outside Cave

Bran comes outside to talk with Meera who is sitting outside thinking in episode 6x02 “Home”. Meera sees the dead army gathering outside the cave in episode 6x05 “The Door”.

Blackwater Bay

Stannis's forces come ashore and attack King's Landing where Tyrion helps defend it in episode 2x09 “Blackwater”. Tyrion and Jon land in the large army camp beneath the walls of the city and prepare to attack in the morning in episode 8x05 “The Bells”.

Frozen Tree

Bran has a vision of the Night's King around the now frozen tree in episode 6x05 “The Door”.

Cliffs of Casterly Rock

Grey Worm leads a small group of Unsullied through the secret entrance of the castle in episode 7x03 “The Queen's Justice”.


Jon Snow goes to Hardhome with Tormund Giantsbane to convince the wildlings to come south of the wall and help fight the Army of the Dead in episode 5x08 “Hardhome”.

Higgins Estate


A new set was constructed for season two's Winterfell scenes on the grounds of this estate.

Appears in 17 episodes.

Bran watches his father when he was young.

The Door

Bran sees the origin of Hodor.

Battle of the Bastards

The giant forces his way into the castle and Jon's forces defeat the Boltons.

The Winds of Winter

Sansa joins Jon on the battlements while he is watching Melisandre depart.


Sansa and Jon get into an argument over how to rule and Jon gets a message from Cersei.


Jon receives a message from Daenerys calling him to Dragonstone.

The Queen's Justice

Sansa is managing the castle when she receives an unexpected visitor.

The Spoils of War

Arya returns to the castle and has to find her way past two terrible gate guards.


Arya follows Littlefinger around the castle as he meets with various people.

Beyond the Wall

Sansa reminisces about the past and Arya brings up the letter she found in Littlefinger's room.

The Dragon and the Wolf

Arya and Sansa talk on the battlements about their late father.


Arya blends in with the crowd to watch as Jon, Daenerys, and the armies ride through town towards the castle where Sansa welcomes them (BTS photos).

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

The castle bustles with activity in preparation for the upcoming battle.

The Long Night

The defenders attempt to hold back the Army of the Dead.

The Last Of The Starks

The dead are mourned and the armies head south.

Also appears in “What Is Dead May Never Die” & “High Sparrow”.
Camp on the Kingsroad

The group traveling north stops for a rest where Arya interacts with the three caged men for the first time in episode 2x02 “The Night Lands”.

Red Wedding Courtyard

Arya arrives outside the Twins only to find everyone being executed in episode 3x09 “The Rains of Castamere”.

Shane's Castle

Winterfell Crypt

Sansa lights candles in honor of the death and then she has a conversation with Littlefinger in episode 5x04 “Sons of the Harpy”. Jon is down in the crypt with his father's statue when Petyr Baelish comes down to be a creep in episode 7x02 “Stormborn”. Sansa finds Arya in front of their father's tomb and they are finally reunited in episode 7x04 “The Spoils of War”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.

Sam finds Jon in the crypt and reveals the truth of his parentage.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Daenerys finds Jon looking at the state of Lyanna Stark and he finally works up the courage to tell her about his parentage.

The Long Night

Sansa, Tyrion, and the other non-combatants take shelter in the crypt to wait out the battle.

Under the Great Sept

Cersei goes to talk with the High Sparrow in episode 5x07 “The Gift”. The High Sparrow talks to Margaery in episode 6x01 “The Red Woman”. King Tommen comes to plead for his mother in episode 6x03 “Oathbreaker”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
Book of the Stranger

The High Sparrow talks with Margaery.

Blood of My Blood

Margaery and Tommen reconnect.

The Winds of Winter

Lancel Lannister follows a child into the catacombs and is stabbed.

Dragonstone Dungeons

Stannis visits Davos in the dungeons underneath Dragonstone in episode 3x08 “Second Sons”.

Estate near Saintfield

Winterfell Godswood

Catelyn Stark visits the Godswood at Winterfell in episode 1x01 “Winter Is Coming”. Sansa is married to Ramsey in episode 5x06 “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”. Sansa is approached by Littlefinger as she sits sitting by the tree in episode 6x10 “The Winds of Winter”.

Appears in 8 additional episodes.
The Queen's Justice

Sansa and Bran share a moment alone in the wood and Bran tells her about his new status as the Three-Eyed Raven.

The Spoils of War

Sansa takes Arya to the wood to reunite with Bran and he shows that he knows what Arya has been doing.


Bran rides with a murder of crows to spy north of the wall.

The Dragon and the Wolf

Bran sits by the tree and watches as the army of the dead attacks the wall.


Arya finds Jon standing in the Godswood and they are finally reunited.

A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Jaime approaches Bran to apologize but learns that Bran is no more, only the Three Eyed Raven remains.

The Long Night

Bran takes shelter in the center of the Godswood defended by Theon and his Ironborn.

The Last Of The Starks

Jon meets his remaining family who ask him to put the family first, not Dany.

Trsteno Arboretum

Red Keep Gardens

Sansa is invited to take tea with Margaery and Olenna Tyrell in episode 3x02 “Dark Wings, Dark Words”. Olenna and Varys talk about Sansa, followed by Sansa and Margaery talking about Sansa's marriage in episode 3x04 “And Now His Watch Is Ended”. Littlefinger talks with Sansa as they watch the ships leave in episode 3x05 “Kissed by Fire”.

Appears in 8 additional episodes.
Also appears in “The Climb”, “The Bear and the Maiden Fair”, “Mhysa”, “Two Swords”, “The Lion and the Rose”, “Breaker of Chains”, “Oathkeeper”, & “First of His Name”.

Diocletian’s Palace

Dragon Crypt in Meereen

Daenerys locks two of her dragons in the dungeon underneath Meereen in episode 4x10 “The Children”. Daenerys returns to visit her dragons in episode 5x01 “The Wars to Come”. Dany takes the leaders of the old families down here to scare them in episode 5x04 “Sons of the Harpy”.

Meereen Street

A group of Unsullied hear a disturbance and run towards it and later Barristan Selmy does the same in episode 5x04 “Sons of the Harpy”.

Meereen Square

A group of Unsullied rush through a small square on their way to the disturbance in episode 5x04 “Sons of the Harpy”.

Tunnels under Meereen

Grey Worm leads some Unsullied into Meereen through the sewers and begins a slave uprising in episode 4x04 “Oathkeeper”.

Meereen Corridor

A group of Unsullied are ambushed by the Sons of the Harpy before Barristan Selmy comes to the rescue in episode 5x04 “Sons of the Harpy”.

Source: Wikipedia

Meereen Alleys

The Sons of the Harpy attack people in a back alley in order to draw the Unsullied into a trap in episode 5x04 “Sons of the Harpy”.

Ballintoy Beach

Dragonstone Landing

Ser Davos and his son convince Salladhor Saan to contribute his ships to the invasion of King's Landing in episode 2x02 “The Night Lands”. Stannis tries to convince Melisandre, who is planning on leaving, to stay and give him a child in episode 3x03 “Walk of Punishment”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
The Last Of The Starks

The survivors from the fleet crawl ashore and Grey Worm goes back into the water searching for Missandei.

The Bells

Varys meets Jon on his arrival and attempts to convince him to replace Daenerys and that night he is escorted out to be executed by fire.

Also appears in “Second Sons”.
Secret Cove

Theon, Yara, and her supporters run to where the boats they have waiting in episode 6x05 “The Door”.

Funeral Bay

Balon Greyjoy is buried at sea in episode 6x02 “Home”.

Audley's Castle & Wood (Castle Ward)

Lannister War Camp

Jaime meets with Tywin in his tent in episode 1x07 “You Win or You Die”. Tyrion and his mercenaries join Tywin's army after escaping the Vale in episode 1x08 “The Pointy End”.

Robb's Riverlands Camp

Robb introduces his mother to Talisa in episode 2x06 “The Old Gods and the New”. Robb stops a group of his bannermen from killing Jaime in episode 2x07 “A Man Without Honor”.

The Twins

Robb and his bannermen wait to hear back about the conditions for them passing through The Twins in episode 1x09 “Baelor”.

Moat Cailin

Catelyn Stark and Ser Rodrik arrive at Robb's war camp in episode 1x08 “The Pointy End”.

Itzurun Beach

Dragonstone Landing

Daenerys and her advisors land on the beach of Dragonstone and Dany touches Westeros soil for the first time since she was a child in episode 7x01 “Dragonstone”. Jon and his party arrive on the island and are asks to relinquish their weapons before heading up to the castle in episode 7x03 “The Queen's Justice”. Dany is walking down to the beach when she runs into Jon who shows her the dragonglass in the cave in episode 7x04 “The Spoils of War”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.

Davos brings Gendry to meet Jon and then everyone heads off on the boats.

The Dragon and the Wolf

Theon fights to get the remaining sailors from the Iron Isles to rescue his sister.

Source: Winter Is Coming, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Redhall Estate

Inn at the Crossroads

Ned Stark confronts the king and queen about the incident with Joffrey by the river in episode 1x02 “The Kingsroad”. Catelyn encounters and captures Tyrion at the inn in episode 1x04 “Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things”. Arya is taken to the inn by the Brotherhood Without Banners in episode 3x02 “Dark Wings, Dark Words”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.

Brienne and Pod stop here to eat.


Arya stops at the inn and runs into Hot Pie who tells her about Jon's return to Winterfell.

Kaštel Gomilica

Braavosi Alley

Arya catches a pigeon for dinner and then is accosted by a group of boys before they are scared off by the strange man in episode 5x02 “The House of Black and White”. Arya sells oysters as part of her training in episode 5x08 “Hardhome”.

Braavosi Docks

Arya is rowed into Braavos by the ship captain in episode 5x02 “The House of Black and White”. Arya sells oysters and spies on the corrupt insurance man in episode 5x08 “Hardhome”.

San Anton Palace

Red Keep Stables

The Starks arrive at the Red Keep in episode 1x03 “Lord Snow”. A number of the Starks' attendants are murdered by the Lannister soldiers while unloading some cargo from which Arya later recovers her sword in episode 1x08 “The Pointy End”.

Red Keep Hallway

Ned is walking through the keep when a messanger informs him that the small council is meeting in episode 1x05 “The Wolf and the Lion”. Varys and Littlefinger inform Ned that the Goldcloaks are under his control in episode 1x07 “You Win or You Die”.

Minčeta Tower

King's Landing Walls

The city watch searches for the various bastards of Robert Baratheon in episode 2x01 “The North Remembers”. Jon is escorted along the walls by two guards on his way back to Castle Black in episode 8x06 “The Iron Throne”.

House of the Undying

Daenerys enters this tower after her dragons are stolen in episode 2x10 “Valar Morghulis”.

Blacksmith's Shop

The city watch searches the shop for Gendry but he is already gone in episode 2x01 “The North Remembers”.

The Western Harbour

King's Landing Harbour

The Lannisters watch Myrcella depart on the boat to the south in episode 2x06 “The Old Gods and the New”. Cersei watches Jaime return with Myrcella's body in episode 6x01 “The Red Woman”. The Stark siblings get together one last time before they each head off on their own paths in episode 8x06 “The Iron Throne”.

Killing Baby

Goldcloaks throw one of Robert's bastards into the water in episode 2x01 “The North Remembers”.

Tollymore Forest Park

Hillside Chase

Theon is chased by his torturers after escaping. Filmed on the slopes to the south of the park. in episode 3x03 “Walk of Punishment”.

Path from Execution Block

The Stark group encounters a dead Direwolf and her pups on their way back from the execution in episode 1x01 “Winter Is Coming”.

Forest north of the Wall

A Night's Watch patrol is scouting north of the wall and is attacked by White Walkers. Some of the shots from this scene were originally shot for the unaired pilot and then reused in the first episode. in episode 1x01 “Winter Is Coming”.

Source: Culture Addict/History Nerd (archived)


Dragonstone Path

Daenerys and the others climb a long winding path up to the castle at Dragonstone in episode 7x01 “Dragonstone”. Jon and Tyrion catch up on their way up to the castle and then one of the dragons swoops overhead in episode 7x03 “The Queen's Justice”. Jon and Davos are walking down the steps when they come upon Missandei and ask her about serving Daenerys in episode 7x04 “The Spoils of War”.

Fair Head

Dragonstone Cliffs

Varys approaches Melisandre and asks why she is watching Jon's arrive from the cliffs. Later, Tyrion comes out to brood and finds Jon out brooding before him in episode 7x03 “The Queen's Justice”. Jon watches Drogon fly back to the island with Dany and she watches as he pets the dragon's snoot in episode 7x05 “Eastwatch”. Tyrion tries to convince Daenerys not to head out with the dragons north of the wall in episode 7x06 “Beyond the Wall”.

Fort Bokar

King's Landing Walls

Tyrion goes to the city wall to talk about the defense of the city with Lord Varys in episode 2x08 “The Prince of Winterfell”. Cersei and Jaime watch the Iron Fleet arrive outside King's Landing in episode 7x01 “Dragonstone”. Qyburn joins Cersei on the wall as she looks out over the fleet from the Iron Islands filled with the Golden Company mercenaries in episode 8x01 “Winterfell”.

Pile Gate

Small King's Landing Gate

Jamie and Brienne arrive in King's Landing after their ordeals on the road in episode 3x10 “Mhysa”.

Riot in Streets

On their return from watching Myrcella depart, the Lannister procession is attacked by an angry mob and Sansa barely escapes being raped in episode 2x06 “The Old Gods and the New”.

Red Keep Walls

Cersei talks to Tommen who is asking her about going back to Casterly Rock in episode 5x03 “High Sparrow”.

Essaouira City Wall

Walk of Punishment

Daenerys, Ser Jorah, and Barristan Selmy walk past they slaves strung up to die and Daenerys attempts to give one of them her water in episode 3x03 “Walk of Punishment”.

Plaza of Pride

Daenerys and Ser Jorah talk to Kraznys mo Nakloz about purchasing some Unsullied as an army in episode 3x01 “Valar Dohaeris”.

Palace of the Good Masters

Daenerys, Ser Jorah, and Barristan Selmy meet with the Good Masters and she agrees to sell one of her dragons for all of the Unsullied in episode 3x03 “Walk of Punishment”.

Barrueco de Arriba

Watering Hole

The Lannister baggage train heading back to King's Landing is stopped at a small lake when the Dothraki attack with help of Dany on her dragon in episode 7x04 “The Spoils of War”. Bronn & Jaime climb out of the water, Tyrion surveys the destruction, and Daenerys demands the captured soldiers bend the knee or be burned alive by Drogon in episode 7x05 “Eastwatch”.

Cushendun Caves

Cave under Red Keep

Jaime is attempting to sneak into the castle from beneath but he is intercepted by Euron who demands a fight to the death in episode 8x05 “The Bells”.

Storm's End Cave

Ser Davos escorts Melisandre to a cave under the city where she gives birth to a creepy shadow thing in episode 2x04 “Garden of Bones”.

Ulica od Rupa

Outside Littlefinger's Brothel

Tyrion talks to Oberyn Martell outside the brothel in episode 4x01 “Two Swords”. The High Septon is forced to walk naked through the street by a group of Sparrows in episode 5x03 “High Sparrow”.

Doune Castle

Winterfell Hall

The Starks are visited by the king's party. Interiors were filmed here for the unaired pilot episode and then repurposed for the first episode, and then recreated in the studio for the remainder of the season. in episode 1x01 “Winter Is Coming”.

Castle Ward

Winterfell Courtyard

Winterfell courtyard where the King's party arrives and is greeted by the Starks. An extensive set was constructed here and used throughout the first season which can be seen here. in episode 1x01 “Winter Is Coming”.

Fort Manoel

Great Sept of Baelor

Joffrey gets Ned Stark to admit to being a traitor and then has him executed in front of his children in episode 1x09 “Baelor”.


Burning of White Walker

Sam is running through the snow when he is attacked by a White Walker and then saved by Jeor Mormont in episode 3x01 “Valar Dohaeris”.