Game of Thrones Filming Locations

A fantasy series about the various noble families fighting to gain control of the kingdom while a much more ominous threat approaches from the north. Based on the book series A Song of Fire and Ice by George R. R. Martin.

Game of Thrones was filmed in Ouarzazate, Essaouira, & Aït Benhaddou in Morocco, Greece, Dubrovnik, Split, & Šibenik in Croatia, Mývatn in Iceland, Mdina in Malta, Ballintoy & Antrim in United Kingdom, and Seville, Barcelona, Peñíscola, Osuna, & Girona in Spain.

Azure Window

Daenerys and Khal Drogo's Wedding

Malta's beautiful Azure Window can be seen behind Daenerys and Khal Drogo's wedding in episode 1x01 "Winter Is Coming".

Verdala Palace

Illyrio's Mansion

Daenerys and Viserys meet Khal Drogo out front of Illyrio's mansion in episode 1x01 "Winter Is Coming".

Estate near Saintfield

Winterfell Godswood

Catelyn Stark visits the Godswood at Winterfell in episode 1x01 "Winter Is Coming". Sansa is married to Ramsey in the wood in episode 5x06 "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken". Sansa is approached by Littlefinger as she sits sitting by the tree in episode 6x10 "The Winds of Winter".

Knock Dhu

Execution Block

Ned Stark executes a deserter from the wall in episode 1x01 "Winter Is Coming".

Moat Cailin Overlook

Sansa and Littlefinger look down on Moat Cailin and Sansa figures out that Littlefinger plans to wed her to Ramsey in episode #503 "High Sparrow".

Unknown season 4 location.

Doune Castle

Winterfell Hall

The Starks are visited by the king's party. Interiors were filmed here for the unaired pilot episode and then repurposed for the first episode, and then recreated in the studio for the remainder of the season. in episode 1x01 "Winter Is Coming".

Tollymore Forest Park

Path from Execution Block

The Stark group encounters a dead Direwolf and her pups on their way back from the execution in episode 1x01 "Winter Is Coming".

White Walker Attack

A Night's Watch patrol is scouting north of the wall and is attacked by White Walkers. Some of the shots from this scene were originally shot for the unaired pilot and then reused in the first episode. in episode 1x01 "Winter Is Coming".

Source: Culture Addict/History Nerd (archived)

Hillside Chase

Theon is chased by his torturers after escaping in episode #303 "Walk of Punishment". Filmed on the slopes to the south of the park.

Castle Ward

Winterfell Courtyard

Winterfell courtyard where the King's party arrives and is greeted by the Starks. An extensive set was constructed here and used throughout the first season which can be seen here. in episode 1x01 "Winter Is Coming".

Redhall Estate

Inn at the Crossroads

Ned Stark confronts the king and queen about the incident with Joffrey by the river in episode 1x02 "The Kingsroad". Catelyn encounters and captures Tyrion at the inn in episode 1x04 "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things". Arya is taken to the inn by the Brotherhood Without Banners in episode 3x02 "Dark Wings, Dark Words". Brienne and Pod stop here to eat in episode 4x07 "Mockingbird".

Shore of River Maine

River near Inn

Arya is training in sword fighting with Mycah when they are interrupted by Sansa and Joffrey in episode 1x02 "The Kingsroad".

Magheramorne Quarry

Castle Black

Castle Black at the base of The Wall, first seen in episode #103 "Lord Snow", was built in an abandoned quarry. Photos of the set constructed can be found here. One of the quarry walls was painted to look like ice, all of the buildings around the courtyard were built (including several interiors) as well as a working elevator. Meera and Bran return from the north and talk to Tollett outside the wall in episode 7x01 "Dragonstone".

Blackwater Wall

Stannis's forces come ashore and attack King's Landing where Tyrion helps defend it in episode 2x09 "Blackwater".


Jon Snow goes to Hardhome with Tormund Giantsbane to convince the wildlings to come south of the wall and help fight the Army of the Dead in episode #508 "Hardhome".

Outside Cave

Bran comes outside to talk with Meera who is sitting outside thinking in episode #602 "Home". Meera sees the dead army gathering outside the cave in episode #605 "The Door".

Frozen Tree

Bran has a vision of the Night's King around the now frozen tree in episode #605 "The Door".

War Camp near Winterfell

Jon, Sansa, and Davos look over their forces gathered near Winterfell in episode #607 "The Broken Man". Davos finds the pyre where Shireen was burned in episode #609 "Battle of the Bastards".

Pjazza Mesquita

Littlefinger's Brothel

Lord Baelish shows Ned Stark to his brothel to see Catelyn who had snuck into the city in episode 1x03 "Lord Snow".

Mdina Gate

King's Landing Gate

Catelyn and Ser Rodrik ride into King's Landing to investigate the attack on Bran in episode 1x03 "Lord Snow".

San Anton Palace

Red Keep Stables

The Starks arrive at the Red Keep in episode 1x03 "Lord Snow". A number of the Starks' attendants are murdered by the Lannister soldiers while unloading some cargo from which Arya later recovers her sword in episode 1x08 "The Pointy End".

Red Keep Hallway

Ned is walking through the keep when a messanger informs him that the small council is meeting episode #105 "The Wolf and the Lion". Later, in episode #107 "You Win or You Die", Varys and Littlefinger inform Ned that the Goldcloaks are under his control.

Fort Ricasoli

The King's Gate

The King's party returns to the city though this this gate in episode 1x03 "Lord Snow".

Leslie Hill Estate

Dothraki Sea

In episode #103 "Lord Snow", The Dothraki are riding through the plants when Daenerys dismounts and talks to her brother, who then assaults her.

Sandy Brae Path

Vaes Dothrak

The Dothraki ride between the twin statues into the holy ground of Vaes Dothrak in episode 1x04 "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things".

San Anton Gardens

Red Keep Gardens

Ned and Littlefinger discuss the actions of the former Hand right before his death in episode 1x04 "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things".

Clearing near River Maine

Tourney of the Hand

The King hosts a tournament in celebration of Ned behing made the Hand in episode 1x04 "Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things".

River Shore near Bridge

Brienne leads Jaime Lannister to the shore of a river after breaking him out of Robb's warcamp in episode 2x08 "The Prince of Winterfell".

Meteora Rock Formations

Vale of Arryn

While Eyrie doesn't exist, the rock formations it was CGIed on are very much real in Greece. First seen in episode 1x05 "The Wolf and the Lion".

Fort St Angelo

Red Keep Dungeon

On assignment from Syrio Forel, Arya chases a cat into the tunnels beneath the Red Keep where she overhears a conversation in episode 1x05 "The Wolf and the Lion".

Dominican St Dominic Monastery

Red Keep Garden

Eddard warns Cersei about what he knows and tells her he is going to go public with it. Later in the episode a messenger informs Ned that Joffrey and Cersei requested his presence in episode 1x07 "You Win or You Die".

Audley's Castle & Wood (Castle Ward)

Moat Cailin

Catelyn Stark and Ser Rodrik arrive at Robb's war camp in episode 1x08 "The Pointy End".

Lannister War Camp

Jaime meets with Tywin in his tent in episode 1x07 "You Win or You Die". Tyrion and his mercenaries join Tywin's army after escaping the Vale in episode 1x08 "The Pointy End".

Robb's Riverlands Camp

Robb introduces his mother to Talisa in episode #206 "The Old Gods and the New". In the next episode Robb stops a group of his bannermen from killing Jaime.

The Twins

Robb and his bannermen wait to hear back about the conditions for them passing through The Twins in episode 1x09 "Baelor".



The Dothraki attack a village and Khal Drogo is wounded in episode 1x08 "The Pointy End".

Source: Culture Addict/History Nerd (archived)

Mtahleb Cliffs

Dothraki Campsite

The Dothraki camp for awhile after Khal Drogo collapses in episode 1x09 "Baelor". Daenerys enters the funeral pyre and emerges with her dragons in episode 1x10 "Fire and Blood".

Fort Manoel

Great Sept of Baelor

Joffrey gets Ned Stark to admit to being a traitor and then has him executed in front of his children in episode 1x09 "Baelor".

Inch Abbey

Robb's Camp

After learning of Ned's death, Catelyn and Robb comfort each other in episode 1x10 "Fire and Blood".


Dark Hedges

North on the Kingsroad

Arya and the other Night's Watch recruits travel north along the Kingsroad in episode 2x01 "The North Remembers".

Source: Wikipedia

St. Dominic Street

Protest on Steps

Tyrion and Bronn witness a protest speech atop some steps in the streets of King's Landing in episode 2x05 "The Ghost of Harrenhal".

Goldcloaks Kill Baby

The Goldcloaks kill one of Robert's bastards in the streets in episode 2x01 "The North Remembers".

Walk of Atonement

Cersei walks down the street on her way to the Red Keep in episode #510 "Mother's Mercy".

The Western Harbour

King's Landing Harbour

The Lannisters watch Myrcella depart on the boat to the south in episode 2x06 "The Old Gods and the New". Cersei watches Jaime return with Myrcella's body in episode 6x01 "The Red Woman".

Killing Baby

Goldcloaks throw one of Robert's bastards into the water in episode 2x01 "The North Remembers".

Minčeta Tower

King's Landing Walls & Blacksmith's Shop

The city watch search for the various bastards of Robert Baratheon but are unable to locate Gendry in episode 2x01 "The North Remembers".

House of the Undying

Daenerys enters this tower after her dragons are stolen in episode 2x10 "Valar Morghulis".

Fort Lovrijenac

Red Keep Courtyard

King Joffrey watches some folks fight to the death for his name day celebration in episode #201 "The North Remembers". Later, in episode #301 "Valar Dohaeris", Tyrion and Bronn have a talk about Bronn's pay while walking along the seaside wall.

Clandeboye Estate

Hand on Stump

Jaime convinces The Brave Companions to not rape Brienne, only to have his hand cut off in episode 3x03 "Walk of Punishment".

Craster’s Keep

An expedition from Castle Black visits the keep on their way north in episode #201 "The North Remembers". They return here in episode #303 "Walk of Punishment" after being defeated by the White Walkers in the north.

Source: YouTube

Downhill Beach

Burning of Statues

Melisandre burns the statues of the seven gods in episode 2x01 "The North Remembers".

Another Estate near Saintfield

Robb's Camp

Robb visits his prisoner, Jaime Lannister, in his war camp in episode 2x01 "The North Remembers".

Source: YouTube

Field outside Winterfell

Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton's armies face off in front of Winterfell in episode #609 "Battle of the Bastards".

Moneyglass Estate


A new set was constructed for season two's Winterfell scenes on the grounds of this estate. From episode 2x03 "What Is Dead May Never Die". From episode 5x03 "High Sparrow". Bran watches his father when he was young in episode 6x02 "Home". Bran sees the origin of Hodor in episode 6x05 "The Door". The giant forces his way into the castle and Jon's forces defeat the Boltons in episode 6x09 "Battle of the Bastards". Sansa joins Jon on the battlements while he is watching Melisandre depart in episode 6x10 "The Winds of Winter". Sansa and Jon get into an argument over how to rule and Jon gets a message from Cersei in episode 7x01 "Dragonstone".

Camp on the Kingsroad

The group traveling north stops for a rest where Arya interacts with the three caged men for the first time in episode #202 "The Night Lands'.

Red Wedding Courtyard

Arya arrives outside the Twins only to find everyone being executed in episode #309 "The Rains of Castamere".

Ballintoy Beach

Dragonstone Landing

Ser Davos and his son convince Salladhor Saan to contribute his ships to the invasion of King's Landing in episode #202 "The Night Lands". Late, in episode #303 "Walk of Punishment", Stannis tries to convince Melisandre, who is planning on leaving, to stay and give him a child.

Funeral Bay

Balon Greyjoy is buried at sea in episode #602 "Home".

Secret Cove

Theon, Yara, and her supporters run to where the boats they have waiting in episode #605 "The Door".

Murlough Bay

Meeting Spot

Renly and Stannis meet to discuss a resolution to the succession issue in episode 2x04 "Garden of Bones".

Beach below Pyke Castle

Theon rides to his father's castle and gets all creepy with the girl he realize is his sister in episode 2x02 "The Night Lands".

Ballintoy Harbour

Pyke Harbour

Theon Greyjoy arrives at Pyke and tries to find a way to the castle in episode 2x02 "The Night Lands".

Lord of Light Tribute

Melisandre burns several people as a tribute to the Lord of Light in episode #402 "The Lion and the Rose".

Larrybane Chalk Quarry

Renly's Warcamp

Renly holds a tournament and ends up making Brienne his new Kingsguard in episode #203 "What Is Dead May Never Die". Photos from set can be seen here.

Bay near Ballintoy

Pyke Bay

Theon is initiated into the church of the Drowned God in episode 2x03 "What Is Dead May Never Die". Euron is put through the drowning ceremony to become the ruler in episode 6x05 "The Door".

Dubac Quarry

Gates of Qarth

Daenerys and her remaining Dothraki come to the gates of Qarth where they negotate entry into the city in episode 2x04 "Garden of Bones".

Cushendun Caves

Storm's End Cave

Ser Davos escorts Melisandre to a cave under the city where she gives birth to a creepy shadow thing in episode 2x04 "Garden of Bones".

The Linen Mill Studio


Set constructed somewhere near the studio in Banbridge. Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie are taken to the ruined castle of Harrenhal in episode 2x04 "Garden of Bones".


North of the Wall

Starting in episode #205 "The Ghost of Harrenhal", Iceland's Skaftafell National Park stands in for the area north of the wall.

Source: YouTube

Ploce Gate

King's Landing Arch

Tyrion talks with Lancel Lannister while Bronn waits nearby in episode 2x05 "The Ghost of Harrenhal".

Red Keep Gate

Cersei enters the Red Keep after her Walk of Atonement and is welcomed back by Qyburn in episode #510 "Mother's Mercy".

The Benedictine Abbey and Monastery

Party in Qarth

Daenerys and her associates attend a party held by Xaro Xhoan Daxos in Qarth in episode 2x05 "The Ghost of Harrenhal".

Svínafellsjökull Glacier

Ambush on Wildlings

The scouting party from the Night's Watch finds and kills a small group of wildlings, but Jon Snow spares the life of one of them in episode 2x06 "The Old Gods and the New".

Rector's Palace

Spice King's Palace

Xaro Xhoan Daxos brings Daenerys to talk to the Spice King about getting some of his money in episode 2x06 "The Old Gods and the New".

Pile Gate

Riot in Streets

On their return from watching Myrcella depart, the Lannister procession is attacked by an angry mob and Sansa barely escapes being raped in episode #206 "The Old Gods and the New"

Small King's Landing Gate

Jamie and Brienne arrive in King's Landing after their ordeals on the road in episode #310 "Mhysa".

Red Keep Walls

Cersei talks to Tommen who is asking her about going back to Casterly Rock in episode #503 "High Sparrow".

Fort Bokar

King's Landing Walls

Tyrion goes to the city wall to talk about the defense of the city with Lord Varys in episode 2x08 "The Prince of Winterfell". Cersei and Jaime watch the Iron Fleet arrive outside King's Landing in episode 7x01 "Dragonstone".

Shane's Castle

Dragonstone Dungeons

Stannis visits Davos in the dungeons underneath Dragonstone in episode #308 "Second Sons".

Winterfell Crypt

Sansa lights candles in honor of the death and then she has a conversation with Littlefinger in episode 5x04 "Sons of the Harpy".

Under the Great Sept

Cersei goes to talk with the High Sparrow in episode #507 "The Gift". The High Sparrow talks to Margaery in episode #601 "The Red Woman". King Tommen comes to plead for his mother in episode #603 "Oathbreaker". The High Sparrow talks with Margaery in episode #604 "Book of the Stranger". Margaery and Tommen reconnect in episode #606 "Blood of My Blood".

Gosford Castle


Robb executes Rickard Karstark in the garden in episode #305 "Kissed By Fire".

Littlefinger's Brothel

In episode #301 "Valar Dohaeris", Pod finds Bronn with one of the whores. Later, in episode #303 "Walk of Punishment", Tyrion meets with Littlefinger to retrieve his account books and then gives Pod a gift of time with several hookers.

Essaouira City Wall

Plaza of Pride

Daenerys and Ser Jorah talk to Kraznys mo Nakloz about purchasing some Unsullied as an army in episode 3x01 "Valar Dohaeris".

Walk of Punishment

Daenerys, Ser Jorah, and Barristan Selmy walk past they slaves strung up to die and Daenerys attempts to give one of them her water in episode 3x03 "Walk of Punishment".

Palace of the Good Masters

Daenerys, Ser Jorah, and Barristan Selmy meet with the Good Masters and she agrees to sell one of her dragons for all of the Unsullied in episode #303 "Walk of Punishment".

Lake Mývatn

Beyond the Wall

All the the beyond the wall scenes were shot around this lake for season three first seen in episode 3x01 "Valar Dohaeris".

The Little Harbour

Astapor Dock

After look at the Unsullied, a creepy assassin girl attempt to kill Daenerys but is stopped by Barristan Selmy in episode 3x01 "Valar Dohaeris".


Burning of White Walker

Sam is running through the snow when he is attacked by a White Walker and then saved by Jeor Mormont in episode 3x01 "Valar Dohaeris".

Trsteno Arboretum

Red Keep Gardens

Sansa is invited to take tea with Margaery and Olenna Tyrell in episode #302 "Dark Wings, Dark Words". Later, in episode #204 "And Now His Watch Is Ended", Olenna and Varys talk about Sansa, followed by Sansa and Margaery talking about Sansa's marriage.

Bridge over River Maine

Kingsroad Bridge

Jaime attacks Brienne on a bridge when they are both captured by The Brave Companions in episode 3x02 "Dark Wings, Dark Words".

Gosford Forest Park

Forest in Dream

In a dream Bran chases the three eyed Raven and sees Jojen Reed for the first time in episode 3x02 "Dark Wings, Dark Words".

Quoile Pondage Nature Reserve

Funeral on Dock

Robb, Catelyn, and the Tullys attend the funeral of Hoster Tully in episode #303 "Walk of Punishment".

Source: IFTN

Randalstown Forest

Chase & Rescue in Woods

Theon is chased through the woods and then rescued in episode #303 "Walk of Punishment".

Forest scenes.

Kingdom of Heaven Set

Astapor Plaza & Gate

Daenerys trades one of her dragons for all the Unsullied in the city, and then orders those soldier's to kill their former masters in episode #304 "And Now His Watch Is Ended".

Outside Aït Benhaddou Eastern Wall

Yunkai Mercenary Camp

Daenerys visits the leaders of the three mercenary companies and tries to convince them to fight for her instead in episode #308 "Second Sons".

Aït Benhaddou (small gate)

Small Yunkai Gate

Mormont, Daario, and Grey Worm sneak into Yunkai and defeat the gate guards in episode #309 "The Rains of Castamere".

River Gate at Aït Benhaddou

Big Yunkai Gate

Daenerys meets with the slaves of Yunkai outside the walls of the city and is praised by them in episode #310 "Mhysa". It appears they constructed the gate the slaves are seen leaving in the episode.

Ballyscullion Park

Unknown season 3 scenes were filmed in the woods.

Fissure (Þingvellir)

The Bloody Gate

Littlefinger escorts Sansa to the gates of the Vale in episode #405 "First of His Name". Later, Arya and the Hound arrive at the gate only to learn that Lysa Arryn died the day before in episode #408 "The Mountain and the Viper".

Wildlings in Fissure

The Wildlings camp in a fissure on the south side of The Wall in episode #401 "Two Swords".

Ulica od Rupa

Outside Littlefinger's Brothel

Tyrion talks to Oberyn Martell outside the brothel in episode #401 "Two Swords". The High Septon is forced to walk naked through the street by a group of Sparrows in episode #503 "High Sparrow".

Trsteno Harbour

Left-Handed Training

Bronn trains Jaime to fight with his sword left-handed at a secluded dock in episodes #402 "The Lion and the Rose" & #404 "Oathkeeper".

Gradac Park

Joffrey's Wedding Reception

Outdoor wedding reception for King Joffrey and Margaery Tyrell in episode #402 "The Lion and the Rose".

Trsteno Bridge

Escape Boat

Ser Dontos helps Sansa get into a small boat to escape King's Landing in episode #403 "Breaker of Chains".

Klis Fortress

Walls of Meereen

Slaves and Masters watch Daenerys and her army arrive at the walls in episode #403 "Breaker of Chains". Daenerys crucifies the Masters here in episode #404 "Oathkeeper". Barristan Selmy receives a message about Jorah Mormont in episode #408 "The Mountain and the Viper".

Trsteno Rocky Shore

Climb down Rocks

Sansa follows Ser Dontos down some rocks after Joffrey is murdered in episode #403 "Breaker of Chains".

Žrnovnica Quarry

Outside Gates of Meereen

Daenerys and her army arrives outside Meereen and Daario Naharis defeats the champion from Meereen in episode #403 "The Breaker of Chains".

Diocletian’s Palace

Dragon Crypt in Meereen

Daenerys locks two of her dragons in the dungeon underneath Meereen in episode #410 "The Children". Daenerys returns to visit her dragons here in episode #501 "The Wars to Come". Dany takes the leaders of the old families down here to scare them in episode #504 "Kill the Boy".

Tunnels under Meereen

Grey Worm leads some Unsullied into Meereen through the sewers and begins a slave uprising in episode #404 "Oathkeeper".

Meereen Alleys

The Sons of the Harpy attack people in a back alley in order to draw the Unsullied into a trap in episode #504 "The Sons of the Harpy".

Meereen Street

A group of Unsullied hear a disturbance and run towards it and later Barristan Selmy does the same in episode #504 "The Sons of the Harpy".

Meereen Square

A group of Unsullied rush through a small square on their way to the disturbance in episode #504 "The Sons of the Harpy".

Meereen Corridor

A group of Unsullied are ambushed by the Sons of the Harpy before Barristan Selmy comes to the rescue in episode #504 "The Sons of the Harpy".

Source: Wikipedia

Dubrovnik West Wall

Practice Field

Cersei visits The Mountain while he is killing prisoners to ask him to fight at Tyrion's trial in episode #407 "Mockingbird". Loras is practicing swordplay when the Faith Militant takes him captive in episode #504 "The Sons of the Harpy".

Hotel Belvedere

Trial by Combat

Oberyn Martell fights with The Mountain for Tyrion's trail by combat in episode #408 "The Mountain and the Viper".

Lady Hill Quarry

Battle with Skeletons

Bran and his companions are attacked by skeletons in episode #410 "The Children".

Öxarárfoss (Þingvellir)

Arya by Waterfall

Arya rides past a waterfall after leaving the Hound in episode #410 "The Children".


Unknown season 4 location involving Brienne and Pod.

Villa Sheherezade

Illyrio’s Mansion

Varys lets Tyrion out of his crate on the balcony of Illyrio's mansion in Pentos in episode #501 "The Wars to Come".

Ulica uz Jezuite

Stairs to the Great Sept

Cersei walks up steps to the Great Sept passing many mourners in episode #501 "The Wars to Come". Cersei and Margaery arrive for Margaery's wedding in episode #503 "High Sparrow". Tommen attempts to see the High Sparrow in episode #504 "The Sons of the Harpy". Cersei begins her Walk of Atonement here in episode #510 "Mother's Mercy".

Farm off Garron Road

Vale Farm

Littlefinger and Sansa watch Robin flail at sword practice before leaving him on his own in episode #501 "The Wars to Come". Littlefinger returns and accuses Yohn Royce of giving his travel plans to the Boltons in episode #604 "Book of the Stranger".

Zagreb Hotel

The House of Black and White

Arya is dropped off in Braavos and attempts to gain entrance to the House of Black and White in episode #502 "The House of Black and White".

Kaštel Gomilica

Braavosi Docks

Arya is rowed into Braavos by the ship captain in episode #502 "The House of Black and White". Arya sells oysters and spies on the corrupt insurance man in episode #508 "Hardhome".

Braavosi Alley

Arya catches a pigeon for dinner and then is accosted by a group of boys before they are scared off by the strange man in episode #502 "The House of Black and White". Arya sells oysters here in episode #508 "Hardhome".

Gardens at Alcázar de Sevilla

Water Gardens

Ellaria Sand tries to convince Prince Martell to take revenge against the Lannisters in episode #502 "The House of Black and White". Jaime attempts to rescue Myrcella from the attack by the Sand Snakes in episode #506 "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken".

Roman Bridge of Córdoba

Long Bridge of Volantis

Varys and Tyrion arrive at the bridge in episode #303 "High Sparrow". The bridge was largely modified with CG.

Dock near Kaštel Gomilica

Hiding Place

Arya dumbs her old clothes in the bay and hides Needle behind a loose rock in episode #503 "High Sparrow". Arya returns to gather Needle in episode #606 "Blood of My Blood".

Ulica od Margarite

King's Landing Market

Members of the Faith Militant smash up a market while the Goldcloaks watch in episode #504 "The Sons of the Harpy". Cersei is marched through the market on her way to the Red Keep in episode #510 "Mother's Mercy".

Vestibule (Diocletian's Palace)

Meereen Circular Square

The Sons of the Harpy kill two unsullied in a circle space in episode #504 "The Sons of the Harpy".

Portstewart Strand

Dorne Coastline

Jaime and Bronn arrive in Dorne and end up killing a wandering patrol in episode #504 "The Sons of the Harpy".

Sand Snake Camp

Ellaria rides up the Sand Snakes and convinces them to get revenge for Oberyn in episode #504 "The Sons of the Harpy".

Road to Water Gardens

Jaime and Bronn follow a group of travelers heading to the Water Gardens in episode #506 "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken".

River Outlet near Shane's Castle

Washed Up on Beach

Bronn and Tyrion are washed up on the beach after barely escaping their journey through Volantis in episode #505 "Kill the Boy".

Berries on Beach

Tyrion and Bronn share a meal and talk about their families while traveling up the coast in episode #506 "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken".

Mudéjar Palace

Under Water Gardens

Ellaria sends the Sand Snakes out to attack Myrcella in episode #506 "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken".

Water Gardens Palace

Jaime talks with Doran Martell about the incident with Myrcella and the Sand Snakes in episode #509 "The Dance of Dragons".

Sheep Field in Murlough Bay

Above Slave Ship

Tyrion and Jorah are walking down the coast when they see a slave ship in the bay below in episode #506 "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken".

Rocks in Murlough Bay

Slaver Boat Beach

Jorah and Tyrion are taken to where the slaver's boats are docked and Tyrion manages to talk them into going to Meereen in episode #506 "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken".

St. John's Fortress

Lower Fighting Pit

Daenerys attends one of the fights at the lower pits and ends up seeing Jorah Mormont win the fight in episode #507 "The Gift". Jorah returns here to continue fighting in the pits in episode #508 "Hardhome".

Cathedral of St. James

Iron Bank of Braavos

Arya watches Tycho Nestoris lead Mace Tyrell and Meryn Trant to the Iron Bank for a meeting episode #509 "The Dance of Dragons".

Plaza de Toros

Great Pit of Daznak

Daenerys is watching the fighters battle in the great pit when the event is attacked by the Sons of the Harpy in episode #509 "The Dance of Dragons".

Revelin Fortress

Outside Red Keep Gate

Cersei arrives at the bridge leading to the Red Keep after her walk through town in episode #510 "Mother's Mercy".

Villa Dalmacija

Dornish Dock

Myrcella & Trystane leave with Jaime & Bronn on a ship back to King's Landing in episode #510 "Mother's Mercy".

Binevenagh Cliffs

Dragon Landing

Daenerys tries to get Drogon to fly her back to the city and ends up getting captured by the Dothraki after going to search for food in episode #510 "Mother's Mercy". Jorah and Daario search for signs of Dany in episode #601 "The Red Woman".

Alcazaba de Almería

Water Gardens

Ellaria Sand kills Prince Martell after word of Myrcella's death arrives in episode #601 "The Red Woman". Olenna Tyrell talks with Ellaria and the Sand Snakes about forming an alliance against Cersei in episode #610 "The Winds of Winter".

Carrer del Bisbe Josep Cartañà

Braavosi Street

Arya is begging on the street when the Waif approaches and fights her with staffs in episode #601 "The Red Woman". She fights the Waif again briefly before being approached by Jaqen H'ghar in episode #602 "Home".

Calle Mayor

Meereen Ramp

Tyrion and Varys discuss the precarious position of the city and give money to a woman with a baby in episode #601 "The Red Woman".

Plaza de Santa María

Meereen Square

Tyrion and Varys are discussing the city's problems when a group of people run past in a panic in episode #601 "The Red Woman". They walk through the now bustling square and Varys leaves on a secret mission in episode #608 "No One".

Wall above Plaza de Santa María

Meereen Docks

Varys and Tyrion walk through the smoke and see all the ships in the harbour burning in episode #601 "The Red Woman".

Portal Fosc

Meereen Preacher

A Red Priest speaks to the people telling them to continue fighting night that Daenerys is missing in episode #601 "The Red Woman".

Balsa de las Cortinas (Bardenas Reales Natural Park)

Khalasar Camp

Daenerys is brought before the Khal and reveals her identity in episode #601 "The Red Woman".

Cabezo de las Cortinillas (Bardenas Reales Natural Park)


The Khalasar rides beneath a rock precariously balanced on a hillside in episode #601 "The Red Woman".

Beside Hill (Bardenas Reales Natural Park)

Khalasar Riding

Two of the Dothraki riders comment about Daenerys while she is forced to walk beside them in episode #601 "The Red Woman".

Forest near Crossgar

Forest near Winterfell

Theon and Sansa cross a frozen river and then are discovered in episode #601 "The Red Woman". Theon says goodbye to Sansa in episode #602 "Home".

Castillo de Zafra

Tower of Joy

Bran is shown a vision of his father fighting with the Gerold Hightower, the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, and his companion in episode #603 "Oathbreaker". Bran sees Ned Stark find his dying sister inside the tower and promises to take car of her child in episode #610 "The Winds of Winter".

Empty field off Av. del Ferrocarril

Vaes Dothrak

Daenerys is brought to Vaes Dothrak and meets with the widows of former Khals in episode #603 "Oathbreaker". Jorah and Daario arrive and meet Dany and she comes up with a plan in episode #604 "Book of the Stranger".

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Artillery Park

Meereen Waterfront

Tyrion watches the ships carrying the various slave masters arrive with Varys, Grey Worm, and Missandei in episode #604 "Book of the Stranger".

Hillside off Calle via Nova

Hillside above Vaes Dothrak

Daario Naharis and Jorah Mormont climb a hillside overlooking Vaes Dothrak and discuss their plan to save Daenerys in episode #604 "Book of the Stranger".

Plaça dels Jurats

Braavosi Stage

Arya watches her target put on a play about the events in the Seven Kingdoms in episode #605 "The Door". Arya watches the play again in episode #606 "Blood of My Blood". Lady Crane does the performance again with her changes in episode #608 "No One".

Rope Bridge Road


Theon speaks on behalf of Yara when she puts her name forward for rule but Euron arrives and manages to claim the crown for himself in episode #605 "The Door".

Castillo de Santa Florentina

Horn Hill

Sam takes Gilly and her baby to his family's castle to be safe while he studies to be a Maester in episode #606 "Blood of My Blood".

Carrer de Ferran el Catòlic & Pujada del Rei Marti

Street near the Great Sept

Jaime is joined by Mace Tyrell and his army and waits for Tyrell to give an impassioned speech in episode #606 "Blood of My Blood". A bell crashes into the ground after the explosion of the Great Sept in episode #610 "The Winds of Winter".

Pisquerra Area Valley (Bardenas Reales Natural Park)

Dothraki Sea Valley

Daenerys and Daario are riding at the front of Khalasar when she rides off to find Drogon in episode #606 "Blood of My Blood".

Catedral de Girona

Stairs to the Great Sept

Jaime and the Tyrell army assemble to stop Margaery from undergoing the Walk of Atonement in episode #606 "Blood of My Blood". Lancel Lannister spots a suspicious young boy and pursues him in episode #610 "The Winds of Winter".

Carrer de Ferran el Catòlic

Docks Market

Arya approaches a ship's captain and pays him to take her to the Seven Kingdoms and later she stumbles through the market after being stabbed in episode #607 "The Broken Man". Arya comes out of a baths and walks through the market before the Waif catches up with her in episode #608 "No One".

Carnlough Harbour

Canal Steps

Arya drags herself out of the canal after being stabbed by the Waif in episode #607 "The Broken Man".

36 Drone Hill Road

Riverrun Gate

Jaimie arrives at Riverrun and has a parlay with the Blackfish in episode #607 "The Broken Man". Brienne arrives to try to recruit the Blackfish in episode #608 "No One".

Property off Sallagh Road

Brother Ray's Camp

The Hound is recuperating at a pacifist religious camp led by Brother Ray in episode #607 "The Broken Man".

Source: Larne Times

Plaza by Monestir de Sant Pere de Galligants

Canal Bridge

Arya is on a bridge after booking her trip home and is attacked by the Waif in disguise in episode #607 "The Broken Man".

Banys Àrabs


Arya ducks through the baths to evade the Waif in episode #608 "No One".

The Steps of Sant Martí

Market Stairs

Arya misses a landing after a jump and rolls down some stairs through the market in episode #608 "No One".

Carrer de la Claveria

Outside Lady Crane's Home

Arya jumps out of Lady Crane's window and is quickly followed by the Waif in episode #608 "No One".

Carrer de l’Escola Pia

Narrow Alley

Arya dodges around people and carts while running from the Waif and ducks into the baths in episode #608 "No One".

Carrer de Sant Llorenç

Narrow Stairs

Arya stumbles down some steps leaving a trail of blood which the Waif follows in episode #608 "No One".

Mesa Roldán

Surrender Meeting

Daenerys and her advisors meet with the Masters outside Meereen and she demands their surrender in episode #609 "Battle of the Bastards".

Monestir de Sant Pere de Galligants

The Citadel

Sam and Gilly arrive at the Citadel and Sam introduces himself to the maester in charge of entry in episode #610 "The Winds of Winter".

Itzurun Beach

Dragonstone Landing

Daenerys and her advisors land on the beach of Dragonstone and Dany touches Westeros soil for the first time since she was a child in episode 7x01 "Dragonstone".

Source: Winter Is Coming, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe

Dragonstone Path

Daenerys and the others climb a long winding path up to the castle at Dragonstone in episode 7x01 "Dragonstone".