“Pilot” Filming Locations

Series: Once Upon a Time Pilot
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Once Upon a Time pilot episode was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Moncton Street & Second Avenue as Storybrooke Intersection

Emma and Henry stop upon arriving in Storybrooke and talk to Archie.

Nikka Fishing & Marine as Storybrooke Library

Library with the clock tower on top that begins running once again.

Gotham Steakhouse as Restaurant Entrance

A man runs from Emma at the restaurant only to find she has booted his car.

Waterfront Station as Bus Station

Henry gets off the bus from Storybrooke here and gets into a cab to visit Emma.

John H. McDonald House as Mayor's Residence

It's Posh! as Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop

Pawn shop that Mr. Gold runs though out the series.