Once Upon a Time Filming Locations

Once Upon a Time was filmed in 12 cities across 2 countries.
Richmond, Vancouver, North Vancouver, Britannia Beach, West Vancouver, Langley, Burnaby, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Delta, & Surrey in Canada and New York in the United States of America.

North 40 Dog Park

Secret Garden

Anton joins the dwarfs in episode 2x13 “Tiny”. David and Mary Margaret take Emma to the hidden garden where Anton is growing more magic beans in episode 2x19 “Lacey”. The destroyed crops are discovered in episode 2x20 “The Evil Queen”.

Edge of Storybrooke

Mr. Gold drives past the border of Storybrooke with Emma and Henry in episode 2x13 “Tiny”. Greg Mendell meets with Tamara at the edge of town in episode 2x19 “Lacey”.

Appears in “What Happened to Frederick”.

Whytecliff Park

Fantasy Beach

Geppetto wakes up on the beach and finds Pinocchio turned back to wood in episode 1x20 “The Stranger”.

Chantey's Lobster House

August Booth takes Emma to the store where he took her when they were children. Filmed at the concession stand in the parking lot. in episode 1x20 “The Stranger”.

DPS Parking Lot 1782

Storybrooke Boardwalk

Anton chases Mary Margaret and David to the boardwalk where they turn him tiny again in episode 2x13 “Tiny”. Regina talks to Emma here in episode 2x19 “Lacey”.