Once Upon a Time Filming Locations

Once Upon a Time was filmed in Vancouver, BC & Britannia Beach, BC in Canada and New York, NY in United States of America.

John H. McDonald House

Mayor's Residence

Home of the Mayor and Henry throughout the series.

It's Posh!

Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop

Pawn shop that Mr. Gold runs though out the series.

Nikka Fishing & Marine

Storybrooke Library

Library with the clock tower on top that begins running at the end of the pilot.

Moncton Street & Second Avenue

Storybrooke Intersection

Emma and Henry stop upon arriving in Storybrooke and talk to Archie in the pilot.

Waterfront Station

Bus Station

Henry gets off the bus from Storybrooke here and gets into a cab to visit Emma in the pilot.

Gotham Steakhouse

Restaurant Entrance

A man runs from Emma at the restaurant only to find she has booted his car in the pilot.

Steveston Cannery Cafe

Granny's Diner

The outside of the cafe that is frequented by many of the townspeople, first seen in episode #102 "The Thing You Love Most".

Haswell Residence

Granny's Bed & Breakfast

Emma stays here after deciding to stay in town in the pilot. She is later forced find another place to stay by the Mayor in episode #102 "The Thing You Love Most". David stays here in episode #106 "The Shepard" while trying to recover his memory.

Kerrisdale Elementary

Storybrooke School

School that Henry attends and Mary Margaret teaches, first seen in episode #102 "The Thing You Love Most".

Hepworth Building

Archie's Office

Office where Archie has his sessions with Henry, first seen in episode #102 "The Thing You Love Most". Cora, disguised as Regina, enters Archie's office in episode #210 "The Cricket Game".

The Rabbit Hole

After leaving the girl's night out Mary Margaret talks to David on the street corner in episode #112 "Skin Deep". Mr. Gold talks to Lacey outside the bar in episode #221 "Second Star to the Right".

Spur 7 Beach (LSCR)

River Shore

Snow and Charming stop for water and she manages to escape in episode #103 "Snow Falls".

Ruby by River

Ruby wakes up beside a river and has her cloak stolen in episode #207 "Child of the Moon".

Spur 4 Bridge (LSCR)

T(r)oll Bridge

The group finds David passed out by the shore under the bridge in episode #103 "Snow Falls". David and Mary Margaret agree to meet up here in episode #106 "The Shepherd" and they have a romantic picnic near this bridge in episode #111 "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree".

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Storybrooke General Hospital

Hospital where various characters are treated throughout the season first seen in episode #103 "Snow Falls".

Mid-Valley Viewpoint (LSCR)

War Camp

Camp where the Prince prepares to attack the dragon in episode #106 "The Shepherd".

Steveston Museum

Storybrooke Park

David comes and talks to Mary Margaret while she is hanging a bird feeder in episode #106 "The Shepherd". Regina talks to Henry who is refilling a bird feeder in episode #220 "The Evil Queen".

North Vancouver Cemetery

From episode #107 "The Heart is a Lonely Hunter".

Caretaker's Cottage

Mr. Gold's Cabin

Cabin where David and Mary Margaret escape the storm in episode #110 "7:15 A.M.". In episode #112 "Skin Deep" Mr. Gold takes a kidnapped Moe French here to try and find his stole heirloom. In episode #119 "The Return" Mr. Gold confronts August Booth about why he is in town.

Fort Langley Community Hall

Storybrooke Town Hall

Outside of the Storybrooke Town Hall where Emma rescues the Mayor from a fire as well as where the Sheriff's debate takes place in episode #108 "Desperate Souls". Also seen in episode #111 "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree", #114 "Dreamy", and #202 "We Are Both".

Garry Point Park


Castle playground that Henry and Emma hang out at frequently. It is torn down in episode #111 "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree". Henry swings on a new swing set in episode #222 "And Straight on 'til Morning".


Neal Cassidy washes up on the beach and is found by Aurora, Philip, and Mulan and later young Baelfire is brought ashore in episode #222 "And Straight on 'til Morning".

The Makin Lands


From episode #111 "Fruit of a Poisonous Tree".

Minaty Bay


From episode #111 "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree".

Charles Murray Residence

Mr. Gold's House

Mr. Gold returns home to find his house has been broken into in episode #112 "Skin Deep".

Serenity Lifestyle Boutique

Modern Fashions

The Mayor and Mr. Gold talk here about Mr. Gold's questionable ethics in episode #112 "Skin Deep".

North 40 Dog Park

Edge of Storybrooke

Mr. Gold drives past the border of Storybrooke with Emma and Henry in episode #213 "Tiny". Greg Mendell meets with Tamara at the edge of town in episode #219 "Lacey".

Secret Garden

Anton joins the dwarfs at the end of episode #213 "Tiny". David and Mary Margaret take Emma to the hidden garden where Anton is growing more magic beans in episode #219 "Lacey". The destroyed crops is discovered in episode #220 "The Evil Queen".

From episode #113 "What Happened to Frederick".

Glover Road (between McBridge & Mavis)

Storybrooke Street

Emma and Mary Margaret are talking while walking down the street near the town hall in episode #114 "Dreamy".

Cates Park

Leroy's Dock

Leroy attempts to sell his boat to Mr. Gold and is then brought a pie by Astrid in episode #114 "Dreamy".

Any Given Sundae

Storybrooke Pet Shelter

Mary Margaret and David are talking when Emma comes in and tells them about the heart in a box in episode #115 "Red-Handed".

3802 Angus Drive

Jefferson's House

Emma helps Jefferson get home where he drugs her in episode #117 "Hat Trick".

Third Avenue Pier

Storybrooke Pier

Emma and August Booth talk about Henry's book in episode #118 "The Stable Boy". Hook's boat is parked here in episode #222 "And Straight on 'til Morning".

Burnaby Art Gallery

Sisters of Saint Melissa

Mr. Gold sees August Booth talking to Mother Superior and the confronts her about his reasons for being in town in episode #119 "The Return".

Alley (south of Chatham, west of Second)

Storybrooke Alley

Henry and August Booth discuss their infiltration of Mr. Gold's pawnshop in episode #119 "The Return".

Whytecliff Park

Fantasy Beach

Geppetto wakes up on the beach and finds Pinocchio turned back to wood in episode #120 "The Stranger".

Road Out of Storybrooke

August Booth drives Emma out of town on the back of his motorcycle in episode #120 "The Stranger". Filmed at the exit to the park's lower parking lot.

Chantey's Lobster House

August Booth takes Emma to the store where he took her when they were children in episode #120 "The Stranger". Filmed at the concession stand in the parking lot.

Capilano Park

Magic Tree

The location of the magic tree that Geppetto makes into the magic cabinet in episode #120 "The Stranger".

Marine Drive & Horseshoe Bay Drive

Cliffside Road

August Booth drives Emma towards the lobster restaurant in episode #120 "The Stranger".

161 Mulberry Street

Neal Cassidy's Apartment (exterior)

Neal Cassidy arrives at his apartment in New York in episode #201 "Broken".

Moncton Street (between First & Second)

Storybrooke Street

People in the town reunite with one another after their regain their memories in episode #201 "Broken".

East 42nd Street & Madison Avenue

New York Intersection

Neal Cassidy crosses the street on his way back to his apartment in episode #201 "Broken".

West 59th Street & 7th Avenue

Central Park Buggy

Neal Cassidy passes a horse and buggy in Central Park in episode #201 "Broken".

5 Av/59 St Station

Subway Station

Neal Cassidy rides the subway to his apartment in episode #201 "Broken".

Iona Beach


Emma and Mary Margaret are dragged down a beach by Mulan and Aurora in episode #202 "We Are Both". Hook and Cora meet on the beach in episode #204 "The Crocodile".

Field near Lake (Deer Lake Park)

Refugee Camp

Emma and Mary Margaret are brought to Mulan and Aurora's camp in episode #202 "We Are Both".

Source: Canadianbacon

Steveston Marine and Hardware

Storybrooke Hardware & Paint

The dwarves come out of the hardware store with their new picks in episode #202 "We Are Both".



A woman flips around the sign to Open in episode #202 "We Are Both".

Marine Garage

Marine Garage

A Storybrooke citizen opens up the garage after everyone decides to stay in town in episode #202 "We Are Both".


Standard Clocks

A man puts up a poster advertising new wares in episode #202 "We Are Both".

Abandoned Dock near Britannia Beach

Hook's Dock

Mr. Gold visit's Hook's ship where it is docked in episode #204 "The Crocodile".

Howe Sound (northern arm)

Hook Sailing

Hook sets sail for parts unknown after Mr. Gold kills Milah in episode #204 "The Crocodile".

Prickly Pear Garden Centre

Game of Thorns

Mr. Gold questions Moe French at his garden store about the disappearance of Belle in episode #204 "The Crocodile".

Pacific Central Station

Portland Train Station

Emma picks up a bag of stolen goods from a locker in a flashback in episode #206 "Tallahassee".

Thornton Park

Portland Park

Emma and Neal meet up in a park in episode #206 "Tallahassee".

T-Rex Urban Food & Coffee Bar

Pay-Rite Market

Neal and Emma shoplift at a store and are almost caught in episode #206 "Tallahassee".

City Centre Motor Hotel

Portland Motel

Emma and Neal break into a hotel room in episode #206 "Tallahassee".

Vancouver Harbour Heliport

Vancouver Shore

Neal meets with August in Vancouver two months after Emma is arrested in episode #206 "Tallahassee".

National Avenue & Station Street

Parked Car

Emma runs back to their car after pickup up the stolen watches from the train station in episode #206 "Tallahassee".

700 Block, East Hastings Street

Portland Street

Emma is driving down the street in a stolen car during a flashback when Neal Cassidy pops up in the back seat in episode #206 "Tallahassee".

Parking Garage under Granville Plaza

Parking Lot

Emma is waiting for Neal when she is arrested by a cop in episode #206 "Tallahassee".

Gore Avenue (between Alexander & Powell)

Traffic Stop

Emma is pulled over in her stolen car but Neal Cassidy backs up her story in episode #206 "Tallahassee".

Canadian Fishing Co.

Storybrooke Fishery

David brings Ruby to the docks where they find what appears to be one of her victims in episode #207 "Child of the Moon". Hook meets with Regina between two fisheries buildings in episode #213 "Tiny".

Lot off Second Avenue

Ruby by Containers

An angry mob comes upon Ruby in wolf form hiding between some containers and she is saved by Granny and David in episode #207 "Child of the Moon".

Britannia Heritage Shipyards

Storybrooke Shipyard

Hook and Cora arrive in town in their invisible ship in episode #210 "The Cricket Game".

Alley (south of Moncton, west of First)

Storybrooke Side Street

Cora disguised as Regina walks down an alley beside the bread shop in episode #210 "The Cricket Game". People are chased down the alley by a giant Anton in episode #213 "Tiny".

Reclaimed Gravel Pit (LSCR)

Path beneath Town

Belle rides a cart near a town and later sees the flaming beast in episode #211 "The Outsider".

Dave's Fish & Chips

Hook on Rooftop

Hook watches Mr. Gold in his shop from a nearby rooftop in episode #211 "The Outsider".

Parking Lot off Second Avenue

Parking Lot

Mr. Gold confronts William Smee behind a building on Main Street in episode #211 "The Outsider". Kurt and Owen Flynn peal out of the parking lot in episode #217 "Welcome to Storybrooke".

Landmark Aviation (east building)

Boston Regional Airport

Emma, Henry, and Mr. Gold catch a plain at the airport on their way to New York in episode #213 "Tiny".

Alley (south of Moncton, west of Second)

Storybrooke Alley

Mary Margaret and David run down an alley while being chased by Anton in episode #213 "Tiny".

DPS Parking Lot 1782

Storybrooke Boardwalk

Anton chases Mary Margaret and David to the boardwalk where they turn him tiny again in episode #213 "Tiny". Regina talks to Emma here in episode #219 "Lacey".

The Blarney Stone

New York Bar

Emma shares a drink with Neal Cassidy in episode #214 "Manhattan".

Bambudda Gastown

Neal Cassidy's Apartment (exterior)

Emma, Henry, and Mr. Gold go to an apartment in New York while looking for Mr. Gold's son in episode #214 "Manhattan".

Water Street & Alexander Street

Flatiron Building

Emma chases Neal Cassidy past the Flatiron Building in episode #214 "Manhattan".

Blood Alley / Trounce Alley (south of Water, west of Carrall)

Tackling Neal Cassidy

Emma tackles the man she is chasing and finds out he is Neal Cassidy in episode #214 "Manhattan".

Gaoler's Mews

Chase through Alley

Emma chases Neal Cassidy through an alley and runs around to cut him off in episode #214 "Manhattan".

Powell Street (between Alexander & Columbia)

Soho Street

Mr. Gold shares a hot dog with Henry in episode #214 "Manhattan". Neal Cassidy and August Booth talk on the street at the end of episode #218 "Selfless, Brave, and True".

Steveston Harbour


An injured Mr. Gold is brought ashore in episode #216 "The Miller's Daughter".

Pipeline Road (north segment) (Stanley Park)

Storybrooke Town Line

The Sheriff stops Kurt Flynn from crossing the town line but Owen manages to escape in episode #217 "Welcome to Storybrooke".

Moncton Street (between Second & Third)

Other Storybrooke Street

Regina is on the phone with Greg Mendell and later Owen and Kurt Flynn are chased down the street in episode #217 "Welcome to Storybrooke".

Moncton Street & First Avenue

Other Storybrooke Intersection

The Sheriff converges on Kurt Flynn's car and chases him down the street in episode #217 "Welcome to Storybrooke".

Third Avenue (between Chatham & Moncton)

Chase out of Town

Kurt and Owen Flynn are chased down the street by Sheriff Graham and Regina in episode #217 "Welcome to Storybrooke".

Gulf of Georgia Cannery

Storybrooke Cannery Co.

Mr. Gold watches Henry play with Neal Cassidy and talks to Regina in episode #219 "Lacey". Tamara and Greg Mendell use the building as their hideout in episode #221 "Second Star to the Right" & #222 "And Straight on 'til Morning".

Third Beach (Stanley Park)


Emma and Neal Cassidy are talking on the beach when Tamara passes during a jog in episode #221 "Second Star to the Right".