“W. W. N. Double D?” Filming Locations

Series: Sense8 Season 1, Episode 7
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Sense8 episode "W. W. N. Double D?" was filmed in Nairobi in Kenya, Iceland, Berlin in Germany, Chicago & San Francisco in United States of America, South Korea, Mumbai in India, and Mexico City in Mexico.

Iksan Prison Set as Cheongju Women's Prison [Seoul]


Parking Garage (off Vallejo Street) as Parking Garage [San Francisco]

Nomi and Amanita meet with Nomi's old hacker friend Bug.


Zamora 75 as Lito's Condo (lobby) [Mexico City]

Lito, Hernando, and Dani return from their successful outing and head up to the condo.

Keflavík International Airport as Keflavík International Airport [Iceland]

Riley comes in through customs where her father greets her with a song.


Calle Río Balsas 37 as Lito's Condo [Mexico City]

The gang arrives home to find Joaquin waiting for them in a Lucha Libre mask.


Margaret Hie Ding Lin Park as Basketball Court [Chicago]

Will and Diego talk to a gang member about what he saw outside the church.


Laguna Honda Hospital and Rehabilitation Center as Nightinggale Long Term Care Facility [San Francisco]

Nomi and Amanita head to a care facility where they talk to Niles Bolger, another sensate who had the same procedure she was almost put through.

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U-Haul Work Lofts as Alliance Trucks & Storage [Chicago]

Diego and Will locate the van that removed Angelica's corpse from the church.


Babulnath Temple as Temple [Mumbai]

Kala prays once again to Ganesha and then talks with Wolfgang on the roof.


Barcomi's Deli as Cafe [Berlin]

Wolfgang is visited by Kala while he is waiting for his friend in the rain.


Gertrude's Children Hospital as Children's Hospital [Nairobi]

He waits for another of her treatments.


Kenyatta International Conference Centre as Convention Center

Capheus brings Amondi to her birthday party on the helipad and then Silas brings him downstairs to see a man he is torturing.


Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Road & New Queens Road as Festival Float [Mumbai]

A young Kala climbs into a parade float with a new friend and looks out on the festival.


Atlas Cafe as Atlas Cafe [San Francisco]

Nomi and Amanita hang out at a cafe that Dr. Metzger frequents so they can clone his phone.


1000 Van Ness Avenue as Dr. Metzger's Apartment [San Francisco]

Nomi and Amanita break into Dr. Metzger's apartment to make a copy of his hard drive.


Schlesische Straße 39 as Locksmith Shop [Berlin]

They are packing up to leave when Felix is shot in a drive-by.