“Newer Elements of Our Defense” Filming Locations

Sarah helps Mark escape and tracks down the biological samples, Cosima drowns her sorrows over Delphine with Felix, Alison has more drug dealer fun, and Helena plans her escape.

Series: Orphan Black Season 3, Episode 4
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Orphan Black episode "Newer Elements of Our Defense" was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

The Cameron House as Bobby's Bar

Felix and Cosima share a drink here.

Lido Motel as Gracie & Mark's Motel

Sarah finds the case in the room.


Farm off Gordon Murison Lane as Willard Finch's Farm

Sarah escapes with Mark.


Brick House (Black Creek Pioneer Village) as Jonah Appleyard's House

Gracie returns here with her mother.


Yellow House (Black Creek Pioneer Village) as Old Johanssen House

Mark leads Sarah to the Johanssen family's former house.


The Dalziel (Black Creek Pioneer Village) as Johanssen Grave & Barn

Sarah digs up the body of the Johanssen's dead child and then Rudy chases her into a barn.

Jane Street (between railroad & Steeles) as Rudy on Phone

Rudy receives information on Mark's location and then rides off on his motorcycle.


White House (Black Creek Pioneer Village) as First Aid House

Sarah takes Mark to an empty house to treat his gunshot wound.


Steeles Avenue West & Jane Street Underpass Tunnel as Walking under Bridge

Sarah helps Mark walk under a bridge after he is shot.

Cherry Beach Sports Fields as Sports Fields

Alison meets Ramon's supplier, Jason Kellerman, in a parking lot next to a snowy field.