Orphan Black Filming Locations

After encountering someone who looks just like her, a young woman finds herself enmeshed in a cloning conspiracy. Special thanks to MadrigalEM on the Orphan Black Wiki for finding many of these locations.

Orphan Black was filmed in Toronto, Brampton, & Mississauga in Canada.

Revival 629

Neolution Boardroom

Rachel presents Kira to the Neolution board in episode 5x07 “Gag or Throttle”. Ferdinand attempts to blackmail the board but finds all of the information has been deleted in episode 5x08 “Guillotines Decide”. Frontenac is preparing to kill Al-Khatib when Felix and Art show up in episode 5x09 “One Fettered Slave”.

Dyad Institute (parking lot)

M.K. shows Sarah surveillance footage of Rachel and Ferdinand leaving the building in episode 5x02 “Clutch of Greed”.

Storage Facility

Sarah and Art follow Helena's clues to a storage locker in episode 2x05 “Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est”.

Alley near Krystal's Apartment

Art and Sarah pull up outside Krystal's apartment and attempt to talk Krystal through the op in episode 5x06 “Manacled Slim Wrists”.

Police Station

Felix waits outside while Art goes to the station to find out what he can about the Neolution in episode 5x09 “One Fettered Slave”.


Al-Khatib drops off the car containing Sarah disguised as Rachel for Detective Enger who drives it away followed by Art in episode 5x09 “One Fettered Slave”.

East York Detention Center (exterior)

Alison picks up Donnie after he is released from jail in episode 4x09 “The Mitigation of Competition”.

Bridgepoint Health Hospital

Dyad Institute

Sarah crashes a party hosted at the Dyad Institute in episode 2x01 “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed”. Leekie is signing his book when Beth comes to talk to him about Neolution in episode 4x01 “The Collapse of Nature”.

Appears in 4 additional episodes.
One Fettered Slave

Helena is taken to a sketchy lab in the old Dyad wing to deliver her babies and later Art tracks Enger to the building sneaks in with the help of Scott & Hell Wizard.

To Right the Wrongs of Many

Sarah searches for a way out while Helena is in labour and Art looks for them.

Also appears in “Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion” & “Knowledge of Causes, and Secret Motion of Things”.
Heliwell Centre (interior)

Sarah takes Kira to a pediatric hospital to donate her bone marrow for Cosima in episode 2x09 “Things Which Have Never Yet Been Done”.

Landsdowne Health Clinic

Donnie takes Helena to the hospital to get her first ultrasound in episode 4x02 “Transgressive Border Crossing”.

Valley Halla Estate


Cosima wakes up in the middle of a strange and isolated Neolution village on the island in episode 5x01 “The Few Who Dare”. Cosima talks to Aisha about her illness and then is brought up to the main house to meet with P.T. Westmoreland in episode 5x02 “Clutch of Greed”. Ira arrives and talks with Susan while Cosima investigates the mysterious something in the woods in episode 5x04 “Let the Children and Childbearers Toil”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
Ease for Idle Millionaires

The villagers panic after someone is attacked just outside in the woods and Cosima goes up to the mansion with Delphine and attends a dinner with P.T. Westmoreland.

Manacled Slim Wrists

Virginia Cody shows up and disrupts Susan's plans to temper Westmoreland and the villages grow restless after another death.

Gag or Throttle

Rachel returns to the much fortified mansion to mourn Susan's death and meet with Westmoreland.

Birdwatchers' Hideout

Mrs. S escorts Sarah to the hideout where she is hiding Kira in episode 2x02 “Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion”.

Cherry Beach Park

Beth's Running Video

Sarah watches a video of Beth during a run in episode 1x01 “Natural Selection”. She sees the video again during a flashback in episode 3x06 “Certain Agony of the Battlefield”.

Camper on Beach

Kira talks to Sarah over a video chat while parked at the beach in episode 2x05 “Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est”.

Mrs. S Birdwatching

Sarah meets Mrs. S at a beach and talks about seeing Kira in episode 1x03 “Variation Under Nature”.

35 Harper Hill Road

Alison's House

Sarah goes to the address she found in Katja's briefcase and follows Alison leaving for her kids' soccer game in episode 1x02 “Instinct”. Helena has to talk to the police about the Pouchy murders in episode 4x03 “The Stigmata of Progress”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Beneath Her Heart

Alison and Donnie host Aynsley and Chad in a flashback while Art and the Neolution cops search the house in the present.

To Right the Wrongs of Many

Sarah arrives and chats with everyone in the kitchen and later that night Felix meets Rachel out front and gets the list of all the Leta clones.

Jubilee United Church

Glendale Anglican Church

Alison is rehearsing her upcoming musical when Sarah arrives to get a gun in episode 2x01 “Nature Under Constraint and Vexed”. Alison and her family attend Aynsley's memorial service in episode 2x02 “Governed by Sound Reason and True Religion”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
The Redesign of Natural Objects

Alison returns to rehears her new play.

Beneath Her Heart

The community fun fair is being hosted at the church when Alison runs into Ramon and struggles with her life.

Le Germain Toronto Maple Leaf Square

Brightborn (exterior/lobby)

Krystal walks into the Brightborn building in episode 4x05 “Human Raw Material”. Beth attends a Brightborn party to confront Susan Duncan and later almost kills Evie Cho out front in episode 4x06 “The Scandal of Altruism”. The press hounds Dr. Van Lier about Evie Cho and Sarah dressed as Krystal approaches him in episode 4x10 “From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths”.


Susan Duncan lives with Ira at a hotel and later Sarah and Benjamin arrive to find Ira has attempted suicide in episode 4x06 “The Scandal of Altruism”.

The Michener Institute

Brightborn (lab level)

Cosima infiltrates the Brightborn labs and learns the kind of experiments they are running in episode 4x05 “Human Raw Material”.

U of M College of Biological Sciences

Cosima meets with Dr. Leekie in his limo outside her university in episode 1x08 “Entangled Bank”.

Maple Hill Memorial Hospital (interior)

After Olivier has is tail cut off he is treated at a hospital and then killed at the behest of Dr. Leekie in episode 1x08 “Entangled Bank”.

Angus Glen Community Centre

Soccer Field

Sarah follows Alison to her kids' soccer practice and confronts her in episode 1x02 “Instinct”.

Skating Rink

Alison goes to coach skating only to find Aynsley is trying to take over for her, she then sleeps with Aynsley's husband in the parking lot in episode 1x08 “Entangled Bank”.

Outside Classroom (U of M)

Cosima talks to Sarah who is at the crime scene in episode 1x03 “Variation Under Nature”.