“Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye” Filming Locations

Series: Sense8 Season 1, Episode 9
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Sense8 episode "Death Doesn't Let You Say Goodbye" was filmed in Chicago in United States of America, Reykjavík in Iceland, Mexico City in Mexico, Nairobi in Kenya, and South Korea.

Iksan Prison Set as Cheongju Women's Prison [Seoul]


Halsanefshellir Cavern as Seaside Cavern (exterior) [Iceland]

Riley visits the cavern once again in the present day.


Wallace Whisky Bar as Bar [Mexico City]

Lito goes out drinking to drown his sorrows and gets hit on by the bartender.


Hill off Power Line Road as Hill above Car Crash [Iceland]

Riley's lies down on a hillside with her baby after the car crash.


Imperial Lofts as Will's Apartment [Chicago]

Will talks to Jonas and Riley.


Museo Diego Rivera Anahuacalli as Diego Rivera Museum [Mexico City]

Lito remembers his first date with Hernando at the museum and recounts the story to Nomi when she Visits him.


U-Haul Work Lofts as Nomi & Amanita's Apartment [San Francisco]

Nomi is home alone when she is visited by Lito.

Hallgrímskirkja í Saurbæ as Church [Iceland]

Riley visits the graves of Magnus and her daughter and is visited by Capheus.

Reykjavík University as Reykjavík University [Iceland]

Riley thinks back to Magnus coming into her school riding a horse.


Kibera Town Centre as Kibera Town Centre [Nairobi]

Capheus talks to Riley in the parked Van Damn while visiting her at her family's graves.


Calle Río Balsas 37 as Lito's Condo [Mexico City]

Lito mopes on the balcony over Hernando's departure.