“6,741” Filming Locations

Shaw escapes Samaritan custody but worries she is a danger to her friends.

Series: Person of Interest Season 5, Episode 4
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Person of Interest episode "6,741" was filmed in New York & Jersey City in United States of America.
Show Map

Stevenson Taylor Hall (Webb Institute) as Samaritan Hospital (exterior)

Shaw escapes the Samaritan facility only to find herself trapped on an island.


West 14th Street (between 5th & Avenue of the Americas) as Exiting Taxi

Shaw has the taxi pull over to let a car she believes to be following her drive past.


Market Diner as Diner

Reese and Root head to a diner to discuss Shaw and she listens through the bug she planted on Root.


Church of the Intercession as Cathedral

The team brings Greer to the crypt under a cathedral for interrogation away from Samaritan's prying eyes.


East 26th Street & Madison Avenue as Leaving Cathedral

Reese follows Shaw down the street when they learn Finch has already plugged in the thumb drive containing the Samaritan trojan horse.


Alley (south of 44th, west of 23rd) as Alley

Shaw shoots Reese after he tries to talk her out of heading to the Machine.


West 14th Street & 5th Avenue as Evading Samaritan

Root pulls Shaw away as she is being hunted by Samaritan agents.