Person of Interest Filming Locations

A reclusive billionaire recruits an ex-operative to assist with saving lives. They do this with the help of a powerful supercomputer run by the government that can predict violent crimes before they happen.

Person of Interest was filmed in New York, Yonkers, Washington D.C., Jersey City, White Plains, Ossining, New Rochelle, Mt. Vernon, Long Beach, & Congers in United States of America.

Wollman Rink (Central Park)

Central Park

Finch tells Reese about the machine in the park in pilot episode.

The Mall (Central Park)

The Mall

Finch talks to Reese about the machine in pilot episode. Root walks with Finch to Bethesda Terrace in their search for Lawrence Szilard in episode 2x22 "God Mode". Finch attempts to stop Rick Dillinger from selling the laptop in episode 3x16 "RAM".


Clinton Diner

Truck Stop Diner

Reese takes photos of Stills and his men leaving a diner in pilot episode. Reese confronts Megan Tillman about Andrew Benton at the diner in episode 1x04 "Cura Te Ipsum".


Inscope Arch (Central Park)

Inscope Tunnel

Finch talks about his motivation for building the machine with Reese in pilot episode.


Long Island City Courthouse

Supreme Court of the State of New York

Reese follows Diane Hansen to the courthouse and watches her talk to Fusco in pilot episode. Reese and Fusco investigate the murder of several Brotherhood members in the lobby in episode 4x21 "Asylum".


W. B. Thompson Mansion

Finch's Library (interior)

Finch takes Reese to an abandoned library he is using as his base of operation in pilot episode.

Reese's Hotel Room

Reese shaves and goes to sleep in a dumpy hotel room in pilot episode.

Finch's Hotel Room

Reese wakes up in a hotel room with Finch in pilot episode.

Charles Robinson's Apartment

Reese searches the apartment of one of their suspects only to discover the man is on the straight and narrow in pilot episode.


Queensbridge Park

Queensbridge Park

Reese is taken to meet Finch for the first time in pilot episode. Reese and Finch talk here again in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns". Reese and Finch take Bear to hang out with other dogs here in episode 2x14 "One Percent". The whole team finally reunites back in the park in episode 5x09 "Sotto Voce".


570 Washington Street

8th Precinct (pilot exterior)

Reese leaves the precinct and gets into a car with Finch's bodyguards in pilot episode.

3rd Precinct

Carter and Reese are shot by Simmons after leaving the police station where Reese was being held in episode 3x09 "The Crossing".


McGraw-Hill Plaza

Payphone in Plaza

Finch and Reese follow Diane Hansen to when she goes to a food cart. At the end of the episode Carter arrests Azarello while questioning him about the Man in the Suit in pilot episode. Reese returns to this same security camera after Finch is kidnapped in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall". Reese gets a number from the machine at this same payphone in episode 2x01 "The Contingency". Shaw is walking Bear when she hears the payphone ring and hears a new message from the Machine in episode 5x13 "return 0".

Baylor Zimm (exterior)

Reese watches Adam Saunders get breakfast from a food cart and talk to Doug Rasmussen in episode 1x16 "Risk".

Cell Phone Trash Can

Carter picks up a cell phone that Scarface dropped in a trash can in episode 1x16 "Risk".

Elias in Street

Elias picks up the phone when Reese and Carter call in episode 1x16 "Risk".

Fracking News Broadcast

Finch watches a news broadcast on the new fracking bill in episode 1x16 "Risk".


Theatre Alley (south of Park, west of Beekman)

Finch's Library (alley)

Finch leads Reese down an alley and into the back of his library hideout in pilot episode. Finch heads to the library while confined to a wheelchair after the ferry bombing in episode 4x17 "Karma".


Essex Street (between Broome & Delancey)

Michael Pope Escapes

Reese catches up with Michael Pope and plants a cell phone in his backpack before he runs into the subway in pilot episode.


NYC DoT Bridge Painting Building

8th Precinct (interior)

Reese is brought into the precinct with the four guys he beat up and Carter tries to get some answers from him in pilot episode.

Source: Audio Commentary


675 Walton Avenue

Wheeler's Apartment

Reese stops Stills and corrupt cops from attacking Wheeler in his building in pilot episode.


NYC DoT Bridge Repair Building

Manhattan Detention Center

Reese follows Diane Hansen to lockup where she interviews Lawrence Pope in pilot episode.

Under Bridge

Simmons and Terney have a meeting under the bridge while Laskey waits nearby and Carter listens from the car in episode 3x07 "The Perfect Mark".

Groundbreaking Ceremony

Simmons gets instructions from Quinn at a ceremony and they are photographed by Laskey in episode 3x07 "The Perfect Mark".


Stanton Street (between Clinton & Attorney)

Chasing Michael Pope

Reese chases Michael Pope after being spotted at the school in pilot episode.


P.S. 140 Nathan Straus

Michael Pope's School

Reese waits for Michael Pope outside his school but is spotted in pilot episode.

Basketball Court

Logan Pierce plays basketball at a public court while Reese watches him in episode 2x14 "One Percent".


Bush Tower

Across from Diane Hansen's Office

Reese watches Diane Hansen in her office from a rooftop opposite in pilot episode.


Alvin Alley American Dance Theater

Diane Hansen's Office

Reese watches Diane Hansen in her office and later searches it in pilot episode.


214 Lafayette Street

Will Ingram's Loft

Finch goes back to Will Ingram's loft and talks to him about his father in episode 1x12 "Legacy".

Andrea Gutierrez's Safe House

Reese takes Andrea Gutierrez to a safe house where she continues her research in episode 1x12 "Legacy".

Reese's New Apartment

Finch sends Reese to an address that turns out to be an apartment for him to stay at. Only appears in the extended version of the pilot. in pilot episode.


West 116th Street & Riverside Drive

97th & Riverside

Reese attacks the corrupt polices and takes Michael Pope from their SUV in pilot episode.


Estevez Supermarket

Convenience Store

Anton and his gang arrive at a store they are using as a hideout in pilot episode.


Bay Parkway (near turnaround)

Oyster Bay

Reese causes Fusco's car to crash when he is being driven out to be killed in pilot episode.

Source: Audio Commentary

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

Reese talks to Deacon Page about Theresa Whitaker and then spots her in the distance in episode 1x02 "Ghosts". Reese talks to Finch after finding out about Grace Hendricks in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed". Finch goes to the park to watch Grace as she leaves for the day and he receives a new Number from the Machine in episode 2x08 "Til Death". Root blackmails Finch to come with her using a threat against Grace in episode 2x21 "Zero Day". Finch plays chess at the park in episode 4x01 "Panopticon".


Calvary Cemetery

Whitaker Family Grave

Finch takes Reese to the cemetery where Theresa Whitaker was supposedly buried in episode 1x02 "Ghosts".

Wallace Negel's Grave

Reese investigates Ulrich Kohl's stash site at the graveyard in episode 1x08 "Foe".

Shaw Revived

Shaw wakes up in the back of an ambulance and talks to Reese and Finch in episode 2x16 "Relevance".

Cal Beecher's Grave

Carter visits Beecher's grave and talks to Alonzo Quinn in episode 3x02 "Nothing to Hide".

101 Park Avenue

IFT (exterior)

Finch calls Reese while leaving his job at IFT in episode 1x02 "Ghosts".


Reese and Shaw track a Decima agent to a rooftop, but he jumps off before they can question him in episode 3x22 "A House Divided".

Empty Office

Harold is taken to an empty office building where he has a chat with Greer in episode 3x21 "Beta". Greer chats with Harold about the future and their Machines in episode 3x22 "A House Divided". Shaw, Reese, and Hersh watch the beginning of the trail broadcast and then fight off several Decima agents in episode 3x23 "Deus Ex Machina".


New York School of Applied Design for Women

Finch's Library

Finch runs his operations for the first three seasons out of an abandoned library. Alicia Corwin follows Finch to the library in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall". Finch and Reese leave the library while the police raid in episode 3x23 "Deus Ex Machina".


Arrow Yacht Club

Whitaker's Marina

Finch talks to Reese about the Whitaker family's death on their yacht in episode 1x02 "Ghosts".


West 45th Street & 7th Avenue (Times Square)

Assassin Receives Call

The assassin receives his orders from a payphone in episode 1x02 "Ghosts".


Hunters Point


Reese spies on Jimmy Calhoun talking business on the land the Whitaker family acquired and then Reese sideswipes him with a dump truck in episode 1x02 "Ghosts".


65 East 11th Street

Across from Landale Financials

Reese watches Derek and his boss at work from a nearby fire escape in episode 1x02 "Ghosts".


17 Washington Square North

Theresa's ATM

Reese spots Theresa at a nearby ATM the same moment she spots him in episode 1x02 "Ghosts".


Junior's Cafe

Junior's Cafe

Fusco brings Reese to a cafe where he can find out about the assassin hired to kill the Whitaker family in episode 1x02 "Ghosts".


Duane Street & Church Street

Finch Evades Reese

Reese turns a corner only to find Finch has disappeared on him in episode 1x02 "Ghosts".


Broadway (between Reade & Duane)

Trailing Finch

Reese attempts to follow Finch in episode 1x02 "Ghosts".


1717 1st Avenue

The Mat

Reese tracks Theresa to a laundromat where she was trying to sell stolen credit cards and they are attacked by an assassin in episode 1x02 "Ghosts".


Macdougal Street (between Waverly & 8th)

Chasing Theresa

Reese chases Theresa down the street but she escapes after cutting his arm in episode 1x02 "Ghosts".


New York State Supreme Court Building

Courthouse (exterior)

Finch talks to Emma Blake outside the courthouse in episode 4x14 "Guilty".

Carter on Radio

Carter calls the Man in the Suit on a radio she recovered from the robbery crew in episode 1x03 "Mission Creep".

FBI D.C. Field Office

Fusco and Finch head to the FBI office to gain access to the safe only to have Vigilance show up in episode 3x19 "Most Likely to…".

Office of the Secretary of Defense

Senator Garrison goes to Control's office next door to the Secretary of Defense to talk about the murder of Leona Wainwright in episode 3x19 "Most Likely to…".


Thomas Paine Park / Foley Square

Radio Conversation

Reese tells Joey Durban to leave town and then has a conversation over the radio with Carter in episode 1x03 "Mission Creep".

Park by Courthouse

Finch follows Emma Blake though the park and clones her phone in episode 4x14 "Guilty".


Tony Dapolito Recreation Center

8th Precinct (exterior)

From episode 1x03 "Mission Creep". Reese leaves an Andrew Benton outside the precinct in episode 1x04 "Cura Te Ipsum". Carter is approached by Mark Snow and then talks to Finch in episode 1x15 "Blue Code". Finch approaches Carter and she tells him that she knows about the Machine in episode 3x09 "The Crossing". Samaritan snipers surround the precinct in episode 3x21 "Beta".


288 Driggs Avenue

Observing Joey at Diner

Reese watches Joey Durban talk to Pia Moresco at her diner in episode 1x03 "Mission Creep".


9th Avenue (between 34th & 35th)

Willis Arrested

Finch plants guns in the trunk of Willis's taxi and gets him arrested to clear a place in the team in episode 1x03 "Mission Creep".


Popular Community Bank

Bank Robbery

Reese follows Joey Durban to a bank which he and a gang proceeds to rob in episode 1x03 "Mission Creep".


Riegelmann Boardwalk (between 10th & 12th)

Coney Island Boardwalk

Reese tries to talk Joey Durban out of going on the next heist in episode 1x03 "Mission Creep".


Avenue B (between 2nd & 3rd)

Rejected Pepsi

Reese buys a Pepsi from a street vendor to avoid notice while trailing Joey Durban and then proceeds to throw it strait into the trash in episode 1x03 "Mission Creep".


Elk Street

Outside Evidence Lockup

The robbery team leaves the evidence lockup and most of them are gunned down by Sam Latimer in episode 1x03 "Mission Creep".


Coney Island Bar & Grill

Sam Latimer's Bar

Reese visits the bar owned by Sam Latimer and puts himself forward as a new member of the robbery team in episode 1x03 "Mission Creep".


West 12th Street (between Surf & Bowery)

Watching Straub Meet Latimer

Reese follows Straub to a meeting with Sam Latimer outside the bar in episode 1x03 "Mission Creep".


West 8th Street—NY Aquarium Station

Recruiting Reese

Reese is taken underneath the elevated tracks and interrogated before being allowed to join the crew in episode 1x03 "Mission Creep".



Pia Moresco's Diner

Reese follows Joey Durban to the diner where his girlfriend works in episode 1x03 "Mission Creep".


10th Avenue (between 31st & 33rd)

Bus to Phoenix

Joey Durban waits for Pia Moresco and then they get onto a bus heading out of town together in episode 1x03 "Mission Creep".


Marquee New York


Reese follows Megan Tillman to a nightclub and sees Andrew Benton watching her in episode 1x04 "Cura Te Ipsum".


James J. Walker Park

Fusco & Reese in Park

Reese comes up on Fusco in the park and talks to him about the drug dealers he is having trouble with in episode 1x04 "Cura Te Ipsum".


135 East 57th Street

Andrew Benton's Office

Reese follows Andrew Benton to his office and later he gets knocked out by the drug dealers in episode 1x04 "Cura Te Ipsum".

Decker North & Associates

Reese attempts to gain access to Henry Peck's apartment only to find out that it is a NSA SKIF in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed".

IFT (flashback)

Finch and Ingram work on the machine in the empty IFT offices in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed".

Interrogation Room

Kara and Reese interrogate one of Greer's men they captured in episode 3x16 "RAM".

Witherton Insurance

Shaw takes on a temp job at the company where Walter Dang works to clone his phone in episode 4x06 "Pretenders".


Lexington Avenue (between 57th & 58th)

Food Cart

Reese watches Megan Tillman get lunch from a food cart in episode 1x04 "Cura Te Ipsum".


21-21 45th Avenue

Finch's Cover Apartment

Finch poses as one of his cover identities to talk to Carter in episode 1x04 "Cura Te Ipsum".

Cruz Safe House

Reese goes to the safe house where he put the Cruz family only to find the bad guys had gotten there first in episode 1x17 "Baby Blue".


West 27th Street & 10th Avenue

Outside Nightclub

Reese watches Megan Tillman and Andrew Benton leave the club and part ways in episode 1x04 "Cura Te Ipsum".


North General Hospital

Megan Tillman's Hospital

Finch talks to Megan Tillman under the pretense of being a patient at her hospital in episode 1x04 "Cura Te Ipsum".


Bronx County Courthouse

Gates's Courthouse

Gates oversees the trial of Angela Markham and learns about the kidnapping of his son in episode 1x05 "Judgement".

Relton Train Station

Root tries to leave town with Finch but she is stopped by Reese in episode 2x02 "Bad Code".

Courthouse (interior)

Finch attends jury duty at the behest of the machine in episode 4x14 "Guilty".


La Marina

Marina Standoff

Samuel Gates goes to meet with his son's kidnappers and Reese manages to eliminate them in episode 1x05 "Judgement".


Lyric Diner

Lyric Diner

Reese gets the new number from Finch in episode 1x05 "Judgement". Carter meets Reese properly for the first time in episode 1x12 "Legacy".


East 24th Street & Madison Avenue

Spying on Angela Markham

Finch follows Angela Markham and listens in on her phone call with Jarek Koska in episode 1x05 "Judgement".

Stuck at Red Light

Root and Finch get stuck in traffic but the Machine clears a route for them in episode 4x22 "YHWH".


Court Deli

Deli near Courthouse

Reese watches some gang members watching Samuel Gates in episode 1x05 "Judgement".


Blue & White Foods

Interrogation Results

Reese talks to Finch on the phone while Turski eats his hamburger in episode 1x05 "Judgement".

8th Precinct (garage)

The police convoy escorting Grace Hendricks leaves the precinct in episode 3x21 "Beta".


Greyshot Arch (Central Park)

Meeting Anthony Talbott

Zoe buys the incriminating recording form the blogger Anthony Talbott in episode 1x06 "The Fix".

Crime Scene under Bridge

Carter talks to Raymond Terney at the scene of a murder in central park in episode 1x18 "Identity Crisis".

Greer meets Ken Davis

Ken Davis talks to Greer in the park and is then kidnapped by Decima agents in episode 3x18 "Allegiance".

Columbus Circle

Columbus Circle

Zoe meets with Samuel Douglas about the incriminating recording in episode 1x06 "The Fix". Samaritan comes online and identifies a man as a 'Deviant' in episode 3x23 "Deus Ex Machina".


Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House

Meeting Lt. Gilmore

Zoe meets with Lt. Gilmore to arrange for the police to ignore any alarms at Virtanen in episode 1x06 "The Fix".

Lt. Gilmore at Party (interior)

Reese follows Zoe to a party where she hands off the recovered sidearm to Lt. Gilmore in episode 1x06 "The Fix".

Breakfast with Robert Keller

Finch has breakfast with Robert Keller and tells the CEO that he will be destroying all of his wealth in episode 1x06 "The Fix".

Metropolitan Museum of History

Shaw attempts to stop Kelli Lin from stealing a painting from the museum in episode 3x14 "Provenance".


Dry Dock 4 (Brooklyn Navy Yard)

Port Meeting

Zoe meets with a guy named Slip who sells her a gun and later she leads Mark Lawson to an ambush at the port in episode 1x06 "The Fix".


The Michael F. Price Center for Genetic and Translational Medicine/Harold and Muriel Block Research Pavilion (Albert Einstein College of Medicine)

Virtanen Pharmaceuticals

Finch uses an investment to gain a tour of the Virtanen Pharmaceuticals building to help Zoe Morgan in episode 1x06 "The Fix".


Manhattan Bridge Archway Plaza

Handoff in Underpass

Zoe hands over the recording only to have Samuel Douglas attempt to kill her in episode 1x06 "The Fix".


Gabriel's Bar & Restaurant

Zoe in Restaurant

Reese tracks Zoe down using her cell phone and they share a drink while discussing the danger in episode 1x06 "The Fix".


711 Brightwater Court

Charlie Burton's Apartment

Reese has to save this week's Number from a group of Russians in episode 1x07 "Witness".

East River

Riding Ferry

Reese, Charlie Burton, and Lazlo Yogorov are riding the ferry to Manhattan when the truth about Elias comes out in episode 1x07 "Witness". Finch and Reese ride the ferry back to Manhattan in episode 5x01 "B.S.O.D.".


Under Greenpoint Avenue Bridge

Watching Scarface

Finch follow the GPS in Scarface's car and watches him meet with some folks about Elias in episode 1x07 "Witness".

Dividing Spoils

The crew Reese is working for examines their haul and burns their ambulance in episode 1x15 "Blue Code".


Pier 11

Ferry Terminal

Fusco is waiting for Reese and Charlie Burton to arrive on the ferry when he is knocked out by Scarface in episode 1x07 "Witness".


Ebbets Field Apartments

BB Project

Reese takes Charlie Burton into a nearby public housing building to keep him away from his pursuers in episode 1x07 "Witness". Elias takes Finch back to the project to hide out from Samaritan in episode 5x10 "The Day the World Went Away".


Brighton Beach Avenue (between 5th & 6th)

Hot Dog Stand

Finch talks to Fusco about their missing mutual friend in episode 1x07 "Witness".


Brighton 7th Street (between Brighton Beach & Brightwater)

Around the Corner

Reese runs around the corner with Charlie Burton and they attempt to take a car in episode 1x07 "Witness".


Boardwalk East (between 6th & Coney Island)

Brighton Beach Boardwalk

Elias walks down the boardwalk with his gang in episode 1x07 "Witness". Reese follows Elias to a meeting with his accountant that the Brotherhood observe in episode 4x09 "The Devil You Know".


Shorefront YM-YWHA

Baybridge Savings

Reese watches Charlie Burton from an adjacent rooftop, and later Finch hacks the ATM to steal its footage in episode 1x07 "Witness".


Sweet Delight

Bodega Murder

Fusco and Carter investigate a murdered member of Elias's crew in episode 1x07 "Witness".


Wall Street & South Street

Leaving Ferry Terminal

Scarface and Elias get into their car and leave, and shortly thereafter Reese and Finch depart in their own car in episode 1x07 "Witness".

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Station

Ulrich Kohl arrives in New York under an alias and evades the German agent in episode 1x08 "Foe". Sarah Jennings attempts to get on a train but is intercepted by the police in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns".

Subway Station

Reese lets Scott Powell call his wife from the subway platform in episode 1x13 "Root Cause".

Subway Station

Carter and Reese escort handcuffed Alonso Quinn onto the subway in episode 3x09 "The Crossing".

Queens Plaza Station

Reese attempts to call Finch for help but his phone is destroyed by Quinn in episode 3x09 "The Crossing".

Subway Walkway

Shaw eliminates a group of criminals who are looking for Carter and Reese in episode 3x09 "The Crossing".


South Corner (Central Park)

Central Park Standoff

Ulrich Kohl confronts his wife and ends up getting shot by Reese in episode 1x08 "Foe".

Beside the Lake

Cal Beecher and Alonso Quinn meets beside The Lake in Central Park and Beecher inquires as to where Quinn got the tip about Szymanski in episode 2x19 "Trojan Horse".


West 155th Street & Bradhurst Avenue

Sniping Diplomat's Car

Reese sets up his sniper rifle with Finch spotting so he can shoot the engine on the car transporting Heinlein in episode 1x08 "Foe".

Fusco's Car Chase

Fusco calls Reese and asks for help in the middle of a car chase in episode 4x10 "The Cold War".


West 155th Street (between Frederick Douglas & Harlem River)

Diplomat's Car Hit

Reese interrogates Heinlein about Ulrich Kohl's next target after shooting his car in episode 1x08 "Foe".

Continuing Car Chase

Fusco continues to talk to Reese on the phone while chasing a perp in episode 4x10 "The Cold War".



Julian Werner's Restaurant

Ulrich Kohl poisons Wernick at a restaurant and gets information on his next target in episode 1x08 "Foe".


Hephaistos Building Supplies

Michael Stegans's Construction Site

Ulrich Kohl tracks down Michael Stegans (AKA Steiler) at the construction site he is managing in episode 1x08 "Foe".


300 Madison Avenue

Julian Werner's Office

Ulrich Kohl waits at the street corner for Julian Werner to come out of his office in episode 1x08 "Foe".


Court Square Diner

Court Square Diner

Carter has breakfast with her son while Reese and Finch watch her in episode 1x09 "Get Carter". Carter meets with Finch and Reese at the diner in episode 1x19 "Flesh and Blood".


Fort Totten Park

Forward Operating Base

Carter interrogates a suspected terrorist in a flashback in Iraq in episode 1x09 "Get Carter".


Silvercup Studios

Fusco's Rooftop Meeting

Fusco meets with his old captain to get information on people looking to take out Carter in episode 1x09 "Get Carter".

Brotherhood Warehouse (rooftop)

Reese opens the skylight on the Brotherhood warehouse and repels inside in episode 4x16 "Blunt".


Greer takes Shaw to a rooftop to talk with Samaritan's analog interface in episode 5x06 "A More Perfect Union".


Cortlandt Alley (south of Canal, west of Lafayette)

Bottle Cap in Alley

Cater goes to talk to her informant Bottle Cap in an alley and is shot in episode 1x09 "Get Carter".


Cine Magic East River Studios

Warehouse Raid

Carter and the ERT go to raid the warehouse where Hector Alvarez is hiding out and Hector tries to kill Carter in his pickup in episode 1x09 "Get Carter".


Suhail Deli & Grocery

Castillo's Shop

Carter questions a shop owner who might have witnessed the murder in episode 1x09 "Get Carter".


Amsterdam Avenue (between 135th & 136th)

Ronnie Middleton's Murder

Carter and Fusco investigate the murder of a snitch in episode 1x09 "Get Carter".


Bantry Bay Publick House

Bantry Bay Publick House

Reese follows Frankie Wells to a bar where she is attempting to apprehend Ray Pratt in episode 4x18 "Skip".

Cop Bar

The Machine remembers a cop talking about death and in present day Shaw comes to let Fusco know she is alive and to pick up Bear in episode 5x13 "return 0".


Shaw beats up some goons in a bar looking for Simmons in episode 3x10 "The Devil's Share".

Edward Kovach's Bar

Reese follows Carter to a bar where he threatens the man who has been beating his wife in episode 1x09 "Get Carter".


Walker Street & Broadway

Talking to Bottle Cap

Carter and Fusco go to see if Bottle Cap has any new information on the case in episode 1x09 "Get Carter".

Trailing Carter

Reese is trailing Carter after she took down Hector when he loses her in the crowd in episode 1x09 "Get Carter".


Walker Street (between Broadway & Lafayette)

Bottle Cap's Corner

Reese follows Carter to where she talks to her CI Bottle Cap in episode 1x09 "Get Carter".


Champion Auto Repair

Hector Alvarez's Shop

Carter goes to talk to the suspect in her murder case, and later Reese attacks his shop in episode 1x09 "Get Carter".


Metropolitan Hospital Center

New York Unified Hospital

Elias visits Simmons in the hospital and has Scarface kill him in episode 3x10 "The Devil's Share". Shaw takes on the role of a doctor to investigate their latest Number who has an inoperable brain tumor in episode 3x11 "Lethe".


Root visits Fusco at the hospital where Fusco is being treated after the tunnel explosion in episode 5x07 "QSO".

St. George Hospital

Reese heads to the hospital and sees Wendy McNally visiting her mother in episode 1x10 "Number Crunch".

Source: Permit List

New York Medical Examiner

Finch takes Reese to the morgue and pays off a coroner to help with Reese's bullet wound in episode 1x11 "Super". Carter goes to the morgue to examine Alicia Corwin's body and sees Mark Snow leaving after doing the same thing in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".

Source: Permit List

New Rochelle Hospital

In 2011, Reese goes to the hospital where Jessica worked only to learn that she died two months prior. Back in the present day, Carter talks to the medical examiner down in the morgue about Jessica's death in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns".

New Rochelle Police Department

Carter talks to a local detective about Peter Arndt's death in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns".


Battery Parking Garage

Hospital Parking Garage

Reese saves the two remaining Numbers and then has a confrontation with Mark Snow on the rooftop in episode 1x10 "Number Crunch".


Joralemon Street (between Atlantic & Furman)

Roosevelt Drive Crash

Jamie Hallen's car crashes and is found by several of that week's Numbers in episode 1x10 "Number Crunch".


Flatbush Avenue (between Fulton & Livingston)

Carter Being Trailed

Carter is talking on the phone with Fusco when she realizes she is being trailed by the two CIA agents in episode 1x10 "Number Crunch".


138 East 78th Street

Claire Ryan's Apartment (exterior)

Reese goes to investigate the newest Number only to find her already murdered in episode 1x10 "Number Crunch".


Space Salon

Wendy McNally's Salon

Reese goes to Wendy McNally's salon and almost gets a haircut in episode 1x10 "Number Crunch".


Ducati Triumph New York

Ducati Dealership

Finch tracks Matt Duggan to a motorcycle dealership where he sees the Number get blown up in episode 1x10 "Number Crunch".


The Apthorp

Apartment Building

Reese takes up temporary residence in an apartment building to keep an eye on the latest Number in episode 1x11 "Super".

The Battery

Battery Park

Finch watches Nathan Ingram meet with Alicia Corwin in episode 1x11 "Super". Finch teaches the Machine to play chess in a flashback in the park in episode 4x11 "If-Then-Else". Finch tells Grace about his father in episode 5x13 "return 0".

Grace Painting

Finch approaches Grace where she is painting in episode 5x13 "return 0".


Bridges Bar & Lounge

Carter Meets Finch

Carter meets Finch and receives a Number from him in episode 1x11 "Super".


Broadway (between 78th & 79th)

Carter Follows Derek Watson

Carter follows the Number given to her by Finch in episode 1x11 "Super".


Bowling Green

Carter Being Tailed

Carter looks for a way to evade her CIA tail after leaving the precinct in episode 1x11 "Super".


Lexington Avenue (between 95th & 96th)

CIA Agents in SUV

Mark Snow talks to his fellow agents about Carter evading them in episode 1x11 "Super".


City Hall Restaurant

Lily Thorpton's Restaurant

Finch is watching Lily Thorpton at her work when someone delivers a bouquet of roses in episode 1x11 "Super".

Source: Permit List


1330 Avenue of the Americas

Nathan Ingram's Office [2005]

Finch eavesdrops on Alicia Corwin & her boss Denton Weeks meeting with Nathan about the Machine in episode 1x11 "Super".

Source: Permit List


Morris Street & Broadway

Catching Cab

Carter gets into a taxi after evading her CIA tail in episode 1x11 "Super".


141 East 95th Street

Carter's House

Carter leaves her home and spots the CIA team keeping an eye on her in episode 1x11 "Super".


West 54th Street (between 6th & 7th)

Carter at Payphone

Carter gets out of a cab and receives a call from Finch at a payphone in episode 1x11 "Super".


Cunard Buiding

Evading CIA Tail

Carter ducks into a building and switches coats to evade her CIA tail in episode 1x11 "Super".

Central Station

Riley and Annie try to leave on the train but are stopped by Ochoa in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".

Bus Station

The police identify Vanessa Watkins buying a bus ticket in episode 3x04 "Reasonable Doubt".

Waterside East (exterior)

Simon Lee ducks into a hotel to hide from those hunting him in episode 4x05 "Prophets".


Worth Street (between Broadway & Church)

Finch follows Lily

Finch follows Lily home and talks to Reese in episode 1x11 "Super".

Source: Permit List


Madison Square Park

Fusco Follows Finch

Fusco follows Finch and they both talk on the phone with Reese in episode 1x12 "Legacy".

Madison Square Park

Finch and Reese follow Henry Peck into the park where he calls Alicia Corwin and then ditches his phone in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed". Root talks to Finch while watching Cyrus Wells in the park in episode 3x17 "/". Reese says his life is too complicated for a relationship and breaks up with Iris in episode 5x03 "Truth Be Told".

Fusco meets Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova bashes Fusco with her purse in episode 2x12 "Prisoner's Dilemma".


Queens Supreme Court

Andrea Gutierrez's Courthouse

Reese watches Andrea Gutierrez help her client at the courthouse in episode 1x12 "Legacy".

NYU Law Library

Andrea Gutierrez is doing research at the library when she is saved from an attacker by Reese in episode 1x12 "Legacy".


The Shannon Pot

The Shannon Pot

Reese watches Andrea Gutierrez at the bar with her friends in episode 1x12 "Legacy".

Mobster Bar

Reese heads to a criminal hangout to kindly asks some questions in episode 1x17 "Baby Blue".


Brooklyn House of Detention

Prison Visitation Room

Andrea Gutierrez brings Jacob King to visit his father Terrence in jail in episode 1x12 "Legacy".

Source: Permit List


Spark's Deli

Watching Dominic Galuska

Reese watches and then confronts the corrupt parole officer in episode 1x12 "Legacy".

Spark's Deli

Carter waits in the car while Laskey shakes down a deli owner named Morozov for some money for HR in episode 3x06 "Mors Praematura".


East 22nd Street & 3rd Avenue

Reese Following Gloria Copeland

Reese crosses the street on his way to follow Gloria Copeland in episode 1x12 "Legacy".


86 Kenmare Street

Outside Dominic Galuska's Apartment

Reese leaves the corrupt parole officer's apartment with a stolen laptop in episode 1x12 "Legacy".


3rd Avenue (between 21st & 22nd)

Reese on Street

Reese talks to Carter on the phone while walking down the street in episode 1x12 "Legacy".


23rd Street (between 45th Avenue & 45th Road)

Attacking Andrea's Attacker

Reese attacks the man who attempts to attack Andrea Gutierrez in episode 1x12 "Legacy".

Subway Entrance

In one version of the simulation Shaw is held in the back of a squad car and in the final simulation she leaves after stopping the subway bomber in episode 4x11 "If-Then-Else".


36th Avenue (between Steinway & 41st)

Chasing Around Corner

Reese chases the boxer around the corner and across the street in episode 1x12 "Legacy".



Boxing Gym

Reese tracks down Andrea Gutierrez's attempted attacker to where he works out in episode 1x12 "Legacy".


St. Vincent's Services

15th Precinct

Finch picks up Will Ingram when he is released by the police in episode 1x12 "Legacy".

Source: Permit List


Petrosino Square

Reese Watching Finch

Reese follows Finch and watches him talking with Will Ingram in episode 1x12 "Legacy".


3rd Avenue (between 22nd & 23rd)

Reese Walking to DFS

Reese hurries to the DFS offices to save Andrea Gutierrez in episode 1x12 "Legacy".


41st Street (between 35th & 36th)

Boxer Hit

The boxer Reese is chasing is hit by a garbage truck in episode 1x12 "Legacy".


The Urban Taste

Flower Shop

Reese follows Gloria Copeland down the street where she buys flowers in episode 1x12 "Legacy".


West 39th Street (between 10th & 11th)

Stopping Scott Powell's Transport

Reese crashes into the SUV carrying Scott Powell to the courthouse and kidnaps him from the FBI agents in episode 1x13 "Root Cause".


47-02 Vernon Boulevard

Root in Coffee Shop

Root formerly introduces herself to Finch from a coffee shop using a voice modulator in episode 1x13 "Root Cause".

Source: Permit List


Dr. Ronald McNair Park

Job Search in Park

Reese follows Scott Powell to a park where he looks through the classifieds in episode 1x13 "Root Cause".


East 42nd Street & Madison Avenue

Buying Burner

Finch buys a burner phone after his old one is compromised by Root in episode 1x13 "Root Cause".


Brooklyn Public Library


Finch takes refuge in a library after the hacker compromises his system and works with Zoe Morgan to investigate the assassination attempt in episode 1x13 "Root Cause".

Source: Permit List


243 Marlborough Road

Powell Residence

Reese watches their latest Number with his seemingly happy family in episode 1x13 "Root Cause".

Source: Permit List


48th Avenue (between 5th & Vernon)

Root in Car

Root calls her operative's phone while sitting in her car only to have Finch pick up in episode 1x13 "Root Cause".

Driving back to the City

Shaw drives Root back to the city while she talks to Finch in episode 3x23 "Deus Ex Machina".



Delancey Fundraiser

The Number Reese is following is framed for the assassination of a Senator at a fundraiser in episode 1x13 "Root Cause".


197 Marlborough Road

Pete Matheson's House

Carter heads to Pete Matheson's house after learning he hired Root only to find him already dead in episode 1x13 "Root Cause".

Source: Permit List


Thrift & New Shop

Pawn Shop

Reese spies Scott Powell selling his watch to a pawnbroker in episode 1x13 "Root Cause".

Source: Permit List


Travel Inn


Reese takes Scott Powell to a motel to be safe but they are attacked by a killer in episode 1x13 "Root Cause".

Source: Permit List


One State Street Plaza

Universal Heritage Insurance

Will Ingram meets Finch at his cover office to talk about Nathan in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".

Rooftop Meetup

Andre meets with Captain Lynch to get his help with Darren in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".


Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal

Fusco Watches Finch & Will

Fusco talks on the phone with Reese while watching Finch and Will Ingram in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".


Monsignor McGolrick Park

Alicia & Will Meet

Finch watches while Will Ingram meets with Alicia Corwin to learn about his father in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".

Source: Permit List


Super Crown Fried Chicken

Monty's Thighs & Fries

Reese questions the waitress Lisa about the murder of Travis McGrady in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".


132 Vernon Avenue

Hidden Substation (exterior)

Root, Finch, and Reese go to a disguised electrical substation to download the Machine in episode 4x22 "YHWH".

Watching Curtis & Trim

Reese is watching Curtis when he gets a call about Darren leaving the group home in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".

McGrady Tenement (exterior)

Reese goes to check out the location of Travis McGrady's murder in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".


150 Tompkins Avenue

McGrady Tenement (interior/rooftop)

Reese searches the location of Travis McGrady's murder, and later Darren and Reese find the murder weapon in a chimney from the rooftop in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".


Myrtle Avenue (between Tompkins & Throop)

Following Trim & Curtis

Reese and Darren follow the two gangsters and talk about Reese's past in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".


Willoughby Avenue & Marcy Avenue

Car Crash

Reese crashes the stolen SUV into Curtis's car in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".


ReConnect Cafe

Noble Comics (exterior)

Reese follows a tip to the comic shop fun by Andre Wilcox, later Darren goes here to try and bring him down in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".


Tompkins Liquors

Liquor Store

Reese watches Curtis and Trim shake down a shop owner and then he steals their SUV in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".


Pearl Street (between Whitehall & Broad)

Trim in Police Car

Two police officers walk up to the squad car only to find Trim unconscious in the back covered in alcohol in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".


Bedford Street (between Downing & 6th)

Reese & Carter in Car

Reese gets into Carter's car and she tells him about Travis McGrady's murder in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".

Carter on Phone

Carter calls Reese to ask about Trim turning up in a police car in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".


150 Vernon Avenue

Fire Escape

Reese watches Brick and the other gang members from a fire escape in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".


Gilda's Club New York City

Youth Support Group Home

Reese drops Darren with Fusco at a group home in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".


Mike's Pizza

Reese & Darren Talk

Reese talks to Finch asking for a GPS trace and Darren questions him about it in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".


Willoughby Playground

Basketball Court

Reese watches two gang members exchange an envelope of money near the basketball courts in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".


Russell Street (between Nassau & Driggs)

Reese & Darren in Car

Reese and Darren sit in a car while watching Curtis & Trim in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".

Source: Permit List


Vernon Avenue (between Tompkins & Throop)

Darren Attacks Brick

Darren pulls a gun on one of his brother's killers but is stopped by Reese in episode 1x14 "Wolf and Cub".


Unisphere (Flushing Meadows Corona Park)


Fusco meets with Simmons to ask if the gang member is under H.R. protection in episode 1x15 "Blue Code".


Bridge Street (between State & Whitehall)

Police Stop

Reese's ambulance is pulled over and Michael Cahill talks to the cop in episode 1x15 "Blue Code".


Cunningham Park Queens

Murder Woods

Ian Davidson takes Fusco to the middle of the woods to kill him but Fusco is saved by Reese in episode 1x15 "Blue Code". Carl Elias is taken to the woods to be killed at his father's orders in a flashback in episode 1x19 "Flesh and Blood".


Building 269 (Brooklyn Navy Yard)

Brooklyn Docks Warehouse (interior)

Neil Vargas and his gang take refuge in an abandoned warehouse in episode 1x15 "Blue Code".


Tutti Matti Cucina Italiana & Pizza

Bar [2008]

Reese strikes up a conversation with Peter Arndt at a bar but is pulled away by Kara Stanton before he can talk to Jessica in episode 1x15 "Blue Code".

Source: Permit List


Green Asphalt


Vargas and his crew meet L.O.S., Michael Cahill takes him hostage and gunpoint, and Cahill is rescued by Reese and Carter in episode 1x15 "Blue Code".


542 47th Avenue

Michael Cahill's Apartment

Michael Cahill leaves his apartment and heads to Brooklyn in episode 1x15 "Blue Code".

Source: Permit List


Pier 6


A medical helicopter lands and transfers a patient to the smuggling crew Reese is working with in episode 1x15 "Blue Code".


Bridge Street & Whitehall Street

Ambulance Driving

The crew's ambulance drives through town after leaving the helipad in episode 1x15 "Blue Code".


34-02 204th Street

Tulley Residence

Reese follows Michael Cahill to what turns out to be his family's house in episode 1x15 "Blue Code".


Drydock 1 (Brooklyn Navy Yard)

Brooklyn Docks Warehouse (exterior)

Reese is put into the trunk of a car by Michael Cahill and it is lit on fire in episode 1x15 "Blue Code".

Container at Port

Mickey puts Andre Cooper and Fusco in a container where Reese and Shaw rescue them in episode 4x03 "Wingman".


King Yum

Mr. Su's Restaurant

Vargas and his gang head to pick up some drugs from Mr. Su who wants to cut them out of the arrangement in episode 1x15 "Blue Code".

Source: Permit List


9-11 44 Drive

Safe House (exterior) [2008]

Reese leaves the motel he is staying with Kara in episode 1x15 "Blue Code".


Starr Avenue (between Borden & 31st)

Outside Internal Affairs

Fusco is escorted out of the IAB office at gunpoint by Ian Davidson in episode 1x15 "Blue Code".

Source: Permit List


InterContinental New York Times Square

Sydney Baylor's Apartment

Reese sees Adam Saunders having and affair with Sydney Baylor at her penthouse in episode 1x16 "Risk".

Adam Saunders's Apartment

Finch searches Adam Saunders's apartment while Reese is out with him at a bar in episode 1x16 "Risk".


Chelsea Piers

Driving Range

Reese hits golf balls with Adam Saunders in episode 1x16 "Risk".


West 48th Street (between 6th & 7th)

Finch's Taxi

Carter gets into a taxi only to find Finch driving in episode 1x16 "Risk".

Reese on Phone

Reese gets a call from Zoe telling him about Caroline Turing's fake identity in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".

Simmons Returns

Simmons walks across the street after evading suspicion in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".

Simmons on Phone

Simmons gives instructions to his HR goons before getting into his car in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".

Finch Watches Simmons

Finch talks on the phone with Reese while watching Simmons brief his HR hit squad in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".



Hotel Rooftop

Reese spies on Adam Saunders having an affair at Sydney Baylor's apartment from an adjacent rooftop in episode 1x16 "Risk".


777 3rd Avenue

Baylor Zimm (rooftop)

Reese follows Adam Saunders to the rooftop and saves him from an attacker in episode 1x16 "Risk".

Carter & Reese on Rooftop

Carter brings the phone she found to Reese and they use it to call Elias in episode 1x16 "Risk".

Temporary Resolutions

Reese and Fusco go to investigate the security company that sent agents after only to discover it is a Samaritan front in episode 5x10 "The Day the World Went Away".


Water Street (between Hanover & Wall)

Financial District Streets

Adam Saunders races his car with Reese through the streets of the financial district in episode 1x16 "Risk".


Front Street & Old Slip

Financial District Streets

Adam Saunders drives his car around the corner after leaving the bar in episode 1x16 "Risk".


511 Lexington Avenue

Wall Street Bar

Reese goes out undercover with Adam Saunders where Saunders gets into a fight with a coworker in episode 1x16 "Risk".


Cherry Street & Pike Slip

Attempted Car Crash

Some goons attempt to crash into Adam Saunders's car in episode 1x16 "Risk".


909 3rd Avenue

Baylor Zimm (interior)

Reese meets with Adam Saunders at the office of his investment firm in episode 1x16 "Risk".


52 39th Street

Homeless Warehouse

Reese takes Adam Saunders to a warehouse filled with a homeless encampment to keep off the grid in episode 1x16 "Risk".

Source: Permit List


Greenpoint Avenue & Starr Avenue

Bob Sowoski's Food Truck

Adam Saunders goes to talk to his foster father at his food truck in episode 1x16 "Risk".

Following past School Busses

Reese talks to Finch on the phone while following Riley Cavanaugh around a corner in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".

Taco Truck

Carter leaves her partner Laskey at a taco truck and heads off to help the team in episode 3x05 "Pазговоp".


The Hawthorne

Rooftop across from Baylor Zimm

Finch watches Reese meet with Adam Saunders at the Baylor Zimm offices in episode 1x16 "Risk".


Carl Schurz Park

Park on River

Finch and Reese go the park with their 'borrow' baby and talk to Carter in episode 1x17 "Baby Blue".


Empty Lot under Queensboro Bridge

Underneath Bridge

Reese meets with Elias to ask for his help finding the baby in episode 1x17 "Baby Blue". Finch talks to Root about the Nautilus game in episode 4x02 "Nautilus". Elias meets Dominic beneath the bridge in episode 4x06 "Pretenders".


Hitchcock Lane & Post Road

Following Moretti

Carter and Reese follow Gianni Moretti's car down a remote road in episode 1x17 "Baby Blue".


21-51 45th Road

Cruz Home

Finch heads to the home of the baby's grandparents to learn about their daughter in episode 1x17 "Baby Blue".


UPS Freight Service Center

Freight Yard

Reese goes to interrupt the baby exchange between the two criminal groups in episode 1x17 "Baby Blue".

Shootout in Lot

Reese saves Walter Dang during a shootout between Elias's people and the Armorer's in episode 4x06 "Pretenders".


Nassau County Correctional Center

Moretti's Prison

Carter talks to Gianni Moretti when he is released from prisoner offering him her protection in episode 1x17 "Baby Blue".

Riker's (yard)

Reese talks to Elias in the prison yard and later gets beat up by the Aryan Brotherhood in episode 2x12 "Prisoner's Dilemma".


Langley Lane & Hitchcock Lane

Moretti's Car Crash

Some of Elias's crew set up a trap to capture Moretti but are stopped by Carter and Reese in episode 1x17 "Baby Blue".


Oren's Daily Roast

Coffee Shop

Reese follows Bradley Petrosian to a coffee shop where he meets with his boyfriend in episode 1x17 "Baby Blue".


Inwood House

St. Raymond's Clinic

Finch goes to investigate they new Number only to find it is a baby, which he then proceeds to kidnap in episode 1x17 "Baby Blue".


35th Street (between Review & Van Dam)

Mary Abbot's Car

Mary Abbot calls Carter from her car to tell her about Leila Smith's silver bracelet in episode 1x17 "Baby Blue".


Gardner Avenue (between Thomas & Cherry)

Bridge Dropoff

Scarface drops off Reese after his meeting with Elias under the bride in episode 1x17 "Baby Blue".


50-24 46th Street

Moretti's Safe House

Carter puts Moretti into a safe house defended by Detective Szymanski in episode 1x17 "Baby Blue".


7B Horseshoe Bar aka Vazacs

Jordan Hester's Bar

Reese finds the male Jordan Hester working in a bar in episode 1x18 "Identity Crisis".


Andaz Wall Street

Drug Apartment

Reese finds that a apartment owned by one of the Jordan Hesters is a drug lab in episode 1x18 "Identity Crisis".


Reese watches Caroline Turing eat lunch at a cafe and then talks with Zoe Morgan in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".

Grand Point Hotel

Reese takes Caroline Turing to a hotel to keep her safe from HR in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".

Caroline Turing's Office (interior)

Reese plants a bug in Caroline Turing's office while visiting as a patient in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".

Cell Tower Rooftop

Finch hacks into the cell network and disables the HR and FBI communications in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".


East 9th Street & Avenue B

Chemical Truck

Reese watches the male Jordan Hester meet with the two drug makers and their truck full of chemicals in episode 1x18 "Identity Crisis".


Former Rizzoli Bookstore


Finch follows the female Jordan Hester into a bookstore and ends up having to talk to her in episode 1x18 "Identity Crisis".


85 Pearl Street

Male Jordan Hester's Apartment

Reese searches the apartment of the male Jordan Hester and finds it surprisingly spartan in episode 1x18 "Identity Crisis".



Ending Restaurant

The female Jordan Hester is meeting with her identity provider when she is arrested by Detective Franklin in episode 1x18 "Identity Crisis".


Museum of Arts & Design

Finch & Jordan Restaurant

Finch goes to lunch with the female Jordan Hester and tells her that he is a private detective in episode 1x18 "Identity Crisis".


34th Street (between Starr & Van Dam)

Road to Jordan Hester's Apartment

Fusco drives to the female Jordan Hester's apartment to save Finch in episode 1x18 "Identity Crisis".


194 Riverside Drive

Female Jordan Hester's Apartment

Finch breaks into the apartment of the female Jordan Hester and ends up getting trapped in the closet when she arrives home in episode 1x18 "Identity Crisis".


West 57th Street (between 5th & 6th)

Shopping Street

Finch follows the female Jordan Hester while she is out shopping and ends up saving her from someone following her in episode 1x18 "Identity Crisis".

Bag Salesman

Reese buys some information from a man selling counterfeit bags on the street in episode 4x03 "Wingman".



Restaurant Stakeout

Fusco meets with Detective Franklin to ask him about similar identity theft cases in episode 1x18 "Identity Crisis".


Review Avenue (between 29th & 35th)

Road to Drug Apartment

Fusco drives with Finch to rescue Reese in episode 1x18 "Identity Crisis".


Bamonte's Restaurant

Bamonte's Restaurant

Reese tries to save Don Caparelli but his help is refused in episode 1x19 "Flesh and Blood".

Mob Restaurant

Elias meets his father for the first time in a flashback in episode 1x19 "Flesh and Blood". Elias meets with Gino to ask for help in episode 4x09 "The Devil You Know".


Kellogg's Diner

Diner (exterior)

Carter meets with Reese to ask about Mark Snow in episode 2x07 "Critical".

Finch meets Simmons

Finch meets with Simmons and informs him about Elias's plans against the HR cops' families in episode 1x19 "Flesh and Blood".


The Montauk Club of Brooklyn

Covenant Club

The five Dons meet at their private club and are taking into protective custody by Carter in episode 1x19 "Flesh and Blood".


42-25 C Vernon Boulevard

Safe House

Carter and Fusco gather the various mob bosses in a safe house to defend them from Elias in episode 1x19 "Flesh and Blood".


St. Cecilia School

Marbury High School

Scarface kidnaps Taylor from his school in episode 1x19 "Flesh and Blood".


Withers Street & Union Avenue

Exploding Car

Don Caparelli's car explodes after driving away from the restaurant in episode 1x19 "Flesh and Blood".


Court Square (off Jackson)

Picking up Don Basile

Carter tries to take Don Basile into protective custody but they are attacked by Elias's men in episode 1x19 "Flesh and Blood".


Greenpoint Avenue (between 42nd & 43rd)

Reese Tailing

Reese tails one of Elias's men to where he follows one of the family members of HR to a produce stand in episode 1x19 "Flesh and Blood".

Wilson on Phone

Wilson talks to Shaw on the phone in episode 2x16 "Relevance".


Center Boulevard (between 49th & 50th)

Fusco Meets Simmons

Simmons summons Fusco and asks him to get information on Reese in episode 1x19 "Flesh and Blood".


43rd Avenue (between Vernon & 9th)

Morettis Parked

Don Moretti and his son walk back to their car an receive an unexpected message from Elias in episode 1x19 "Flesh and Blood".


V & V Nails

Salon [1977]

A young Elias talks to his mother at her work after getting into a fight at school in episode 1x19 "Flesh and Blood".


Jack From Brooklyn


Elias holds Gianni Moretti hostage in a winery in episode 1x19 "Flesh and Blood".


Empire Diner

Ashley's Diner

Reese and the armored car team eat the diner where Ashley, Tommy's girlfriend, works in episode 1x20 "Matsya Nyaya".


Kings County Hospital Center


Reese is treated after he is shot during the armored car robbery in episode 1x20 "Matsya Nyaya".


The Old Town Bar


Reese helps Carter stop a crime at a bar in episode 1x20 "Matsya Nyaya".


South 6th Street (between Berry & Bedford)

Armored Car Attack

The armored car Reese is undercover with is attacked on the street in episode 1x20 "Matsya Nyaya".


113 Water Street

Boxing Gym (exterior)

Reese follows Tommy Clay's burner phone into a boxing gym in episode 1x20 "Matsya Nyaya".


Gleason's Boxing Gym

Boxing Gym (interior)

Reese finds Tommy Clay at a boxing gym and subdues him before Ashley arrives in episode 1x20 "Matsya Nyaya".


Clement Clarke Moore Park

Hockey in Park

Fusco is sitting in the parking his son play hockey when Artie Lynch approaches him with a demand in episode 1x20 "Matsya Nyaya".


Union Square Theater

Prank at Pickup

His fellow armored car crew members pull a prank on him after doing a pickup in episode 1x20 "Matsya Nyaya".


Empty Lot off Beach Front Road

Ordos Gate

Reese and Kara leave the rest of the team and enter Ordos alone in episode 1x20 "Matsya Nyaya".


West 22nd Street & 9th Avenue

Driving past Cleaners

The armored truck drives past a laundromat in episode 1x20 "Matsya Nyaya".


Seafarers & International House

OneState Bank

Reese and the armored car crew picks up a delivery from a bank in episode 1x20 "Matsya Nyaya".


City View Inn

Royce Motel

Reese arrives at the motel looking for Tommy Clay and moments later Fusco arrives on a mission from Lynch in episode 1x20 "Matsya Nyaya".


35th Street (between Starr & Bradley)

Fusco on Phone

Fusco talks to Reese on the phone and tells him about Lynch while waiting for his son in episode 1x20 "Matsya Nyaya".


105 East 16th Street

Regan Medical Supply

Reese stands outside talking to Finch while Tommy picks up something from inside in episode 1x20 "Matsya Nyaya".


Daryl Roth Theatre

Armored Car Pickup

Reese and the armored car crew pick up cash from a building in episode 1x20 "Matsya Nyaya".


Home Studios Inc.

810 Baxter St.

Reese goes to the apartment that Finch gave him for his birthday in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns". Reese takes Maxine Angelis to his apartment after they are attacked in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".


Columbus Park

Mr. Han's Park

Reese plays 象棋 with Mr. Han in the park in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns".


Former Columbia Deli Market


Fusco loses Sarah Jennings when she ducks out the back door of a store in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns".


East 41st Street (between Madison & Park)

Finch Confronted by Marshal Jennings

Finch is almost arrested by Marshal Jennings before Reese saves him in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns".


125 Street Station

125 Street Station

Fusco watches Sarah Jennings leave the subway near her apartment in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns".


55 Tiemann Place

Sarah Jennings's Apartment

Sarah Jennings sneaks into her apartment from the fire escape and finds Reese waiting for her in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns".


Tiemann Place (between Riverside & Claremont)

Fusco in Car

Fusco waits for Sarah Jennings to arrive back at her apartment in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns".


28 Shore Road

Arndt House

Carter investigates Jessica Arndt's death with Agent Donnelly while a flashback shows the circumstances of her death in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns".


247 Park Lane

Sharon's House

Carter and Donnelly question Jessica's mother and Carter finds a photo of Reese in Jessica's old belongings in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns".


295 Madison Avenue

U.S. Marshall's Office (exterior)

Reese goes to the U.S. Marshall Service to get information on Brad Jennings in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns".


Overlook Bar


Finch meets Carter in the bar where Sarah Jennings works to introduce their new number be he decides to send her up to New Rochelle with Agent Donnelly instead in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns".


Meadowbrook Motor Lodge

Meadowbrook Motor Lodge

Brad Jennings takes his wife to a motel and locks her up in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns".


Park Avenue (between 41st & 42nd)

Near Grand Central

Finch walks back to his car after Sarah Jennings is arrested at Grand Central Station in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns".


29th Street (between Borden & Review)

Fusco on Phone

Fusco talks on the phone while leaning against his car in episode 1x21 "Many Happy Returns".


9 Washington Square North

Grace Hendricks's House

Reese goes to an address and finds Finch's former fiancé Grace Hendricks living there in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed". Finch watches Grace leave home in episode 2x08 "Til Death". Grace waits for Root outside her house in episode 2x21 "Zero Day". Reese saves Grace Hendricks from Samaritan kidnappers in episode 3x21 "Beta".


5th Avenue (between 23rd & Broadway)

News Stand

Reese follows Finch down the street and sees him getting a new number from the Machine via a payphone in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed".


East 57th Street & Lexington Avenue

Stealing Taxi

Reese steals a taxi after taking Henry Peck from the precinct in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed".


8 West 24th Street

Across from Henry Peck's Apartment

Reese watches Henry Peck from the building across from his apartment in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed".


General Worth Square / Broadway & 5th Avenue

Saying Goodbye to Harper

Finch and Reese say goodbye to Harper in episode 4x16 "Blunt".

Table in Park

Finch talks to Henry Peck about the machine in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed".

Hersh Arrested

Hersh fires his gun into the air in order to get arrested in episode 2x12 "Prisoner's Dilemma".

Karolina Kurkova Says Goodbye

Karolina Kurkova kisses Fusco goodbye after he saves her life in episode 2x12 "Prisoner's Dilemma".

Meeting Jumpy Jerry

Root and Finch meet with a middleman who leads them to the mobster Janis in episode 4x03 "Wingman".


West 23rd Street & 5th Avenue

Alicia Corwin Payphone

Alicia Corwin talks to Henry Peck at a payphone in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed".

Hersh on Phone

Hersh talks to Special Counsel on the phone and learns about the arrests in episode 2x12 "Prisoner's Dilemma".


49th Avenue & 25th Street

Driving Taxi

Reese drives Henry Peck through town in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed".


5th Avenue (between 21st & 22nd)

Following Henry Peck

Finch follows Henry Peck and hears him talking on the phone with the directory of the NSA in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed".


130 East 58th Street

Decker North & Associates (loading dock)

Finch attaches a transmitter to the building's power supply in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed".


15 West 24th Street

Henry Peck's Apartment

Henry Peck is arrested in his apartment while Reese is watching in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed".


The Ritz Tower

Across from Decker North & Associates

Reese spies on Henry Peck in his office in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed".


50th Avenue (between 23rd & 25th)

Taxi Attacked

The taxi that Reese is driving with Henry Peck is attacked and crashes in episode 1x22 "No Good Deed".


63 Wall Street

Grand Point Hotel (garage)

Reese sends Turing out through the tunnel and then fights off the HR goons in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".


Exchange Place (between William & Hanover)

Caroline Turing Attacked

Reese protects Caroline Turing from the HR hit squad in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".


72 Wall Street

Rooftop across from Caroline Turing's Office

Reese watches Caroline Turing from a nearby rooftop while she is with a patient in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".


Root takes over as producer for a conspiracy theory radio show whose host is being targeted in episode 5x07 "QSO".


Hanover Street (between Wall & Exchange)

Escaping HR

Reese escorts Caroline Turing away after escaping the HR hit squad in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".


Beaver Street (between Hanover & Pearl)

Investigating the Client

Zoe talks to Caroline Turing's patient outside a bar and finds him to be a fraud in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".


5 Hanover Square

Caroline Turing's Office (exterior)

Reese follows Caroline Turing to her office building in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".



Coffee Shop

Reese watches Caroline Turing while she buys her morning coffee in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".


The Pierpont

Caroline Turing's Apartment

Reese watches Caroline Turing leaving her apartment in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".


630 Flushing Avenue

Stock Exchange (elevator)

The team heads into the basement server farm at the stock exchange which turns into a Samaritan ambush in episode 4x11 "If-Then-Else". Control examines the elevator room and finds evidence of a coverup in episode 4x12 "Control-Alt-Delete".

Real Time Crime Center

Carter and Fusco work in the FBI's operations center for the operation against Reese run by Agent Connolly in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".

Decima Operations Room

Greer runs the Decima operations from an empty floor in an office building in episode 3x17 "/".

Detroit Warehouse

Reese, Root, and Finch take Control to a warehouse and interrogate her about Shaw in episode 4x12 "Control-Alt-Delete".


Control returns to her operations center to deal with a new threat in episode 4x12 "Control-Alt-Delete".

CIA Blacksite

Shaw escorts Root to a mobile blacksite where Root makes contact with Jason Greenfield in episode 3x06 "Mors Praematura".


East 32nd Street & Park Avenue

Subway Entrance

Caroline Turner enters the subway on her way to work in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".


Skillman Avenue (between 49th & Pearson)

HR Car Chase

Carter, Fusco, and Reese follow the fleeing HR goons down the street in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".

Following Wayne Kruger

Reese follows Wayne Kruger's SUV which he loses control of in episode 3x02 "Nothing to Hide".


Pier 35


Finch waits for Caroline Turing to emerge when he is visited by Alicia Corwin in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".


Skillman Avenue & Austell Place/47th Ave

HR Car Explodes

Reese detonates the bomb he placed in the HR car in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".

Wayne Kruger Crashes

Wayne Kruger's SUV crashes while Reese is following him in episode 3x02 "Nothing to Hide".


Ben & Jack's Steak House

Ben & Jack's Steak House

Fusco meets with HR and is briefed on their plan to kill Caroline Turing in episode 1x23 "Fire Wall".


Turkey's Nest Tavern

Aryan Brotherhood Bar

Reese tracks new number for Leon Tao to a bar where he is about to be killed by a group of white supremacists in episode 2x01 "The Contingency".


il Fornetto

Marina Restaurant

Root takes Finch to a restaurant on the waterfront where she slips pills into a woman's drink in episode 2x01 "The Contingency".


21-13 45th Avenue

Carter's Home

Carter arrives home to find Reese waiting for her in episode 2x01 "The Contingency".


Parkview Diner

The Gas & Grub

Root stops at a diner on her journey with Finch and threatens to hurt innocent people if he doesn't behave in episode 2x01 "The Contingency".


Suffolk Parking

Impound Lot

Leon Tao goes to an impound lot after escaping police custody to recover his car but is picked up by Fusco and they are both then picked up by the Aryan Brotherhood in episode 2x01 "The Contingency".


sugar Sweet sunshine


Finch enters a cafe and The Machine tracks him using a webcam in episode 2x01 "The Contingency".


Rivington Street & Essex Street

Camera on Street Corner

Reese addresses The Machine through a security camera after he and Leon escaped the Storage Facility in episode 2x01 "The Contingency".


Balaji Pharmacy


Root takes Finch to a pharmacy where she uses him as a distraction to steal drugs in episode 2x01 "The Contingency".


Delancey Street & Essex Street

Street Corner

Finch tests The Machine's tracking ability for the first time in episode 2x01 "The Contingency".


Norfolk Street (between Broome & Grand)

Around Corner from Bar

Reese walks with Leon Tao after leaving the bar and then handcuffs him to a police car in episode 2x01 "The Contingency".


53-28 11th Street

Aryan Brotherhood Warehouse

Leon Tao and Fusco are taken to the Aryan Brotherhood's hangout spot and are rescued by Reese in episode 2x01 "The Contingency".


Delancey & Essex Parking Garage

Parking Garage

Reese and Leon Tao park at a garage before heading to the storage facility in episode 2x01 "The Contingency".


Resorts World Casino

Versailles Casino

Finch goes to a casino to test the machine's abilities in episode 2x01 "The Contingency".


Borden Avenue (between Vernon & 11th)

Turning Around in Street

Reese turns his car around in the middle of the street after getting information from Carter about the storage facility in episode 2x01 "The Contingency".


Last Chance Saloon

The Razorback

Reese goes to the local bar and gets into a fight while trying to question Cody Grayson in episode 2x02 "Bad Code".


Gulf Oil

Gas Station

Reese stops at the gas station where Root's car was charged and finds surveillance footage of Root filling up her car in episode 2x02 "Bad Code".

The High Line

The High Line

Reese takes Sofia Campos to the High Line to get some fresh air after she learns her friend has been killed in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".


Midtown Loft & Terrace

Jack Hughes's Apartment

Reese confronts Jack Hughes with Sofia Campos and has him arrested. The scene on the balcony was filmed in the studio, but they used the actual backdrop from the terrace level. in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".

Paul Romano's Penthouse (interior)

Reese watches a video Sofia and her friend Gabi shot while in Paul Romano's apartment in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".


New York City Bar Association

Paul Romano's Penthouse (exterior)

A man flies through the window of his apartment and crashes into a car on the ground in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".

Across from The Iroquois

Reese watches Maxine during her meeting in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".

Merton Watts Investments (lobby)

Finch enters the lobby of the bank to give credentials to Abby Monroe and Shayn Coleman in episode 2x10 "Shadow Box".


Carlos Miele

Carlos Miele

Reese is watching Sofia Campos while she is out shopping but she slips out through the back of the store in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".


East 63rd Street & Madison Avenue

Finch's Panic Attack

Finch is walking bear near the Library when he has a panic attack while crossing the street in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".


5th Avenue (between 62nd & 63rd)

Edge of Central Park

Reese hands Sofia Campos over into Fusco's protection before he heads out to do some investigating in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".


5th Avenue (between 59th & 60th)

Finch & Reese Walk Bear

Finch and Reese discuss Root while taking Bear for a walk in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".


East 102nd Street & 5th Avenue

Sofia Rescued

Carter and Reese rescue Sofia Campos and Fusco from Monty Spencer by ramming his car in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".


Academy Mansion

Brazilian Consulate

Reese gets a job guarding their Number who is the daughter of the Brazilian ambassador in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".


Fusco keeps an eye on Sofia during the event where her father announces his candidacy in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".


Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss

Reese follows Sofia Campos while she is shopping and frames her bodyguard for shoplifting in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".


East 20th Street (between 5th & Broadway)

Followed by Paparazzi

Reese is driving Sofia Campos when he notices a car following them that turns out to be filled with paparazzi in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".

Bumping into Reese

Carter turns the corner and bumps into Reese and Fusco after leaving Ian Murphy in episode 3x03 "Lady Killer".


Hudson Street (between 13th & 14th)

Behind Carlos Miele

Reese follows Sofia out the back of the store where she snuck away in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".


Washington Street (between 13th & 14th)

Sofia Meets Jack

Reese runs after Sofia after she sneaks out of the store and sees her meeting with her secret boyfriend in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".




Reese accompanies Sofia and her friend Gabi to a nightclub and stops someone from getting embarrassing video of her in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".

Club 225

Several gunmen try to kill Sofia Campos while she is looking for her friend Gabi at a nightclub in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".

Blur Nightclub

Shaw, Carter, and Zoe Morgan dress up and go to a nightclub to investigate Ian Murphy in episode 3x03 "Lady Killer".


9th Avenue (between 13th & 14th)

Sofia Waits in Car

Reese returns to Sofia Campos and tells her that her friend Gabi is dead in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".


West 14th Street & 9th Avenue

Stealing Wallet

Reese steals the wallet of one of the other bodyguards applying for the position in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".


The Churchill

The Churchill

Reese and Carter go to the bar where the gang members who were following Sofia hang out in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".


East 29th Street & Madison Avenue

Street near Museum

Sofia sneaks outside to see her boyfriend but he hands her over to his criminal partner Monty in episode 2x03 "Masquerade".


54th Avenue (between 46th & 48th)

Following Car

Reese follow's the car containing Riley Cavanaugh and Eddie Massey in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".


39-20 Greenpoint Avenue

460 Eckford Street

Riley Cavanaugh and Annie Delaney meet at their secret rooftop only to find Massey's men have beat them there in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".


Greenpoint Avenue & 38th Street

Following around Corner

Reese follows Riley around a corner but manages to lose him while talking with Finch in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".


50-35 38th Street

Riley Cavanaugh's Apartment

Reese follows Riley Cavanaugh as he heads to his apartment but Riley is turned away by some of Massey's goons who are waiting for him in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".


331 East 52nd Street

Ochoa's Apartment

Reese confronts the bounty hunter who killed Riley as he is trying to leave his apartment in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".


Hunters Point Avenue (between 36th & Greenpoint)

Following Riley Cavanaugh

Reese follows Riley Cavanaugh down the street after the car crash while talking to Finch on the phone in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".


Savore Ristorante


George Massey and his men have a steak at the restaurant where Annie Delaney works in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".


East 56th Street (between Sutton & end)

Reese & Riley Hide

Reese and Riley Cavanaugh hide behind a dumpster from a police car in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".


East 52nd Street & 2nd Avenue

Finch Calls Reese

Finch calls Reese after talking to Elias at the prison in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".

Alonzo Quinn on Phone

Alonzo Quinn talks to Maxine Angelis on the phone after the truth about Zambrano comes out in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".


Exchange Alley (south of Rector, west of Broadway)

Reese Fights Riley Cavanaugh

Reese ambushes Riley Cavanaugh and they have a brief fight before talking in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".


235 East 50th Street

Annie Delaney's Apartment

Riley calls Annie and tells her to leave and later Finch searches the apartment for clues in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".


54th Avenue & 48th Street

Car Turning Corner

Reese follows Riley Cavanaugh and Eddie Massey's car around a corner in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".


54th Avenue (between 44th & 46th)


Reese sees Riley Cavanaugh's car crash after a gunshot in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".


The Irish Exit

Massey's Pub

Reese spies on George Massey at his pub in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".


609 West 29th Street

The Emerald Pearl

Riley and Reese go to the abandoned nightclub to save Annie in episode 2x04 "Triggerman".


Chelsea Market

The New York Journal (interior)

Maxine Angelis works on her articles from her office while Reese watches her through the window in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".


Conservatory Garden (Central Park)

Meeting in Park

Reese, Fusco, and Carter meet in the park to discuss HR in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".



Reese & Maxine's Date

Reese goes on a date with Maxine Angelis in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".


Icon Parking (at 329 East 22nd Street)

Police Garage

Simmons surprises Fusco in his car and demands he help HR with the FBI investigation in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".


Pier 8 (Red Hook Container Terminal)


Maxine confronts Christopher Zambrano who she believes is the head of HR in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".

Container Port

The team heads to the container port where Grace Hendricks was transported and search a ship in episode 3x21 "Beta".


Forest Park Carousel (Forest Park)


Reese and Maxime search Zambrano's carousel for the ledger in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".


1st Avenue (between 21st & 22nd)

First HR Arrest

A group of FBI agents arrest two corrupt police officers who have pulled over a motorist in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".


The Stag's Head

Meeting in Bar

Reese takes Maxine Angelis to meet with Zoe Morgan in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".


Woolen Building

The New York Journal (exterior)

Maxine talks to Alonzo Quinn outside her newspaper's office in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".


East 22nd Street (between 1st & 2nd)

Second HR Arrest

FBI agents arrest a pair of officers belonging to HR in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".

Willis Clark on Phone

Maxine Angelis calls her FBI contact to see if they are investigating Christopher Zambrano as the head of HR in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".


The Iroquois New York

The Iroquois

Maxine Angelis questions Paul Hix in a hotel room in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".


Cornerstone Tavern

Attack at Bar

Reese and Maxine are attacked outside a bar after Zambrano is killed in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".


West 43rd Street & 6th Avenue

Reese & Maxine Part Ways

Maxine says goodbye to Reese in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".


981 2nd Avenue

Landon Walker's Campaign Office

Mayoral candidate Landon Walker is arrested outside his campaign office after he is accused of being the head of HR in episode 2x05 "Bury the Lede".


Tudor City Place Overpass

Reese Proposes to Zoe

Reese asks Zoe to help him with the case and fake proposes to her in episode 2x06 "The High Road".


Clark Street & Brooklyn Heights Promenade

Meeting Grace Hendricks

After some urging from the Machine, Finch approaches Grace Hendricks and introduces himself in episode 2x06 "The High Road".


Floral Park Recreation Center

Sports Fields

Reese watches the Wyler family at their daughter's soccer practice in episode 2x06 "The High Road".


Fruit Street Sitting Area

East Walk

Finch tests the Machine with Nathan Ingram in a flashback and the Machine repeatedly brings up Grace Hendricks in episode 2x06 "The High Road".


Floral Park Square

Town Square

Reese buys lemonade from a young girl and then watches Connie and Graham Wyler in episode 2x06 "The High Road".


64 Hudson Road

Wyler Residence

This week's number lives at his home with his wife and daughter in episode 2x06 "The High Road".


Clark Street & Columbia Heights

Ice Cream Truck

Finch buys some ice cream from a truck near where Grace Hendricks is painting in episode 2x06 "The High Road".


250 East 49th Street

The Ridgeworth

Graham Wyler is forced to participate in a heist in episode 2x06 "The High Road".


Orange Street & Columbia Heights

Getting out of Cab

The machine looks for a connection between a cowboy and a taxi driver near the park where Finch is testing the machine in episode 2x06 "The High Road".


67 Hudson Road

2827 Peach Blossom Street

Reese and Zoe move into a house while posed as a married couple in episode 2x06 "The High Road".


Tulip Avenue (between Iris & Plainfield)


Graham Wyler is approached by someone from his past while out shopping with his wife in episode 2x06 "The High Road".


Peter Dillon's Pub

The Wall Banger

Graham Wyler meets with his old partners in crime at a bar in the city in episode 2x06 "The High Road".

Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Madeleine Enright's wife Amy works at her art show in the park in episode 2x07 "Critical". Reese and Finch talk about the future of the machine in