Person of Interest Filming Locations

A reclusive billionaire recruits an ex-operative to assist with saving lives. They do this with the help of a powerful supercomputer run by the government that can predict violent crimes before they happen.

Person of Interest was filmed in 10 cities in the United States of America.
New York, New Rochelle, Jersey City, Yonkers, Mt. Vernon, White Plains, Ossining, Washington D.C., Congers, & Long Beach in the United States of America.

Metropolitan Hospital Center

New York Medical Examiner

Finch takes Reese to the morgue and pays off a coroner to help with Reese's bullet wound in episode 1x11 “Super”. Carter goes to the morgue to examine Alicia Corwin's body and sees Mark Snow leaving after doing the same thing in episode 2x03 “Masquerade”.

Source: Permit List

New York Unified Hospital

Elias visits Simmons in the hospital and has Scarface kill him in episode 3x10 “The Devil's Share”. Shaw takes on the role of a doctor to investigate their latest Number who has an inoperable brain tumor in episode 3x11 “Lethe”.

New Rochelle Hospital

In 2011, Reese goes to the hospital where Jessica worked only to learn that she died two months prior. Back in the present day, Carter talks to the medical examiner down in the morgue about Jessica's death in episode 1x21 “Many Happy Returns”.

New Rochelle Police Department

Carter talks to a local detective about Peter Arndt's death in episode 1x21 “Many Happy Returns”.


Root visits Fusco at the hospital where Fusco is being treated after the tunnel explosion in episode 5x07 “QSO”.

St. George Hospital

Reese heads to the hospital and sees Wendy McNally visiting her mother in episode 1x10 “Number Crunch”.

Source: Permit List

McGraw-Hill Plaza

Payphone in Plaza

Finch and Reese follow Diane Hansen to when she goes to a food cart. At the end of the episode Carter arrests Azarello while questioning him about the Man in the Suit in pilot episode. Reese returns to this same security camera after Finch is kidnapped in episode 1x23 “Fire Wall”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
The Contingency

Reese gets a number from the machine at this same payphone.

return 0

Shaw is walking Bear when she hears the payphone ring and hears a new message from the Machine.

Baylor Zimm (exterior)

Reese watches Adam Saunders get breakfast from a food cart and talk to Doug Rasmussen in episode 1x16 “Risk”.

Cell Phone Trash Can

Carter picks up a cell phone that Scarface dropped in a trash can in episode 1x16 “Risk”.

Elias in Street

Elias picks up the phone when Reese and Carter call in episode 1x16 “Risk”.

Fracking News Broadcast

Finch watches a news broadcast on the new fracking bill in episode 1x16 “Risk”.

630 Flushing Avenue

Stock Exchange (elevator)

The team heads into the basement server farm at the stock exchange which turns into a Samaritan ambush in episode 4x11 “If-Then-Else”. Control examines the elevator room and finds evidence of a coverup in episode 4x12 “Control-Alt-Delete”.

Detroit Warehouse

Reese, Root, and Finch take Control to a warehouse and interrogate her about Shaw in episode 4x12 “Control-Alt-Delete”.


Control returns to her operations center to deal with a new threat in episode 4x12 “Control-Alt-Delete”.

Real Time Crime Center

Carter and Fusco work in the FBI's operations center for the operation against Reese run by Agent Connolly in episode 1x23 “Fire Wall”.

CIA Blacksite

Shaw escorts Root to a mobile blacksite where Root makes contact with Jason Greenfield in episode 3x06 “Mors Praematura”.

Decima Operations Room

Greer runs the Decima operations from an empty floor in an office building in episode 3x17 “/”.

LIC Business Center I

Elias's Lair

Carter meets with Elias in his hideout to get information on the fence in episode 3x01 “Liberty”. Reese visits Elias to get some intel on the Brotherhood and ask for a bit of help in episode 4x01 “Panopticon”. Reese tries to warn Elias about the danger from Dominic and then protects him when one of his own guards turns in episode 4x09 “The Devil You Know”.


Finch infiltrates a 911 call center to keep on eye on their latest Number in episode 3x15 “Last Call”.

Interrogation Room

Control interrogates Root after capturing her at the hotel in episode 3x12 “Aletheia”.

Shaw's Apartment

Reese searches Shaw's apartment and finds evidence of her being kidnapped in episode 3x06 “Mors Praematura”.

Symmetric Security Solutions (garage/vault)

Reese sneaks Shaw into the building through the parking garage and then Shaw and Kelli Lin bypass the security in the vault to steal the Gutenberg Bible in episode 3x14 “Provenance”.

Grand Central Terminal

Grand Central Station

Ulrich Kohl arrives in New York under an alias and evades the German agent in episode 1x08 “Foe”. Sarah Jennings attempts to get on a train but is intercepted by the police in episode 1x21 “Many Happy Returns”.

Subway Station

Reese lets Scott Powell call his wife from the subway platform in episode 1x13 “Root Cause”.

Subway Station

Carter and Reese escort handcuffed Alonso Quinn onto the subway in episode 3x09 “The Crossing”.

Queens Plaza Station

Reese attempts to call Finch for help but his phone is destroyed by Quinn in episode 3x09 “The Crossing”.

Subway Walkway

Shaw eliminates a group of criminals who are looking for Carter and Reese in episode 3x09 “The Crossing”.

Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

Reese talks to Deacon Page about Theresa Whitaker and then spots her in the distance in episode 1x02 “Ghosts”. Reese talks to Finch after finding out about Grace Hendricks in episode 1x22 “No Good Deed”. Finch goes to the park to watch Grace as she leaves for the day and he receives a new Number from the Machine in episode 2x08 “Til Death”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Zero Day

Root blackmails Finch to come with her using a threat against Grace.


Finch plays chess at the park.

101 Park Avenue

Empty Office

Harold is taken to an empty office building where he has a chat with Greer in episode 3x21 “Beta”. Greer chats with Harold about the future and their Machines in episode 3x22 “A House Divided”. Shaw, Reese, and Hersh watch the beginning of the trail broadcast and then fight off several Decima agents in episode 3x23 “Deus Ex Machina”.

IFT (exterior)

Finch calls Reese while leaving his job at IFT in episode 1x02 “Ghosts”.


Reese and Shaw track a Decima agent to a rooftop, but he jumps off before they can question him in episode 3x22 “A House Divided”.

Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park

Finch and Reese follow Henry Peck into the park where he calls Alicia Corwin and then ditches his phone in episode 1x22 “No Good Deed”. Root talks to Finch while watching Cyrus Wells in the park in episode 3x17 “/”. Reese says his life is too complicated for a relationship and breaks up with Iris in episode 5x03 “Truth Be Told”.

Fusco Follows Finch

Fusco follows Finch and they both talk on the phone with Reese in episode 1x12 “Legacy”.

Fusco meets Karolina Kurkova

Karolina Kurkova bashes Fusco with her purse in episode 2x12 “Prisoner's Dilemma”.

Andaz Wall Street


Reese watches Caroline Turing eat lunch at a cafe and then talks with Zoe Morgan in episode 1x23 “Fire Wall”.

Grand Point Hotel

Reese takes Caroline Turing to a hotel to keep her safe from HR in episode 1x23 “Fire Wall”.

Caroline Turing's Office (interior)

Reese plants a bug in Caroline Turing's office while visiting as a patient in episode 1x23 “Fire Wall”.

Cell Tower Rooftop

Finch hacks into the cell network and disables the HR and FBI communications in episode 1x23 “Fire Wall”.

Drug Apartment

Reese finds that a apartment owned by one of the Jordan Hesters is a drug lab in episode 1x18 “Identity Crisis”.

135 East 57th Street

Witherton Insurance

Shaw takes on a temp job at the company where Walter Dang works to clone his phone in episode 4x06 “Pretenders”.

Andrew Benton's Office

Reese follows Andrew Benton to his office and later he gets knocked out by the drug dealers in episode 1x04 “Cura Te Ipsum”.

Decker North & Associates

Reese attempts to gain access to Henry Peck's apartment only to find out that it is a NSA SKIF in episode 1x22 “No Good Deed”.

IFT (flashback)

Finch and Ingram work on the machine in the empty IFT offices in episode 1x22 “No Good Deed”.

Interrogation Room

Kara and Reese interrogate one of Greer's men they captured in episode 3x16 “RAM”.

Teamsters Local 804

8th Precinct (parking lot)

Carter talks on the phone in the parking lot while waiting for her new partner in episode 3x02 “Nothing to Hide”. Carter takes a gun from Laskey in episode 3x05 “Pазговоp”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Mors Praematura

Carter talks to Laskey in the parking lot.


Fusco walks to his car while calling Reese and is knocked out by Special Agent LeRoux.

Jail (intake)

Finch is processed by the police and interrogated by an FBI agent in episode 5x10 “The Day the World Went Away”.

General Worth Square / Broadway & 5th Avenue

Hersh Arrested

Hersh fires his gun into the air in order to get arrested in episode 2x12 “Prisoner's Dilemma”.

Karolina Kurkova Says Goodbye

Karolina Kurkova kisses Fusco goodbye after he saves her life in episode 2x12 “Prisoner's Dilemma”.

Meeting Jumpy Jerry

Root and Finch meet with a middleman who leads them to the mobster Janis in episode 4x03 “Wingman”.

Table in Park

Finch talks to Henry Peck about the machine in episode 1x22 “No Good Deed”.

Saying Goodbye to Harper

Finch and Reese say goodbye to Harper in episode 4x16 “Blunt”.

West 48th Street (between 6th & 7th)

Reese on Phone

Reese gets a call from Zoe telling him about Caroline Turing's fake identity in episode 1x23 “Fire Wall”.

Simmons Returns

Simmons walks across the street after evading suspicion in episode 1x23 “Fire Wall”.

Simmons on Phone

Simmons gives instructions to his HR goons before getting into his car in episode 1x23 “Fire Wall”.

Finch Watches Simmons

Finch talks on the phone with Reese while watching Simmons brief his HR hit squad in episode 1x23 “Fire Wall”.

Finch's Taxi

Carter gets into a taxi only to find Finch driving in episode 1x16 “Risk”.

Bowling Green Offices

Castellum (lobby)

Reese follows Sulaiman Khan into the lobby of his company and later Khan sneaks into the basement in episode 4x19 “Search and Destroy”.

Wall Street Stock Ticker

Root and Finch watch the stock market crash with a group on the street in episode 4x11 “If-Then-Else”.

Jumper on Rooftop

Reese and Fusco follow a criminal to a rooftop where he threatens to jump in episode 4x05 “Prophets”.

Murray Campaign Office (interior)

Shaw infiltrates the campaign of Governor Murray to keep an eye on their latest Number in episode 4x05 “Prophets”.

Perez Campaign Office

Greer approaches Nick Dawson in the campaign office after Michelle Perez dies during the acceptance speech in episode 4x05 “Prophets”.

InterContinental New York Barclay

Coronet Hotel

Finch and Reese get jobs at the hotel so they can investigate their most recent number in episode 2x15 “Booked Solid”. Reese bring Hayden Price to the hotel to meet with his girlfriend in episode 3x07 “The Perfect Mark”.

Rooftop by Hayden Price's Office

Reese and Shaw watch Hayden Price in his office with Finch in episode 3x07 “The Perfect Mark”.

Conning Russell

Shaw and Reese follow Hayden Price into a restaurant under renovation and find him in the middle of a con in episode 3x07 “The Perfect Mark”.

New York State Supreme Court Building

Courthouse (exterior)

Finch talks to Emma Blake outside the courthouse in episode 4x14 “Guilty”.

Office of the Secretary of Defense

Senator Garrison goes to Control's office next door to the Secretary of Defense to talk about the murder of Leona Wainwright in episode 3x19 “Most Likely to…”.

Carter on Radio

Carter calls the Man in the Suit on a radio she recovered from the robbery crew in episode 1x03 “Mission Creep”.

FBI D.C. Field Office

Fusco and Finch head to the FBI office to gain access to the safe only to have Vigilance show up in episode 3x19 “Most Likely to…”.

Alexander Hamilton U.S. Custom House

Meeting Lt. Gilmore

Zoe meets with Lt. Gilmore to arrange for the police to ignore any alarms at Virtanen in episode 1x06 “The Fix”.

Lt. Gilmore at Party (interior)

Reese follows Zoe to a party where she hands off the recovered sidearm to Lt. Gilmore in episode 1x06 “The Fix”.

Metropolitan Museum of History

Shaw attempts to stop Kelli Lin from stealing a painting from the museum in episode 3x14 “Provenance”.

Breakfast with Robert Keller

Finch has breakfast with Robert Keller and tells the CEO that he will be destroying all of his wealth in episode 1x06 “The Fix”.

Calvary Cemetery

Whitaker Family Grave

Finch takes Reese to the cemetery where Theresa Whitaker was supposedly buried in episode 1x02 “Ghosts”.

Shaw Revived

Shaw wakes up in the back of an ambulance and talks to Reese and Finch in episode 2x16 “Relevance”.

Cal Beecher's Grave

Carter visits Beecher's grave and talks to Alonzo Quinn in episode 3x02 “Nothing to Hide”.

Wallace Negel's Grave

Reese investigates Ulrich Kohl's stash site at the graveyard in episode 1x08 “Foe”.

The Battery

Battery Park

Finch watches Nathan Ingram meet with Alicia Corwin in episode 1x11 “Super”. Finch teaches the Machine to play chess in a flashback in the park in episode 4x11 “If-Then-Else”. Finch tells Grace about his father in episode 5x13 “return 0”.

Grace Painting

Finch approaches Grace where she is painting in episode 5x13 “return 0”.

W. B. Thompson Mansion

Finch's Library (interior)

Finch takes Reese to an abandoned library he is using as his base of operation in pilot episode.

Reese's Hotel Room

Reese shaves and goes to sleep in a dumpy hotel room in pilot episode.

Finch's Hotel Room

Reese wakes up in a hotel room with Finch in pilot episode.

Charles Robinson's Apartment

Reese searches the apartment of one of their suspects only to discover the man is on the straight and narrow in pilot episode.

Mt. Olivet Cemetery

Mt. Olivet Cemetery

Carter and Fusco attend Cal Beecher's funeral where Quinn gives the eulogy in episode 2x20 “In Extremis”. Finch and Shaw watch Carter's funeral where Paul and Taylor are mourning in episode 3x10 “The Devil's Share”.

Potter's Field

Shaw stands over Root's grave and gets a message from the Machine that Samaritan is coming for her in episode 5x13 “return 0”.


The Machine watches a young John Reese at his father's funeral in episode 5x13 “return 0”.

Bantry Bay Publick House

Bantry Bay Publick House

Reese follows Frankie Wells to a bar where she is attempting to apprehend Ray Pratt in episode 4x18 “Skip”.


Shaw beats up some goons in a bar looking for Simmons in episode 3x10 “The Devil's Share”.

Edward Kovach's Bar

Reese follows Carter to a bar where he threatens the man who has been beating his wife in episode 1x09 “Get Carter”.

Cop Bar

The Machine remembers a cop talking about death and in present day Shaw comes to let Fusco know she is alive and to pick up Bear in episode 5x13 “return 0”.

Coffey Street Studios

Decima Warehouse

Greer oversees the activation of Samaritan for the beta test in episode 3x20 “Death Benefit”. Greer runs the beta test and later Reese and Shaw get out of a taxi's trunk and search the building in episode 3x21 “Beta”.

Mt. Vernon Industrial Dry Cleaning

Reese and Shaw meet up with Root and she shows them the computers she stole from the container ship in episode 3x21 “Beta”.


Finch and Fusco find Shaw interrogating the forger Yorke after Reese was done with him in episode 3x10 “The Devil's Share”.

9 Washington Square North

Grace Hendricks's House

Reese goes to an address and finds Finch's former fiancé Grace Hendricks living there in episode 1x22 “No Good Deed”. Finch watches Grace leave home in episode 2x08 “Til Death”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Zero Day

Grace waits for Root outside her house.


Reese saves Grace Hendricks from Samaritan kidnappers.

Cunard Buiding

Waterside East (exterior)

Simon Lee ducks into a hotel to hide from those hunting him in episode 4x05 “Prophets”.

Bus Station

The police identify Vanessa Watkins buying a bus ticket in episode 3x04 “Reasonable Doubt”.

Evading CIA Tail

Carter ducks into a building and switches coats to evade her CIA tail in episode 1x11 “Super”.

Central Station

Riley and Annie try to leave on the train but are stopped by Ochoa in episode 2x04 “Triggerman”.

780 3rd Avenue

Kincaid Equity International

Fusco investigates the death of Tara Cooke at her office in episode 3x15 “Last Call”.

Empty Office Building

Reese and Shaw attack the floor where the kidnappers are holding Aaron Hollenberg in episode 3x15 “Last Call”.

780 Mercer

Reese and Mark Snow use their ATF disguises to sneak past security during the bomb threat in episode 2x13 “Dead Reckoning”.

Symmetric Security Solutions (roof)

Kelli Lin jumps over to the roof of the building holding the artifact in episode 3x14 “Provenance”.

The Mall (Central Park)

The Mall

Finch talks to Reese about the machine in pilot episode. Root walks with Finch to Bethesda Terrace in their search for Lawrence Szilard in episode 2x22 “God Mode”. Finch attempts to stop Rick Dillinger from selling the laptop in episode 3x16 “RAM”.

Mt. Vernon City Hall

Federal Museum Plaza

Reese searches the plaza outside the museum where the President is giving a speech and searches for the conspirators in episode 5x11 “Synecdoche”.

Adjacent Building

Shaw and Reese knock out some Secret Service agents while escaping the building and escape under cover as soldiers with the help of Joey Durban in episode 5x11 “Synecdoche”.

Staging Lot

The President's motorcade stops on its way to the benefit and leaves after the bomb goes off in episode 5x11 “Synecdoche”.

St. Johns Preparatory High School

Press Conference

Senator Garrison holds a press conference and denies the existence of Northern Lights in episode 3x19 “Most Likely to…”.

Safe Harbor Charter School

Claire takes Finch to a Samaritan run charter school to convince him to join her side in episode 4x15 “Q & A”.

East Springs High School (interior)

Reese and Shaw attend the reunion party where someone continues to cause trouble in episode 3x19 “Most Likely to…”.

214 Lafayette Street

Reese's New Apartment

Finch sends Reese to an address that turns out to be an apartment for him to stay at. Only appears in the extended version of the pilot. in pilot episode.

Andrea Gutierrez's Safe House

Reese takes Andrea Gutierrez to a safe house where she continues her research in episode 1x12 “Legacy”.

Will Ingram's Loft

Finch goes back to Will Ingram's loft and talks to him about his father in episode 1x12 “Legacy”.

900 3rd Avenue

Machine Development [2006]

Finch works on the Machine and ends up installing the memory erasing program in episode 5x01 “B.S.O.D.”. Finch teaches morality to the Machine in episode 5x02 “SNAFU”.

Computer Warehouse

Finch and Reese break into a warehouse to steal some advanced computers to augment the Machine's PS3 cluster in episode 5x02 “SNAFU”.

Hotel on Rivington

Logan Pierce's Penthouse

Reese goes back to Logan Pierce's place only to have him be poisoned in episode 2x14 “One Percent”.

Club Klooch (interior)

Logan Pierce takes Reese to a bar in St. Petersburg to have double-fried pierogies in episode 2x14 “One Percent”.

Across from Friendczar

Reese watches Logan Pierce in a meeting with his board in episode 2x14 “One Percent”.

New York City Bar Association

Paul Romano's Penthouse (exterior)

A man flies through the window of his apartment and crashes into a car on the ground in episode 2x03 “Masquerade”.

Merton Watts Investments (lobby)

Finch enters the lobby of the bank to give credentials to Abby Monroe and Shayn Coleman in episode 2x10 “Shadow Box”.

Across from The Iroquois

Reese watches Maxine during her meeting in episode 2x05 “Bury the Lede”.

Gantry Plaza State Park

Carter & Reese Meet

Carter and Reese meet on the waterfront after he is released from prison and they are ambushed by Agent Donnelly in episode 2x12 “Prisoner's Dilemma”.

Greer & Garrison Talk

Garrison talks to Greer about how successful Samaritan has been at stopping terrorists in episode 4x01 “Panopticon”.


Finch talks to Sandra Nicholson in the park and they watch Aaron Hollenberg play in episode 3x15 “Last Call”.

132 Vernon Avenue

Watching Curtis & Trim

Reese is watching Curtis when he gets a call about Darren leaving the group home in episode 1x14 “Wolf and Cub”.

McGrady Tenement (exterior)

Reese goes to check out the location of Travis McGrady's murder in episode 1x14 “Wolf and Cub”.

Hidden Substation (exterior)

Root, Finch, and Reese go to a disguised electrical substation to download the Machine in episode 4x22 “YHWH”.

777 3rd Avenue

Baylor Zimm (rooftop)

Reese follows Adam Saunders to the rooftop and saves him from an attacker in episode 1x16 “Risk”.

Carter & Reese on Rooftop

Carter brings the phone she found to Reese and they use it to call Elias in episode 1x16 “Risk”.

Temporary Resolutions

Reese and Fusco go to investigate the security company that sent agents after only to discover it is a Samaritan front in episode 5x10 “The Day the World Went Away”.

Greenpoint Avenue & Starr Avenue

Bob Sowoski's Food Truck

Adam Saunders goes to talk to his foster father at his food truck in episode 1x16 “Risk”.

Following past School Busses

Reese talks to Finch on the phone while following Riley Cavanaugh around a corner in episode 2x04 “Triggerman”.

Taco Truck

Carter leaves her partner Laskey at a taco truck and heads off to help the team in episode 3x05 “Pазговоp”.



Reese accompanies Sofia and her friend Gabi to a nightclub and stops someone from getting embarrassing video of her in episode 2x03 “Masquerade”.

Club 225

Several gunmen try to kill Sofia Campos while she is looking for her friend Gabi at a nightclub in episode 2x03 “Masquerade”.

Blur Nightclub

Shaw, Carter, and Zoe Morgan dress up and go to a nightclub to investigate Ian Murphy in episode 3x03 “Lady Killer”.

Times Square (north of 45th)

Times Square

Finch hacks DoD and gains information on the facility Reese and Mark Snow are breaking into in episode 2x13 “Dead Reckoning”. Reese stands in the middle of Times Square to test the rebuilt Machine's ability to track him in episode 5x02 “SNAFU”.

20 Exchange Place

Lower Manhattan Savings Bank (exterior)

Reese and Fusco got to Elias's headquarters in episode 4x21 “Asylum”. Fusco and Reese watch as Elias and Dominic are put into a federal transport outside the bank in episode 4x22 “YHWH”.

Chelsea Square Restaurant

Chelsea Square Restaurant

Finch and Reese eat in the diner and discuss putting others at risk in episode 4x14 “Guilty”. Fusco brings Harper Rose to the restaurant to talk to Reese in episode 4x16 “Blunt”.

South Corner (Central Park)

Beside the Lake

Cal Beecher and Alonso Quinn meets beside The Lake in Central Park and Beecher inquires as to where Quinn got the tip about Szymanski in episode 2x19 “Trojan Horse”.

Central Park Standoff

Ulrich Kohl confronts his wife and ends up getting shot by Reese in episode 1x08 “Foe”.

40 Wall Street

Lower Manhattan Savings Bank (interior)

Reese and Fusco go to an abandoned bank and find Elias using an old pneumatic tube system to communicate in episode 4x21 “Asylum”. Dominic has Reese contact Finch and then tries to kill Elias and Harper in episode 4x22 “YHWH”.

Dorian Cafe


Finch is sent to a diner by Reese where Claire Mahoney is working on the game in episode 4x02 “Nautilus”. Finch joins Root at a diner and tells her about the threat against Beth Bridges in episode 4x18 “Skip”.

2 Court Square

Murray Campaign Office (exterior)

Simon Lee is reclassified by Samaritan after he abandons his suspicions in episode 4x05 “Prophets”.

IFT Offices [alternate]

In the Machine's simulation, Finch talks to Nathan Ingram about what could have been in episode 5x12 “.exe”.

TierPoint Westchester

NSA Headquarters (server room)

Finch enter the NSA server room and enter the Ice-9 virus into the computers before being captured by Samaritan agents in episode 5x12 “.exe”.

Kelly Air Force Base

Finch infiltrates a covert USCYBERCOM data center to steal a highly dangerous virus to use against Samaritan in episode 5x11 “Synecdoche”.

Brother Jimmy's BBQ


Reese, Kara Stanton, and Rick Dillinger all follow Daniel Casey to a restaurant where he meets with Ian Banks in episode 3x16 “RAM”.


Iris goes to a pirate-themed restaurant with her parents to introduce them to Reese who is saving a Number in the restroom in episode 5x03 “Truth Be Told”.

72 Wall Street

Rooftop across from Caroline Turing's Office

Reese watches Caroline Turing from a nearby rooftop while she is with a patient in episode 1x23 “Fire Wall”.


Root takes over as producer for a conspiracy theory radio show whose host is being targeted in episode 5x07 “QSO”.

East River

Riding Ferry

Reese, Charlie Burton, and Lazlo Yogorov are riding the ferry to Manhattan when the truth about Elias comes out in episode 1x07 “Witness”. Finch and Reese ride the ferry back to Manhattan in episode 5x01 “B.S.O.D.”.

The Metro Group

Sniper's Perch

A Samaritan sniper fires on Elias and Dominic from a rooftop in episode 4x22 “YHWH”. Finch investigates the shooter's perch and finds a spend shell while Samaritan watches in episode 5x01 “B.S.O.D.”.

122 5th Avenue

Agents on Rooftop

The Samaritan agent is messing with the radio transmitter when he is shot by an unidentified assailant in episode 5x09 “Sotto Voce”.

Kepler & Mountain Investments (exterior)

Reese watches their latest Number breaking into an investment firm in episode 5x09 “Sotto Voce”.

Reflecting Pool

Reflecting Pool

Joey Durban takes Reese to meet Logan Pierce near the Lincoln Memorial who tells Reese how they have been helping out their own Numbers in episode 5x11 “Synecdoche”.

Groton Place

Turner Estate (grounds)

Reese sees Karen Turner talking with her sister about her upcoming wedding and later he rescues Maggie with a bit of help from Root on a horse in episode 5x06 “A More Perfect Union”.

Morris-Jumel Mansion

Morris-Jumel Mansion

The Machine gives Root the identity of a colonial reenactor where she is instructed to steal an EMF detector in episode 5x07 “QSO”.

1133 Westchester Avenue

NSA Headquarters (exterior)

Finch gains access to the NSA headquarters by stealing the identity of a foreign NATO advisor and Reese and Shaw follow through the recycling plant in episode 5x12 “.exe”.

52 39th Street

Homeless Warehouse

Reese takes Adam Saunders to a warehouse filled with a homeless encampment to keep off the grid in episode 1x16 “Risk”.

Source: Permit List

Stone Street Tavern

Stone Street Tavern

Shaw heads to a bar where Hersh is watching on the of the relevant Numbers and questions him about Owen Matthews in episode 3x13 “4C”.

Sunshine Deli

Buying Ice

Root and Finch are buying bags of ice when they are set upon by a group of Samaritan agents in episode 4x22 “YHWH”.

The Octagon

The Octagon Building

Claire follows the final clue to the Octagon where she is set upon by mercenaries and rescued by Samaritan in episode 4x02 “Nautilus”.

Giando on the Water

Second Light Foundation Gala

Reese and Iris attend a gala where Shane Edwards is keep an eye on him and Reese saves him from his exploding car in episode 4x17 “Karma”.

King Yum

Mr. Su's Restaurant

Vargas and his gang head to pick up some drugs from Mr. Su who wants to cut them out of the arrangement in episode 1x15 “Blue Code”.

Source: Permit List

Pier 11

Ferry Terminal

Fusco is waiting for Reese and Charlie Burton to arrive on the ferry when he is knocked out by Scarface in episode 1x07 “Witness”.

Brooklyn Public Library


Finch takes refuge in a library after the hacker compromises his system and works with Zoe Morgan to investigate the assassination attempt in episode 1x13 “Root Cause”.

Source: Permit List

Pier 6


A medical helicopter lands and transfers a patient to the smuggling crew Reese is working with in episode 1x15 “Blue Code”.

Riverfront Library

National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Root sends Billy Parsons into a building to receive a delivery intended for Gunter Schmitz in episode 3x17 “/”.

Hunters Point


Reese spies on Jimmy Calhoun talking business on the land the Whitaker family acquired and then Reese sideswipes him with a dump truck in episode 1x02 “Ghosts”.

283 Liberty Avenue

Biker Bar (exterior)

Claire Mahoney heads to a biker bar where one of the clues is hidden and is followed by one of the mercenaries when she leaves in episode 4x02 “Nautilus”.

Suffolk Parking

Impound Lot

Leon Tao goes to an impound lot after escaping police custody to recover his car but is picked up by Fusco and they are both then picked up by the Aryan Brotherhood in episode 2x01 “The Contingency”.

Department of Education

New York Department of City Planning

Carter goes to the planning department to meet Reese who is impersonating a Federal Marshall to get information on Abby's theft of building plans in episode 2x10 “Shadow Box”.

1717 1st Avenue

The Mat

Reese tracks Theresa to a laundromat where she was trying to sell stolen credit cards and they are attacked by an assassin in episode 1x02 “Ghosts”.

Junior's Cafe

Junior's Cafe

Fusco brings Reese to a cafe where he can find out about the assassin hired to kill the Whitaker family in episode 1x02 “Ghosts”.

Market Diner


Reese and Root head to a diner to discuss Shaw and she listens through the bug she planted on Root in episode 5x04 “6,741”.

The Hawthorne

Rooftop across from Baylor Zimm

Finch watches Reese meet with Adam Saunders at the Baylor Zimm offices in episode 1x16 “Risk”.

100 Mineola Avenue

Jack Rollins's Vacation Home

Reese investigates the house Jack Rollins keeps on Owen Island and runs into Agent Fahey who is also searching for Rollins in episode 2x17 “Proteus”.

The 1896

Alek's Fight Club

Reese tracks Anna Mueller to a sketchy warehouse and follows her inside to find her fighting in an illegal amateur MMA ring in episode 4x15 “Q & A”.