“Northwest Passage” Filming Locations

Series: Twin Peaks Pilot
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Twin Peaks episode "Northwest Passage" was filmed in Seattle, Everett, Snoqualmie, North Bend, & Fall City in United States of America.

8606 Preston-Fall City Road Southeast as Big Ed's Gas Farm

James rides up on his motorcycle and talks with Ed about Laura's death and leaves a note for Donna.

Kiana Lodge as The Blue Pine Lodge

Pete Martell is heading out to go fishing when he spots Laura's body wrapped in plastic on the shore near his house.

Kiana Lodge as The Great Northern (interior)

Leland Palmer is helping Benjamin Horne to sell property in a new development to some oversees investors when he learns of Laura's death.

Former Weyerhaeuser Mill as Packard Sawmill

Josie shuts down the sawmill for the day after learning of Laura's death.

Southeast Reinig Road as Welcome to Twin Peaks Sign

The sign at the entrance to the town which Special Agent Dale Cooper drives past.

Snoqualmie Valley Trail Bridge as Railroad Bridge

Ronette Pulaski walks across a railroad bridge in a daze.

Source: Filmap


Snoqualmie Falls as White Tail Falls

A waterfall cascades down beneath The Great Northern.


31905 McKinley Avenue as Town Hall

Special Agent Dale Cooper briefs the town on the murder of Laura Palmer.


3316 Grand Avenue as Hayward House

Donna sneaks out of her house with the help of her little sister.


8304 372nd Place Southeast as Johnson House

Bobby is driving with Shelly back to her house when they see that Leo has arrived back in town early.

4201 340th Place Southeast as The Book House

Cooper and Truman are parked out front of the Bookhouse while watching the Roadhouse next door.


Mt. Si High School as Twin Peaks High School

The students learn about Laura's death during class.

DirtFish Rally School as Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department

Lucy receives a phone call about the body and Sheriff Truman goes out to investigate.

31002 Southeast 86h Street as Ed and Nadine's House

Nadine yells at Ed about their curtains from their house across the street.


Meadowbrook Way Bridge as Bridge to Woods

Truman and Cooper follow Donna across a bridge to where she is meeting her James.


Cascade Behavioral Hospital as Calhoun Memorial Hospital

The Sheriff takes Leland to see his daughter's body, and later he brings Cooper to see Ronette in the hospital and Laura's body. Thanks to In Twin Peaks for this location.


Southeast 80th Street (between 376th & 378th) as Driving to Johnson House

Bobby drives Shelly are driving to her house when a cop passes going the other direction.

Twede's Cafe as Double R Diner

Shelly leaves with Bobby when her shift at the diner ends.

Salish Lodge and Spa as The Great Northern Hotel (exterior)

Audrey heads to school.


708 33rd Street as Palmer House (interior)

Sarah Palmer is at home when she realizes her daughter never came home the night before.

Source: Filmap


Snoqualmie Point Park as Hilltop

The police watch a video with Laura and Donna filmed on a hilltop overlooking the town and later James sits on the same hilltop thinking.


Snoqualmie Centennial Log as Giant Log

Big log in the opening sequence.

Kiana Lodge as Bird

A bird sits on a branch in the opening sequence.


4415 337th Place Southeast as Briggs Residence

Betty Briggs talks to Sarah Palmer about her daughter while Major Briggs reads the paper.


Raisbeck Performance Hall (Cornish College) as Roadhouse (interior)

A fight breaks out at the Roadhouse.

Fall City Roadhouse & Inn as The Roadhouse (exterior)

Cooper & Truman spot Donna entering the Roadhouse and they follow her when she leaves.