“Day of Wrath” Filming Locations

Series: Shadowhunters Season 2, Episode 4
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Shadowhunters episode "Day of Wrath" was filmed in Toronto & Mississauga in Canada.
Show Map

Dixie Studios as Crime Scene

Luke convinces the normal cops to leave while the Shadowhunters investigate the demon murder.

Howard Street (between Sherbourne & Redrocket) as Searching Streets

Alec gives Clara a tracking rune to help find the demon.

Dixie Studios as Jade Wolf Chinese Food

Simon tries really hard to break into Camille's box.

Howard Street & Redrocket Lane as Street Corner

Clary and Alec find the woman who was possessed by the demon huddled in a corner.

Howard Street (between Redrocket & Ontario) as Street

Simon calls his mother to apologize for missing dinner as he heads to the Institute to meet Clary.