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Jace brings Clary to a bar to show her how to identify vampires and to steal one of their motorcycles in episode 1x03 “Dead Man's Party”. The team returns to find Magnus Bane in episode 1x04 “Raising Hell”.

Meatpacking Plant

The Shadowhunters sneak into the Hotel DuMort through a back entrance hidden in an old meatpacking plant to rescue SImon in episode 1x03 “Dead Man's Party”.

Warlock Warehouse

The team tracks Magnus down to his hideout only to find it under attack by The Circle in episode 1x04 “Raising Hell”.

Jade Wolf Chinese Food

Clary and Simon are taken to the werewolf hideout in episode 1x05 “Moo Shu to Go”. The restaurant is attacked by The Circle in episode 1x08 “Bad Blood”. Simon and Luke talk about the werewolf/vampire feud in episode 1x10 “This World Inverted”.

Appears in 14 additional episodes.
This Guilty Blood

Simon is locked up after taking refuge with the werewolves.

A Door Into the Dark

Simon is confronted by Raphael who demands he find Camille.

Parabatai Lost

Simon heads out to visit his mother after her many messages but Raphael intercepts him to tell him to hunt for Camille instead.

Day of Wrath

Simon tries really hard to break into Camille's box.

How Are Thou Fallen

Clary visits Simon at his shed while he is getting ready for his date with Maia.

Bound by Blood

Clary is attacked by Maia who thinks killing her is the only way to protect the Downworlders.

You Are Not Your Own

Clary and Simon spend the morning together in bed and Jace texts an update on the demon hunt to Clary.

Those of Demon Blood

Simon is approached by several vampires who want to become part of his clan.

The Fair Folk

Luke gets a call from an anonymous individual offering access to Valentine and is then questioned by his new partner Ollie.

A Problem of Memory

Clary goes to talk with Simon about what happened in the Seelie Court.

Day of Atonement

Maia visits Simon and tries to drag him out of his funk.

A Dark Reflection

Simon helps Izzy train Max and then tells her about Maia.

Hail and Farewell

Clary asks Simon to talk with the Seelie Queen.

Also appears in “Iron Sisters”.
Alley near Clary's Apartment

Clary and Alec meet Simon near Clary's apartment in episode 1x05 “Moo Shu to Go”.

Black Market Dealer

Jace and Simon head to a dealer for the supplies needed to save Luke in episode 1x06 “Of Men and Angels”.


Jace talks on the phone while walking with Simon in episode 1x06 “Of Men and Angels”.


The group escapes into the tunnels near the police station and run from creatures in episode 1x07 “Major Arcana”.

Coffee Truck

Simon talks to Clary on the phone in episode 1x05 “Moo Shu to Go”. Simon makes a list of vampire symptoms in episode 1x07 “Major Arcana”.

New Rune

Clary applies a new tattoo to prevent the Clave from tracking her in episode 1x09 “Rise Up”.

Hotel DuMort

Raphael talks to Simon outside the vampire's hotel in episode 1x05 “Moo Shu to Go”. The whole gang leaves from the back entrance to avoid the Clave in episode 1x09 “Rise Up”.


Simon pretends to be the demonic killer to throw the internal affairs officer off Luke's case in episode 1x10 “This World Inverted”.

Jace near Waterfront

Jace calls Clary on the phone and tries to warn her about Valentine in episode 1x13 “Morning Star”.


Jace interrogates Hodge to try to get Valentine's location in episode 1x13 “Morning Star”.

Fight Club

Alec and Isabelle head to a fight club to lay a trap for Valentine's hunters in episode 2x02 “A Door Into the Dark”.

Front Street

Maia Roberts and several other members of the pack stop Jace near Magnus's loft and prepare to kill him in episode 2x03 “Parabatai Lost”.

Training Flashback

Alec thinks back to his time training with Jace before their Parabatai test in episode 2x03 “Parabatai Lost”.

Crime Scene

Luke convinces the normal cops to leave while the Shadowhunters investigate the demon murder in episode 2x04 “Day of Wrath”.