“Cheat Day” Filming Locations

Quentin starts his new life without magic, Penny goes searching for a fix for his hands, Eliot & Margo deal with an assassination attempt, and Julia discovers another horrible complication caused by Reynard.

Series: The Magicians Season 2, Episode 5
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The Magicians episode "Cheat Day" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

2415 Columbia Street as Plaxoco

Quentin begins work at a regular company after deciding to stop using magic and meets another former Brakebills student Emily Greenstreet.

Incendio Pizzeria as Bar

Quentin goes out to lunch with Emily and they talk about magic.

Devonian Harbour Park as Central Park

Emily and Quentin go walking through the park while drinking and she shows him how to use magic to blow smoke rings.


Koret Building as Emily's Apartment

Quentin goes home with Emily and she convinces him to try out some illusion magic to make each other look like the people they lost.

West 1st Avenue (between Columbia & Manitoba) as NYC Street

Quentin is walking to work when he spots Alice across the street.