“The Cock Barrens” Filming Locations

Quentin attends Alice's memorial where he encounters her ghost, Penny & Margo deal with some aggressive negotiation from a neighboring kingdom, and Julia & Margo track down the woman who banished Reynard the first time.

Series: The Magicians Season 2, Episode 6
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The Magicians episode "The Cock Barrens" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

2026 West 63rd Avenue as Quinn House (exterior)

Quentin arrives at Alice's parents' house for her memorial.


4552 192 Street as Quinn House (interior)

Quentin follows signs during Alice's service and ends up attempting a ceremony with Alice's parents to put her spirit to rest.


4552 192 Street as Castle Whitespire Gardens

Penny is talking to the royal map maker when Castle Whitespire disappears.


Laburnum Street (between 63rd & 64th) as 211 Ranch Road (exterior)

Julia tracks down the woman who cast the banishing spell 40 years earlier and talks to her outside her home.


2026 West 63rd Avenue as 211 Ranch Road (interior)

Julia heads inside the woman's house and learns more about how she cast the banishment.