“Duet” Filming Locations

Barry and Kara are trapped in a musical by a new villain who is sapping their powers.

Series: The Flash Season 3, Episode 17
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The Flash episode "Duet" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

The Columbia as Moran's

Barry wakes up in a strange musical hall where Kara is singing a song onstage.

401 West Georgia as Central City Bank

Wally, Cisco, and J'onn show up to stop the Music Meister from robbing a bank.

Homer Street (between Georgia & Dunsmuir) as Fourth & Aspen

Cisco uses a portal to bring J'onn ahead to ambush the Music Meister.

Front Street (between Fourth & Sixth) as Alley behind Moran's

The two families face off in the alley behind the theater and Barry and Kara get shot trying to intervene.