The Flash Filming Locations

A CSI receives super-speed after being hit by lighting at the same time as a science disaster and he turns himself into a superhero.

Part of the DC Universe
The Flash was filmed in 13 cities in Canada.
Vancouver, Burnaby, North Vancouver, Surrey, New Westminster, Coquitlam, Delta, Richmond, Britannia Beach, Langley, West Vancouver, Maple Ridge, & Pitt Meadows in Canada.

Vancouver Film Studios

S.T.A.R. Labs (garage/rear entrance)

Barry is attacked by Farooq Gibran in the garage of S.T.A.R. Labs in episode 1x07 “Power Outage”. Caitlin walks out of the labs under the influence of Grodd in episode 2x07 “Gorilla Warfare”. Barry lures Zoom into a trap in episode 2x18 “Versus Zoom”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
Dead or Alive

The team trains Cisco to fight against the collector using his Vibe powers.

Finish Line

H.R. leaves the building with the piece of Savitar's suit to track him down. Later, Savitar comes in response to Barry's summoning and hears out his request.

Subject 9

The team aggressively helps Izzy Bowin train with her new powers.

Outside Police Station

Captain Singh heads up the negotiation with William Tockman outside the police station in episode 1x07 “Power Outage”. A police officer is walking to the station when the alarms on all of the cars in the parking lot start going off in episode 5x10 “The Flash & The Furious”.

Geomancer Attacks

Joe, Caitlin, and Jay watch a news report on the new villain Geomancer calling out The Flash in episode 2x13 “Welcome to Earth-2”.


Barry gives a bouquet of flowers to a couple eating at a cafe in episode 1x08 “Flash vs. Arrow”.

Christmas Light Display

The Flash and Reverse-Flash run past a man setting up Christmas lights in episode 1x09 “The Man in the Yellow Suit”.

Construction Site

Iris and Nora try to figure out how to investigate together while searching for the satellite core with Sherloque in episode 5x06 “The Icicle Cometh”.

Pause in Chase

The Flash and the Reverse-Flash stop to talk in the middle of chase in episode 1x09 “The Man in the Yellow Suit”.

Car Warehouse

Mick Rory & Leonard Snart break into a car storage warehouse in episode 1x10 “Revenge of the Rogues”.

Parking Lot

Caitlin is attacked by Leonard Snart by her car and is captured in episode 1x10 “Revenge of the Rogues”.

Container Port

Barry, Cisco, and Cynthia investigate the port based on the joint-vibe but learn their information was inaccurate in episode 4x20 “Therefore She Is”.

Zoom & Cop

Zoom runs past a cop and gives him a flying demanding Harrison Wells in episode 2x14 “Escape from Earth-2”.

D.A. Fremont Imports Exports

Mina Chayton takes control of a stone beast to get the first piece of the necklace in episode 4x06 “When Harry Met Harry…”.

A.R.G.U.S. Warehouse

Oliver and his crew try to stop Damien Darhk from stealing a chemical weapon and they have to be rescued by the Flash in episode 2x08 “Legends of Today”.

Outside Stagg Industries

Barry has to lean against a fence after outside after fighting Danton Black in the warehouse in episode 1x02 “Fastest Man Alive”.

Romantic Restaurant

During a nightmare Patty is taken by Zoom while on a date with Barry in episode 2x10 “Potential Energy”.

Spotting Wells

Patty is heading to her car when she spots the Earth-2 Harrison Wells loading his trunk in episode 2x08 “Legends of Today”.

Impound Lot

Barry and Ralph investigate the smashed-up bus looking for clues on the final bus meta in episode 4x18 “Lose Yourself”.

Near Rail Line

Barry stops by a fence after losing Zoom in episode 2x18 “Versus Zoom”.

Weather Station

Nora arrives to find Joss Mardon faking a hurricane to get her attention so Joss can ask for help making amends in episode 5x10 “The Flash & The Furious”.

Kendra Saunders on Street

Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl) watches the black hole in episode 1x23 “Fast Enough”.

BC Place Stadium

S.T.A.R. Labs

Barry fights the Reverse-Flash outside the building in episode 1x09 “The Man in the Yellow Suit”. The crew loads up their prisoners into the transport truck, and later Barry and others battle Wells outside the building in episode 1x22 “Rogue Air”. Caitlin and Ronnie get married by Dr. Stein outside the building in episode 1x23 “Fast Enough”.

Appears in 10 additional episodes.
The Runaway Dinosaur

Zombie Tony Woodward bursts out of the building.


Barry and Oliver fight the rest of the assembled team after they are mind controlled.

Borrowing Problems from the Future

H.R. gets ready to launch the S.T.A.R. Labs museum.

Dead or Alive

Cisco challenges the collector to trial by combat to save H.R.

The Wrath of Savitar

Barry and Jesse help Wally test his speed and Wally has a vision of Savitar.

The Once and Future Flash

Cisco escorts Barry into the long-abandoned S.T.A.R. Labs.

Finish Line

Wally and Barry rescue the rest of the gang from the building after Savitar sets off the Speed Force bomb.

The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 2

Ramsey and Dark Flash stand outside the barrier shielding S.T.A.R. Labs waiting for it to fall.

Also appears in “The Man Who Saved Central City” & “Enter Zoom”.
Central City Stadium

Barry chases the Reverse-Flash through a stadium in episode 1x09 “The Man in the Yellow Suit”. Barry and Nora search the stadium for a nonexistent bomb and Spencer Young creates a news alert that causes XS to attempt to kill The Flash in episode 5x04 “News Flash”.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Iron Heights Prison

Shawna Baez uses her teleportation to break Clay Parker out of prison in episode 1x12 “Crazy for You”. Joe and Barry question James Jesse in his secure cell in episode 1x17 “Tricksters”. Weather Wizard is breaks Captain Cold and The Trickster out of prison in episode 2x09 “Running to Stand Still”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
The Elongated Knight Rises

Barry struggles to adjust to prison life and meets an old friend of his father.

True Colors

Barry leads the other metas through the tunnels under the prison to safety.

A Flash of the Lightning

Allegra is in a prison fight when the particle accelerator detonates giving her her powers.

St. Alexander Hospital

Amunet takes Caitlin to an abandoned hospital to save the life of Dominic Lanse, a meta she wants to sell in episode 4x09 “Don't Run”.

Police Station

Barry goes looking for Iris only to find her heading home with Eddie in episode 1x12 “Crazy for You”.


A young Iris meets Barry after his mother's death in episode 2x18 “Versus Zoom”.


Cecile meets with the judge to discuss Allegra's guilty plea but asks for bail instead when she uses her powers to realize Allegra might be innocent in episode 6x02 “A Flash of the Lightning”.

CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre

S.T.A.R. Labs (courtyard)

Barry and Iris are attending the activation of the particle accelerator when someone steals Iris's bag in pilot episode. Hartley Rathaway shows Cisco some evidence of the fate of Ronnie in episode 1x12 “Crazy for You”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
All Star Team Up

The Flash team watches Ray Palmer's arrival here with Felicity.

Therefore I Am

Marlize asks a question of Wells during his press conference before the activation of the accelerator and then Clifford uses his helmet during the event.

Also appears in “The Nuclear Man”.
Vandermeer Steel

The DeVoes steal a rare alloy and Clifford kills a guard despite Marlize's objections in episode 4x20 “Therefore She Is”.

Mercury Labs Quantum Computing Lab

The team heads to stop DeVoe from aquiring the quantum computer he needs to coordinate his devices but their attempt is thwarted by Marlize in episode 4x20 “Therefore She Is”.

Ollins Laboratories

Nora and Lia are questioning a scientist about the chemicals stolen from the other labs when the speedster shows up and attacks them, striking Nora with a lightning blast in episode 5x18 “Godspeed”.

Stagg Industries

Nora and Lia try to steal the final chemical before Godspeed can get to it but they are interrupted and Lia is killed in episode 5x18 “Godspeed”.

Central City Citizen Media

Nora draws Godspeed in front of the satellite dish causing him to lose his powers and crash to the ground in episode 5x18 “Godspeed”.

E-One Moli Energy

McCulloch Technologies

The new Rogues infiltrate the secure weapons testing lab but the others turn on Nora and hold her hostage to draw out the Flash in episode 5x20 “Gone Rogue”. Nash guides Barry and Cisco to the vault where the cure-all syrum is stored in episode 6x04 “There Will Be Blood”.

Cicada's Workplace

Cicada changes into his work clothes and thinks back to the murder of Gridlock earlier in the evening in episode 5x02 “Blocked”.

Gun Smugglers' Warehouse

The other members of the gang run by the smuggler Ramsey killed are attacked at night by their dead boss in episode 6x03 “Dead Man Running”.

Mercury Labs

Frost and Barry try to stop Mitch Romero when he attacks another lab but they learn he cannot be killed when Frost throws him out a window in episode 6x03 “Dead Man Running”.

Rachel Rosso's Office

Ramsey remembers his mother when he learned that she was sick in episode 6x04 “There Will Be Blood”.


Barry and Wally go to stop Ramsey Deacon but he manages to take control of Barry's fancy new suit in episode 4x02 “Mixed Signals”.

Moretti Brothers' Warehouse

Vanessa Jansen crushes Bobby Moretti into a tiny cube and steals his guns. Nora shows up when Barry is investigating the scene and he has to pass her off as his new intern to Captain Singh in episode 5x02 “Blocked”.

Tannhauser Industries (lab)

Caitlin's mother Dr. Tannhauser runs some tests on her cold powers in episode 3x05 “Monster”.

Norco Studios

John Loring's Office

Sue and Ralph flee after finding a key to a safe deposit box in the office in episode 6x12 “A Girl Named Sue”.

Purse Snatcher

Wally tries to stop a purse snatcher only to realize he is up against a meta-human in episode 2x22 “Invincible”.

Vaughn Pharmaceuticals (exterior)

A scientist is killed by Grodd after stealing some chemicals from a lab and Joe and Patty investigate in episode 2x07 “Gorilla Warfare”.

News Broadcast

Barry and Iris see a broadcast about the battle between Kid Flash and The Rival while at Jitters in episode 3x01 “Flashpoint”.

Leawood Community Gym

Barry follows Cisco to the gym and finds him attending a support group in episode 3x02 “Paradox”.

Central City University (entryway)

Barry examines the mug he stole from Clifford DeVoe's desk in episode 4x07 “Therefore I Am”.

Doctor's Office

Clifford DeVoe gets a diagnosis from a doctor in episode 4x07 “Therefore I Am”.

Burning Building (interior)

Lucious Coolidge AKA Heat Monger walks into an office and lights it on fire with his flamethrower in episode 3x21 “Cause and Effect”.

Caretaker's Cottage (Murdo Frazer Park)

Grace's Cabin

The new Cicada takes Orlin to a remote cabin and reveals she is an older version of Grace in episode 5x16 “Failure is an Orphan”. Orlin wakes up and leans that a future version of Grace has come back after taking up the Cicada mantle in the future in episode 5x17 “Time Bomb”. Older Grace returns with the stolen device and checks in on her unconscious younger self in episode 5x19 “Snow Pack”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
Gone Rogue

Grace hallucinates her father while working on the device.

The Girl with the Red Lightning

Grace completes her work on the cryoatomizer while continuing to hallucinate her father.


The team tracks Grace through the woods guided by her anger and Nora enters young Grace's mind to convince her to take the cure.

Henry Allen's Cabin

Barry visits his father at his remote cabin and tells him about losing his powers to Zoom in episode 2x20 “Rupture”.

Vancouver Central Library

S.T.A.R. Labs (balcony)

Wally heads outside and talks to Jesse about why she is so distant in episode 3x13 “Attack on Gorilla City”.

Central City Bank

Nora tries to stop a bank robbery with her new powers but accidentally allows the criminals to escape in episode 5x18 “Godspeed”.

Romantic Restaurant

Barry goes out on a date with Patty Spivot while still blinded in episode 2x05 “The Darkness and the Light”.

Central City Museum (interior)

Barry must rely on Ralph's improvisation when they try to stop Null from committing another robbery in episode 4x17 “Null and Annoyed”.

Second and Fulton

The Flash stops the police from injuring someone by shooting through the monster hologram in episode 3x05 “Monster”.

Concordance Research

RonnieStein confronts and injures an old colleague in episode 1x13 “The Nuclear Man”.

Date with Linda

Barry is walking Linda home when he has to save a jumper in episode 1x13 “The Nuclear Man”.

Boundary Bay Regional Airport

Ferris Air Testing Facility

Barry tests his powers with the S.T.A.R. Labs team in pilot episode. Barry practices more skills at the facility in episode 1x10 “Revenge of the Rogues”. Cisco gathers the team at the old testing track where he attempts to bring Barry back from the Speed Force in episode 4x01 “The Flash Reborn”.

Private Hanger

Heat Wave & Captain Cold rob a plane arriving at the airport in episode 1x10 “Revenge of the Rogues”.

S.T.A.R. Labs Aviation Division

Barry has the assembled teams gather at a disused S.T.A.R. labs facility to train for the battle against the Dominators in episode 3x08 “Invasion!”.

Ferris Air

The crew transports their prisoners to the airport for transfer to A.R.G.U.S. custody when they get free in episode 1x22 “Rogue Air”.

Prison Transport

Mick Rory & Leonard Snart are rescued when they are being transported to the prison in episode 1x10 “Revenge of the Rogues”.

Burnaby Central Park


Cisco shows up in the forest for his fateful showdown against Caitlin in episode 3x22 “Infantino Street”. Killer Frost is about to kill Cisco when Savitar shows up and says he needs Cisco alive in episode 3x23 “Finish Line”.


Clifford and Marlize have a picnic and Clifford expresses his distaste for technology in episode 4x20 “Therefore She Is”. Barry continues his search as the clearing where Clifford had his picnic with Marlize but runs into Ralph instead in episode 4x23 “We Are the Flash”.

Hippie Commune

The team investigates the final location that Edwin Gauss's pocket universe opened and find a bunch of hippies living in the woods in episode 4x18 “Lose Yourself”.

Snowy Field

Ralph helps Iris open the portal to travel into the future in the Time Sphere in episode 5x19 “Snow Pack”.


Barry travels back in time to recruit Snart to help with his heist of A.R.G.U.S. in the present in episode 3x22 “Infantino Street”.

Canada Post Main Office

Vigilante's Hideout

Barry saves Oliver and Diggle from a hail of bullets shot by the Vigilante in episode 3x08 “Invasion!”.

Central City Bank

Rebecca Sharpe uses her powers to steal from a bank and Barry is not so lucking in stopping her in episode 4x03 “Luck Be a Lady”.

Payson Hotel

Barry heads to a hotel to stop Plunder but is almost killed by Plunder's gun before he is saved by Wally in episode 3x10 “Borrowing Problems from the Future”.

Diamond Exchange

Barry attempts to thwart a burglary but freezes when he recognizes the criminal from his time in the future in episode 3x10 “Borrowing Problems from the Future”.

Central City Museum

Barry and Wally team up to stop Plunder when he robs the jewel exhibit at the museum in episode 3x10 “Borrowing Problems from the Future”.

Across from Theatre

Barry and Joe sit in the car across the street from the Jitters in episode 3x20 “I Know Who You Are”.


Caitlin talks to Savitar after failing to kill Tracy Brand at the university in episode 3x20 “I Know Who You Are”.

Belkin House

Jitters Rooftop

Barry talks to Iris as The Flash on the roof in episode 1x05 “Plastique”. Barry comes up and talks to Iris in episode 1x21 “Grodd Lives”.

Appears in 4 additional episodes.
Fast Enough

Barry gets advice from Iris.

Back to Normal

Joe brings Wally out to talk with The Flash.

Also appears in “The Flash Is Born” & “Flash vs. Arrow”.
Broome Tower

Cisco stops on the rooftop Iris predicts Peek-a-Boo will stop at and uses his power to bring her down in episode 4x01 “The Flash Reborn”.

Queen Elizabeth Theatre

Earth-2 S.T.A.R. Labs

A group of school children are taking a tour of S.T.A.R. Labs when Harrison Wells shows up in episode 2x02 “Flash of Two Worlds”. Wells is giving a press conference when he is interrupted by The Flash in episode 2x05 “The Darkness and the Light”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Welcome to Earth-2

Barry and Cisco marvel at Earth-2.

Escape from Earth-2

Zoom threatens Henry Hewitt.

Central City Theatre

H.R. approaches Tracy Brand at Jitters to keep an eye on her and talks about her research into the Speed Force in episode 3x20 “I Know Who You Are”.

Kord Industries Ribbon Cutting

The new mayor is giving a press conference for the new 'meta-human proof' Kord Industries building when the entire skyscraper disappears in episode 4x12 “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash”.

Earth-2 Barry's Press Conference

The Earth-2 version of Barry talks to the police about the Zoom problem in episode 2x13 “Welcome to Earth-2”.

Alley (south of Granville, west of Pender)


Barry catches up with Zoom only for Zoom to be killed by his own time double in episode 2x23 “The Race of His Life”. Killer Frost freezes Cicada's dagger giving Barry a chance to try and convince him to accept the meta-cure in episode 5x16 “Failure is an Orphan”.

Alley behind Police Station

Barry loses control of his new speed powers after leaving the police station in pilot episode.

Alley near Rathaway Industries

Barry waits for the right moment and then swaps himself out with his past self in episode 2x17 “Flash Back”.


Savitar drops the Earth-3 Flash in an alley and prepares to kill him before getting pulled away by the stone in episode 3x09 “The Present”.

Alley behind City Hall

Ralph Dibny arranges to meet the Mayor to hand the photos back over in episode 4x04 “Elongated Journey Into Night”.

Behind Jitters

Ronnie exits the back of the coffee shop and is ambushed by General Eiling's soldiers in episode 1x14 “Fallout”.

Homer Street (between Georgia & Dunsmuir)

Fourth & Aspen

Cisco uses a portal to bring J'onn ahead to ambush the Music Meister in episode 3x17 “Duet”. Wally, Cisco, and Joe arrive downtown and find a flying samurai terrorizing the city in episode 4x01 “The Flash Reborn”.

Bus Stop

Rebecca Sharpe breaks her high heel running for the bus after losing her job in episode 4x03 “Luck Be a Lady”.

Near the Hellmouth

Barry and Ralph spot the portal they need to use to escape in the distance but are stopped by DeVoe in episode 4x23 “We Are the Flash”.


Raya Van Zandt races down the street in her stolen car away from the police in episode 5x10 “The Flash & The Furious”.

Harbor District Attack

Barry heads to where a giant monster is attacking the harbor district and helps Iris save some people from a bus in episode 3x05 “Monster”.

Wormhole on Ninth

Barry and Wally exit a wormhole to confront Kadabra. Later Barry rips him from his time ship and hands him over to Cynthia Reynolds in episode 3x18 “Abra Kadabra”.

Vancouver Art Gallery

Central City Jewelry

Barry tries to stop Null alone but she forces him off to save a bystander in episode 4x17 “Null and Annoyed”.

Downtown Plaza

Barry, Oliver, Kara, and Clark team up to try to take down Amazo but only manage to make it more powerful when it acquires their powers in episode 5x09 “Elseworlds, Part 1”.

Art Gallery

Barry and the team stake out of the gallery where the Turtle plans on stealing a painting in episode 2x10 “Potential Energy”.

Statue Theft

The team watches footage of the Turtle stealing a statue in episode 2x10 “Potential Energy”.

Leonard Snart on Street

Leonard Snart sees the black hole suck up buildings in episode 1x23 “Fast Enough”.


Julian and Cisco attempt to help the amnesiac Barry testify in Heat Monger's evidentiary hearing which Cecile is prosecuting in episode 3x21 “Cause and Effect”.

Victory Square

Infantino Street

Barry walks across the street into a park and sees himself confronting Savitar who is holding Iris hostage in episode 3x09 “The Present”. Barry and Cisco vibe into the future to review the events Barry witnessed in episode 3x10 “Borrowing Problems from the Future”. Cisco vibes Wally to the future to witness events for himself in episode 3x15 “The Wrath of Savitar”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Infantino Street

The fateful day arrives and the team attempts their plan to stop Savitar from killing Iris.

Finish Line

The team mourns Iris's death when something startling is revealed.

Bates Escapes

Bates escapes Iris and Caitlin by transforming himself into a little girl in episode 1x19 “Who Is Harrison Wells?”.

West Hastings Street (between Thurlow & Burrard)

State & Oakhill

The team gathers to stop Grodd's army at the edge of town when Grodd takes control of Joe to deliver a message to Barry. Later the three speedsters arrive back at the street to hold of the gorillas until Cisco and Cynthia can arrive with help in episode 3x14 “Attack on Central City”. Cisco uses a vibe portal to catch Wally after he is shot off a building by Kadabra in episode 3x18 “Abra Kadabra”.

Hot & Cold Battle

Barry battles Heat Wave & Captain Cold in the street in episode 1x10 “Revenge of the Rogues”.

Central City Plaza

Barry saves a bike messenger who is about to be hit by a taxi in pilot episode.

Car Chase

The team uses the hologram of The Flash to stop some criminals in episode 2x20 “Rupture”.

Oliver on Motorcycle

Oliver rides his motorcycle after Kendra Saunders his taken by Hawkman in episode 2x08 “Legends of Today”.

Astoria Hotel


Barry meets Snart in a bar in episode 2x03 “Family of Rogues”. Cisco visit Caitlin in the bar where she has been working for the past six months and asks her to return to the team in episode 4x01 “The Flash Reborn”. Ralph poses as Warden Wolfe to meet with Amunet to call off the deal in episode 4x13 “True Colors”.

Appears in 3 additional episodes.
Harry and the Harrisons

Caitlin and Barry return to Amunet's hideout but only find her old henchman Norvock who has turned it into a boxing gym.

Seeing Red

Barry, Ralph, and Killer Frost search for Norvock in the old hideout and recruit him to track down the other metas in danger.

Love Is a Battlefield

Iris goes undercover to learn Amunet's location while Barry listens worriedly to her aggressive persona from the van.

Mountain View Cemetery


The Speed Force shows Barry his mother's grave, and later he visits it with Iris in episode 2x21 “The Runaway Dinosaur”. The team attends Barry's father's funeral in episode 2x23 “The Race of His Life”. Barry finds Joe visiting Iris's grave in the future in episode 3x19 “The Once and Future Flash”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Finish Line

Iris speaks a eulogy at H.R.'s funeral after he was killed by Savitar.

Into the Void

Caitlin visits her old friend Ramsey's mother's funeral and has to cover when she gets a bit frosty.

Source: YVRShoots

Oceanic Plaza

Porter Plaza

Barry is attacked by the shark-man and is saved by Harrison Wells when Patty's gun is insufficient for the job in episode 2x04 “The Fury of Firestorm”. The police fight against the meta-humans under Zoom's control in episode 2x22 “Invincible”. Nora and Barry meet with Joss Mardon to trick her into handing over her staff using a hologram of her father in episode 5x07 “O Come, All Ye Thankful”.

Bird Vision

Cisco has a vision of birds crashing into the ground on Earth-2 in episode 2x22 “Invincible”.

Earth-19 Plaza

Cisco travels to Earth-19 where Cynthia Reynolds is reporting on the success of her latest assignment and tries to get her to return to help on Earth-1 in episode 3x14 “Attack on Central City”.

The Fortress Film Center

G. Simone & Associates

Nora steals data off an architecture firm's servers and then fries them with a lightning bolt in episode 5x20 “Gone Rogue”.

Goldface's Black Market

Barry and Ralph say the secret words and are transported to a market for illegal weapons where they try to find the device they need to trap Cicada in episode 5x13 “Goldfaced”.

Ivo Laboratories

Ralph and Barry are forced to join Goldface's team while he steals a 3D printer destined for a hospital in episode 5x13 “Goldfaced”.

First National CC Bank

Ralph and Cisco sneak into an investment brunch to access a server room to find Sue in episode 6x16 “So Long and Goodnight”.

Cleary Capital Investments

Ralph interrupts another one of Sue's cons at an investment company and proposes a team-up in episode 6x16 “So Long and Goodnight”.

Rogers Sugar Mill

Warehouse District

Izzy Bowin calls out DeVoe in an attempt to stop him herself and the team rushes to rescue her in episode 4x14 “Subject 9”.

John Loring's Warehouse

Sue saves Ralph after he is spotted taking photos of an arms deal and later the two of them infiltrate through the sewers to locate the ledger in episode 6x12 “A Girl Named Sue”.

Alley Meeting

Danton Black meets with Java in an alley in episode 1x02 “Fastest Man Alive”.

Szrek Chem

Ralph and Sherloque follow the mask lead to a chemical plant but learn that hundreds of workers across several facilities use the same masks in episode 5x04 “News Flash”.

The Old Cot Factory

Wally heads to an industrial area to throw the last piece of the Philosopher's Stone into the speed force and Barry arrives too late to stop him in episode 3x15 “The Wrath of Savitar”.

556 West 17th Avenue

West House

Barry grew up with Iris in her house with Joe after his mother was killed. First seen in episode 1x03 “Things You Can't Outrun”. Iris sees two police officers attacked outside the house in episode 1x06 “The Flash Is Born”. Barry and Iris talk about Barry's loss and their relationship outside in episode 2x23 “The Race of His Life”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.

Barry finds Iris on the porch and asks if she really doesn't want to know about the other timeline.

The Present

Carolers arrive at the doorstep and Caitlin makes it snow.

401 West Georgia

O'Sullivan Bank

Jesse and Wally stop a bank robbery while Barry is away in episode 3x13 “Attack on Gorilla City”.

Central City Bank

Wally, Cisco, and J'onn show up to stop the Music Meister from robbing a bank in episode 3x17 “Duet”.

Rob's Office Building

Barry goes to stop a high-rise fire where Captain Singh's finance is trapped in episode 1x20 “The Trap”.

Geomancer Calls Out Jay

Geomancer goes on the news and calls out Jay Garrick and then brings down a building in episode 2x14 “Escape from Earth-2”.

Gloating on Rooftop

Dr. Wells reveals that he has known about their plans all along in episode 1x20 “The Trap”.

Powertech Labs

Ivo Labs

Oliver tries to adapt to his new speed powers while stopping a robbery and accidentally zaps a dangerous robot with his lightning in episode 5x09 “Elseworlds, Part 1”. Barry and Iris watch but cannot intervene as Amunet breaks in to steal a containment device before being interrupted by Goldface in episode 6x11 “Love Is a Battlefield”.

Kord Industries

Barry confronts Abra Kadabra at a second heist and Cynthia Reynolds arrives before Kadabra uses his powers to escape in episode 3x18 “Abra Kadabra”.

Mercury Labs

The two speedsters and two vibersters confront Kadabra at another tech company only to find he is a hologram in episode 3x18 “Abra Kadabra”.

Stagg Industries

Two security guards are killed by a magical villain and Joe, Barry, and Julian arrive to investigate the crime scene in episode 3x18 “Abra Kadabra”.

Pacific Central Station

Train Station

Joe and Eddie go to the train station to try and stop Leonard Snart from leaving the city in episode 1x04 “Going Rogue”. Joe finds Laura Stone at the train station and warns her about Clive Yorkin in episode 3x12 “Untouchable”.

South Plaza Train Station

Cisco tracks Dr. Light to the train station and Barry confronts and ultimately captures her in episode 2x05 “The Darkness and the Light”.

Midway Auction House (exterior)

Ralph and Barry discuss the plan outside the swanky underworld auction and Ralph has Barry suit up in a tuxedo in episode 6x06 “License to Elongate”.

Orpheum Theatre Vancouver

Midway City Orchestra

Leonard Snart shoots up the concert hall with his cold ray in episode 1x04 “Going Rogue”.

Midway Auction House (interior)

Barry does a poor job as Ralph's assistant as he tries to investigate the disappearance of Sue Dearbon in episode 6x06 “License to Elongate”.

Movie Theatre

Cisco goes on a date with Kendra Saunders but has to bail when he has a vibe about a bird-person in episode 2x07 “Gorilla Warfare”.

Central City Museum

Barry and Ralph head to the museum to stop Mina Chayton from stealing back the necklace in episode 4x06 “When Harry Met Harry…”.

Catalyst Paper Corporation

Armored Car Heist

Barry attempts to interrupt Shawna Baez and Clay Parker's armored car heist in episode 1x12 “Crazy for You”.

Hudsons Roofing Tar Industries

Joey Monteleone is dropped into a tar pit during the particle accelerator explosion in episode 2x12 “Fast Lane”.

Street Racing Warehouse

Iris heads to the street race Wally is participating in to research for her article in episode 2x12 “Fast Lane”.

Warehouse Raid

The police raid the warehouse where Marcus Stockheimer is meeting with Shawna Baez and Clay Parker in episode 1x12 “Crazy for You”.

Grandview Substation

Earth-X Facility

The Earth-X Snart is chasing Siren X when he is taken back to Earth-1 by Cisco and Barry in episode 4x19 “Fury Rogue”.

Containment Facility

The team takes Neil Borman out of the facility where he is being held in a modified hazmat suit and put him in a truck to transport to an A.R.G.U.S. facility in episode 4x19 “Fury Rogue”.


Siren X heads the team's plan to move Neil Borman from a great distance and decides she needs a nuclear meta of her own in episode 4x19 “Fury Rogue”.

FEMA Center

Cecille and Ralph attempt to get a list of people treated from a FEMA administrator but are initially thwarted in episode 5x06 “The Icicle Cometh”.

Alley (south of Richards, west of Pender)


Wally and Barry chase down Plunder who is fleeing on a motorcycle in episode 3x10 “Borrowing Problems from the Future”. Barry and Wally run down the alley heading for a fire but Wally is stopped and attacked by Savitar in episode 3x15 “The Wrath of Savitar”. After a garbage truck blocks the police from following her, Raya Van Zandt turns down an alley. At the far end of the alley, Barry tries to phase into the car but finds himself rebuffed by veins of dark matter in episode 5x10 “The Flash & The Furious”.

Alley near Broome Tower

Cisco brings Peek-a-Boo down to the ground where Joe finally brings her down with the police. Later, Wally confronts the samurai while dressed as the Flash but the samurai isn't fooled in episode 4x01 “The Flash Reborn”.

Crab Park

Waterfront Park

Barry and Iris go to a park near where Joe is being held and Iris admits her feelings in episode 1x15 “Out of Time”. Barry talks to the Speed Force in the guise of Iris in episode 2x21 “The Runaway Dinosaur”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Dead or Alive

Barry and H.R. attempt to ambush the collector in the park and Cisco returns later to fight her in a trial by combat.

The Icicle Cometh

Sherloque orchestrates a scene on the waterfront that forces Nora and Iris to solve the mystery together.

Source: YVRShoots

Guinness Tower

57th Street Tower (above rooftop)

Hawkman lands Kendra Saunders on a rooftop after taking her in episode 2x08 “Legends of Today”.

Mercury Labs (exterior)

Black Siren destroys the Mercury Labs building in episode 2x22 “Invincible”.

Attacking Geomancer

The police corner Geomancer in a square and Jay Garrick arrives on Velocity 7 in episode 2x13 “Welcome to Earth-2”.


Barry and Jesse chase the two criminals outside and up a building but Barry is trapped in a mirror after having to catch Jesse in episode 3x04 “The New Rogues”.

Alley (south of Cambie, west of Robson)

Alley near S.T.A.R. Labs

One month after the S.T.A.R. Labs explosion RonnieStein wakes up in an alley in episode 1x13 “The Nuclear Man”. Barry arrives in the future and is almost immediately attacked by Mirror Master and Top in episode 3x19 “The Once and Future Flash”. Nora and Barry land after their uncontrollable fall through time and find themselves next to an unconscious earlier version of Barry who has come back to get Thawne's help in episode 5x08 “What's Past Is Prologue”.

The Flash Signal

Barry uses a spotlight with the Flash symbol to attract the attention of the Atom Smasher in episode 2x01 “The Man Who Saved Central City”.

Source: YVRShoots

Hamilton Street (between Robson & Georgia)

State & Main

Cisco and Cynthia exit a portal and fire at Kadabra's ship in episode 3x18 “Abra Kadabra”. Joe surrounds the samurai with the police and Iris shows up and turns herself over to the samurai to draw out Barry in episode 4x01 “The Flash Reborn”.

Confronting Trajectory

The Flash tires to stop Trajectory from smashing up cars only to get punched by her in episode 2x16 “Trajectory”.

Chasing Trajectory

Barry chases the new speedster down the street only to be outrun in episode 2x16 “Trajectory”.

65 North Bend Street

Diamond Detailing

Tarpit kills one of the people who tried to kill him in episode 2x12 “Fast Lane”.


Barry catches up with Eobard Thawne in a warehouse and almost kills him before being talked down in episode 2x11 “The Reverse-Flash Returns”.

Mercury Labs Research Facility

Eobard Thawne takes Dr. McGee to a Mercury Labs facility to build him a speed cannon so he can return to the future in episode 2x11 “The Reverse-Flash Returns”.

Closing Breach

Barry and Harry use their new device to close one of the breaches in episode 2x12 “Fast Lane”.

Cornett Road & Natal Street

Square near Jitters

Barry gives Ralph a superheroing lesson when they are mugged after getting coffee in episode 4x06 “When Harry Met Harry…”.

Outside Cathedral

Barry and Oliver look back at the cathedral after it is blown up by Vandal Savage in episode 2x08 “Legends of Today”.

Burning Building (exterior)

The fire department arrives at a burning building only to have the Flash arrive to put out the fire in episode 2x02 “Flash of Two Worlds”.

Car Crash

The Flash saves several people from a car that then explodes in episode 1x12 “Crazy for You”.

1133 Melville Street

Empty Building

Iris calls Barry for help while she is being shot at in an empty building in episode 2x03 “Family of Rogues”.

Hamilton Building

Julian Albert tracks the monster's creator into an empty building and the Flash arrives just in time to stop Julian from shooting the kid in episode 3x05 “Monster”.

Empty Building

Cisco and Caitlin disguise themselves as their Earth-2 doppelgängers to stop Black Siren from destroying several buildings downtown in episode 2x22 “Invincible”.

Alley (south of Homer, west of Hastings)

Alleyway on Fuller

A stranger arrives from another Earth looking for H.R in episode 3x10 “Borrowing Problems from the Future”. Cisco arrives with Ralph and creates a breach in the alley to help Nora escape Cicada's dagger in episode 5x17 “Time Bomb”.

Infantino Street

Barry lands in an alley after throwing the stone into the Speed Force only to realize he is in the future in episode 3x09 “The Present”.

The Electra Building

Central City Bank

Neil Borman is signing up for a new account at the bank and the teller and patrons collapse as he is leaving in episode 4x10 “The Trial of the Flash”. A bank robber with fire powers is robbing a bank when when his powers suddenly shut off in episode 4x16 “Run, Iris, Run”.

Earth-3 Bank

The Flash from Earth-3 is fighting the Trickster when Barry arrives to ask for advice on Savitar in episode 3x09 “The Present”.

Crowley Drive & Tyne Street

Street Corner

A portal to the Speed Force opens in the middle of the street and Barry rushes out in episode 4x01 “The Flash Reborn”. Cisco and Wells track the dark matter signature back to the point where Barry came out of the Speed Force in episode 4x03 “Luck Be a Lady”. Barry enters DeVoe's mind and finds himself back at the spot where the bus metas were created in episode 4x23 “We Are the Flash”.

Alley (south of Bute, west of Pender)

Street by Building

Barry runs into the alley and rescues Iris who is falling from the building in episode 2x03 “Family of Rogues”.

Kid Flash vs. The Rival

Barry runs up and sees Kid Flash chasing around The Rival in episode 3x01 “Flashpoint”.

Alley Investigation

Barry is tagging along with Julian's investigation into the monster attack when the monster appears again and he has to save Julian from another transformer explosion in episode 3x05 “Monster”.

Global BC

Earth-203 New Gotham

The Huntress races across a rooftop talking to Oracle as the antimatter wave races across the planet in episode 6x09 “Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three”.

Central City Hospital (loading dock)

Julian stumbles out of the hospital where Savitar is waiting in episode 3x07 “Killer Frost”.

A.R.G.U.S. Facility (exterior)

Raya Van Zandt has Joss Mardon use her staff to overload the secure storage facility's power grid in episode 5x10 “The Flash & The Furious”.

Mill & Timber Sawmill

Prescott Sawmill

The Flash and Kid Flash head to the sawmill where The Rival is hiding out and face off against him in episode 3x01 “Flashpoint”. Barry returns to the mill in the new timeline to confront The Rival again in episode 3x02 “Paradox”.


Barry keeps Eobard Thawne locked in an abandoned building in the alternate timeline in episode 3x01 “Flashpoint”.

Playland (PNE)

Central City Amusement Park

Barry and the team track Griffin Grey down to the amusement park where he is holding Harry and draw him out into a fight in episode 2x19 “Back to Normal”. Orlin is out with Grace when the Enlightenment happens and they are both injured by falling debris in episode 5x07 “O Come, All Ye Thankful”.

Surrey City Hall

Mayor's Press Conference

The Trickster poisons people at the Mayor's press conference that Iris is attending in episode 1x17 “Tricksters”.

A.R.G.U.S. Headquarters

Barry and Cisco go to meet with Lila to get the alien power source to power their Speed Force Bazooka but she turns them down in episode 3x22 “Infantino Street”.

750 Pacific Boulevard

Central City Picture News

Nora and Barry arrive to stop a fire at the news studio but Spencer Young uses her powers to draw Barry away forcing Nora to stop the fire on her own in episode 5x04 “News Flash”.

Baldwin Tower (interior)

Iris tries to use Barry's wind funnel trick to put out the fire but only makes things worse in episode 4x16 “Run, Iris, Run”.

8355 Wiggins Street

Botti Roofing Co

Barry, Caitlin, and Ralph take the meta to the pickup point and have to fight of Cicada to give them a chance to escape the city in episode 5x11 “Seeing Red”.

Crime Scene

Kamilla accompanies Cisco to the crime scene where Cynthia was killed and they meet with Zak Zeal, the investigator in charge in episode 6x05 “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach”.

Canoe Bridge

Attempted Proposal

Eddie attempts to propose to Iris but is interrupted by the Reverse-Flash in episode 1x20 “The Trap”.

Leawood Waterfront

Barry and Joe arrive at the location of another skin husk where Julian Albert is already investigating in episode 3x02 “Paradox”.

1090 West Pender

57th Street Tower (on rooftop)

Carter Hall talks to Kendra Saunders on the rooftop and later she returns there to jump off in episode 2x08 “Legends of Today”.


Jesse Quick confronts Rosalind Dillon AKA Top atop the the building and is hit by her vertigo whammy causing her to fall off in episode 3x04 “The New Rogues”.

Heli-One (YDT)

Central City Weather Services Agency (interior)

Sylbert Rundin miniaturizes an advanced weather dirigible and Team Flash arrives with a plan to embiggen Cisco and Ralph in episode 4x12 “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash”.

A.R.G.U.S. Hanger

The team arrives to help A.R.G.U.S. and the police stop some terrorists but one of the them manages to set off a nuclear bomb which the speedsters desperately rush to stop before it destroys the city in episode 4x15 “Enter Flashtime”.

Mercury Launch & Tug Ltd.

Mercury Docks

Bruno Moretti once again tracks down Vanessa Jansen to get revenge, but this time he brought backup. Nora manages to save Barry after he is trapped in one of Jansen's blocks, but then they are all attacked by Cicada in episode 5x02 “Blocked”. Ralph returns to the docks with Sherloque to look for clues from Cicada's mask in episode 5x04 “News Flash”.

Grand Villa Casino South Parking

Parking Garage

Iris's whistleblower Gene Huskk tells her about a theft of the infrared photon rifle he was developing at McCulloch Technologies in episode 6x10 “Marathon”.

Rooftop near Central City Citizen

Kimiyo Hoshi fires at The Central City Citizen offices using the stolen infrared photon rifle in episode 6x10 “Marathon”.

Granville Plaza

Central City Plaza

Barry, Cisco, and Ralph work to save people from debris from the falling satellite in episode 4x23 “We Are the Flash”. Team Flash assembles and works together to defeat Thawne in the future in episode 5x22 “Legacy”.

Agrodome (PNE)

Bannin Family Ice

Barry, Iris, Nora, and the rest of Team Flash go out for an evening of ice skating in their brief downtime in episode 5x12 “Memorabilia”.

Crash Crawly's

Crash Crawly's Adventure Fun Center

Nora, Barry, and Joe talk to Vickie Bolen about the explosion at the bank and try to tell her that her life is in danger in episode 5x17 “Time Bomb”.

1290 Homer Street

Central City Picture News Delivery Entrance

Barry meets Iris outside her work with flowers before they head off on their first real date in episode 3x03 “Magenta”.