“The Principle of Restricted Choice” Filming Locations

Fargo episode “The Principle of Restricted Choice” was filmed in Calgary & Beiseker in Canada.

Lot under Bow Trail as Oakbridge Lot

V.M. Varga goes to one of the Stussy parking lots and illegally parks a large semi-truck.

505 2nd Street Southwest as Stussy Lots Ltd.

Sy gets a call about Varga taking over one of their lots and later Varga and his goons show up to occupy some of their office space.

Beiseker UFA Petroleum as Gas Station

Gloria heads to the gas station to ask the attendant about Maurice LeFay's visit the night before.

1327 9 Avenue Southeast as Nikki's Apartment

Ray returns to Nikki's apartment and passes the puddle of blood being cleaned off the street.

Bow Vista Ranch as Stussy Mansion

Ray talks to his brother out front of the mansion while Nikki breaks in to steal the stamp.

Mount Royal House as Parking Garage

Ennis's lawyer is heading to his car when he is intercepted by two of Varga's goons and thrown from the building.