“Clutch of Greed” Filming Locations

Sarah is offered a new life under the watchful eye of Neolution, Helena is treated at the hospital, and Cosima meets the man behind the curtain.

Series: Orphan Black Season 5, Episode 2
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Orphan Black episode "Clutch of Greed" was filmed in Toronto in Canada.
Show Map

Valley Halla Estate as Revival

Cosima talks to Aisha about her illness and then is brought up to the main house to meet with P.T. Westmoreland.

148 Morse Street as Mrs. S's House

Sarah walks Kira to school and later Ira & Kira head off with Rachel.

Morse Street Jr. Public School as Kira's School

Sarah walks Kira to school while being followed by someone from Neolution and then returns at the end of the day disguised as Rachel to kidnap her away.

Revival 629 as Dyad Institute (parking lot)

M.K. shows Sarah surveillance footage of Rachel and Ferdinand leaving the building.

McDougall Lane (south of Queen, west of Spadina) as Alley behind Felix's Loft

Sarah heads to the loft to pick up M.K. only to be followed by Ferdinand.

Essroc Toronto Terminal as Field by Waterfront

Sarah shows up at the meeting with M.K.'s underground but Kira refuses to leave with them.