“Trouble Is Bad” Filming Locations

Suzie consolidates her power on Wendimoor, the gang looks for a way to find the Boy, Farah & Tina look to rescue the sheriff, and Ken searches for answers.

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency episode “Trouble Is Bad” was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.

27347 0 Avenue as Cardenas Farm

In the past Arnold calls Black Wing on his brother and in the present Priest tries to stop Bart and Panto from heading to Wendimoor.

Pitt River Quarries as Balor Quarry

Farah and Tina wake up and come up with a plan to rescue Hobbs.

6742 224 Street as Inglenook

Bart, Panto, and Silas arrive at the village to find everyone but Frija and Jeppum have killed each other.