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The Flash

Earth-X Facility

The Earth-X Snart is chasing Siren X when he is taken back to Earth-1 by Cisco and Barry in episode 4x19 "Fury Rogue".

Containment Facility

The team takes Neil Borman out of the facility where he is being held in a modified hazmat suit and put him in a truck to transport to an A.R.G.U.S. facility in episode 4x19 "Fury Rogue".


Siren X heads the team's plan to move Neil Borman from a great distance and decides she needs a nuclear meta of her own in episode 4x19 "Fury Rogue".

FEMA Center

Cecille and Ralph attempt to get a list of people treated from a FEMA administrator but are initially thwarted in episode 5x06 "The Icicle Cometh".

Stargate SG-1

Storage Facility №68

The team brings Cassandra to a nuclear storage facility to contain the potential explosion in episode 1x15 "Cor-ai".


Wham Bams Gun Range

Liv and Clive head to a gun range to question Harley Johns about some posts he made on the anti-zombie forums in episode 3x04 "Wag the Tongue Slowly". Liv and Ravi infiltrate a meeting of zombie believers at the gun range in episode 3x08 "Eat a Knievel". Ravi listens to the anti-zombie group's plans and attempts to delay them from kidnapping a zombie in episode 3x09 "Twenty-Sided, Die". Appears in 2 more episodes.


Devil's Tower Base

Kara and her Super Friends defend the Project Claymore launch site from the Elite and Alex shows up to lend an unexpected hand against orders in episode 4x13 "What's So Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way?".

Shelley Island (warehouse)

Kara and Lex battle supersuit to supersuit in an abandoned building but even with the suit Kara finds herself in trouble in episode 4x22 "The Quest for Peace".

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency

Black Wing

Dirk finds himself held captive by Friedkin and repeatedly tested for psychic abilities in episode 2x01 "Space Rabbit". The Kellum Knights attack Black Wing looking to kill the Boy in episode 2x09 "Trouble Is Bad". Dirk races across the facility to find the Boy in episode 2x10 "Nice Jacket".