“And the Hidden Sanctuary” Filming Locations

Cassandra starts questioning her role in the Library after freezing up on a mission and decides to spend some time in the "Safest Town in America" to try her hand at a normal life.

The Librarians episode “And the Hidden Sanctuary” was filmed in Forest Grove in the United States of America.

Metro Hairworks as Metro Hairworks

Cassandra steps through the doorway into the small town of Havenport.

21st Avenue & College Way as Havenport Intersection

Cassandra looks up at the sign celebrating 10,000 days without an accident. Later she is almost hit by a car while given a tour by Karla.

La Hacienda as Havenport Pie Contest

Cassandra wins first place in the pie baking contest.

American Legion Post No. 2 as Havenport Town Hall (interior)

The town meets to discuss the recent spate of accidents in the town and they turn on Cassandra when they decide she is to blame for their woes.

Marsh Hall (Pacific University) as Havenport Town Hall (exterior)

Cassandra runs outside to lure the fairy away from the townsfolk and towards the gazebo.

Propstra Building as Door Home

Cassandra walks through the door heading back to the Library.