The Librarians Filming Locations

The Librarians was filmed in Portland, Forest Grove, Oregon City, & Estacada in the United States of America.

Cathedral City Park

The Library Annex

The entrance to the Library resides in one of the pedestals of St. John's Bridge outside of Portland. Jenkins has Jeff's coworkers drop him off at the annex entrance but he is unable to get through the door in episode 4x10 “And Some Dude Named Jeff”.

Appears in 5 additional episodes.

Wilhelm Portland Memorial

Wellington Arms Mortuary

Baird tracks Nicole Noone to a mortuary in England where she is trying to stop two goons from robbing one of her graves in episode 4x06 “And the Graves of Time”.

Florence Mortuary

Nicole Noone heads with Baird to another one of her graves where she has stashed mementoes and other things from her long life in episode 4x06 “And the Graves of Time”.