“Islands: Part One” Filming Locations

Lea convinces Shawn to go on a road trip to give him a chance to get space from his problems while back at the hospital the team works on a transplant on a pair of conjoined twins.

Series: The Good Doctor Season 1, Episode 11
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The Good Doctor episode "Islands: Part One" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Glover Road (between Gabriel & end) as Driving Practice

Lea shows Shawn how to spin the wheels on the car.

Campbell River Store as Campbell River Store

Lea convinces Shawn to try his hand at driving.

Beach Grove Motel as Motel

Lea instructs Shawn on the proper way to end a date but in the morning she finds him freaking out.

Lampliter Gallery Cafe as Diner

Shawn freaks out after Lea tells him her plans for the future.


96 Avenue (between Edal & Glover) as Bus Stop

Shawn puts on music while waiting for the bus.