Movies Filmed at Beach Grove Motel

5921 12 Ave, Delta, BC V4L 1C6, Canada
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Former Erik's Restaurant from The X-Files
730 m

Boundary Bay Regional Park from Stargate SG-1 and 2 other movies.
1.1 km

Beach Grove Park from Battlestar Galactica
1.2 km

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The Good Doctor


Lea instructs Shawn on the proper way to end a date but in the morning she finds him freaking out in episode 1x11 "Islands: Part One".

The X-Files

Gateway Motor Lodge

Mulder and Scully stay at a motel near Ellis Air Base in episode 1x02 "Deep Throat".

St. Rachel Motel

Scully and Mulder check into the local motel late at night and later Dean shows up in a panic after seeing his doppelgänger in episode 11x03 "Plus One".