“Hot Burning Flames” Filming Locations

Kurt & Jane's relationship is in trouble after a terrible revelation but they must put that aside to recover a pair of stolen nuclear warheads.

Blindspot episode “Hot Burning Flames” was filmed in Marrakesh in Morocco and New York in the United States of America.

Palais Namaskar as Marrakesh Hotel

Roman heads to Marrakesh for his new job and finds Hank Crawford's chief of operations Victor waiting with a mission.

Stark Carpet Corp. as Nuclear Weapons Warehouse (exterior)

The team investigates the location of the video and find a Department of Energy investigation already taking place.

Jemâa el-Fnaa as Marrakesh Market

Roman and Victor are walking through a market after acquiring the item when they notice they are being followed.

Mosquée de la Koutoubia as Marrakesh Street

Roman is walking down the street when he finds himself ambushed and the item stolen.

Ventura Air Services (FRG) as Farmingdale Airport

Patterson locates Lana Stepulov's plane but she manages to take off before they can stop her.