Blindspot Filming Locations

A woman wakes up in the middle of Times Square with no memories and her body tattooed with clues leading to crimes which she teams up with the FBI to investigate.

Blindspot was filmed in 15 cities across 12 countries.
New York, Yonkers, White Plains, & Mt. Vernon in the United States of America, Barcelona in Spain, Venice in Italy, Reykjavík in Iceland, Cape Town in South Africa, Tokyo in Japan, Marrakesh in Morocco, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Paris in France, Sydney in Australia, London in the United Kingdom, and Zürich in Switzerland.

Building 1 (Brooklyn Navy Yard)


Jane meets with Dolan somewhere safe and they discuss how to restart Sandstorm's mission in episode 4x01 “Hella Duplicitous”. Jane gives Violet the list of potential black-sites where the CIA might be holding Sheppard in episode 4x05 “Naughty Monkey Kicks at Tree”.

Appears in 5 additional episodes.
FBI Headquarters Lobby

Weller is talking to Allie in the lobby about Jane when the lockdown sounds and they wait for the biohazard team in episode 4x04 “Sous-Vide”.

Steiner Studios

Steiner Studios

Weller joins a film production as their new FBI consultant to get close to the star of the film, Keith Rhodes in episode 3x06 “Adoring Suspect”.

Parking Lot

Appears in “Persecute Envoys”.

Parking Lot

Appears in “Older Cutthroat Canyon”.

Safe House

Remi calls Weller and warns him not to get in her way in episode 4x07 “Case: Sun, Moon, and the Truth”.

FBI Building (loading dock)

Patterson hops in the truck with Zapata and takes off the old man mask in episode 3x08 “City Folks Under Wraps”.


Derek calls John Saya to report on the teams involvement in episode 3x10 “Balance of Might”.

The Battery

Battery Park

Jane convinces Weller to let her come along and then the group gets on a boat heading to Liberty Island in pilot episode.

Liberty Island

The team lands on Liberty Island and runs into the base of the Statue of Liberty in pilot episode.

Pont de Bir-Hakeim

Paris Plaza

Blake meets with Zapata who tells her to be more aggressive in securing the permanent CEO job at her family's company in episode 4x01 “Hella Duplicitous”. Zapata walks past the Eiffel Tower to her meeting with Burke in episode 4x02 “My Art Project”.

West 134th Street & 12th Avenue


Jane almost catches up with Dolan when Reade slams into his car from the side causing it to crash off the road in episode 4x01 “Hella Duplicitous”.

Under the Brooklyn Bridge

Jane is walking beside the bridge when she has a hallucination of Roman that plays on her fears in episode 4x01 “Hella Duplicitous”.

221 East 17th Street

Weller's Apartment

The gang says goodbye to Jane and Weller as they leave in their moving truck for Colorado. Later, after they move back to New York, Weller goes outside for some snacks and is approached by Roman in episode 3x01 “Back to the Grind”. Weller remembers his conversation with Roman the night before and what he was asked to do in episode 3x02 “Enemy Bag of Tricks”.

Hotel Ohla Barcelona

Crawford Penthouse

Blake invites Roman over after the attack and she tells him a true story about her father in episode 3x06 “Adoring Suspect”. Roman drives Blake back to her hotel after evading her guard and she invites him to dinner with her father, Hank Crawford, who offers Roman a job in episode 3x08 “City Folks Under Wraps”.

Signal Hill

Signal Hill

Roman meets Blake on a hill overlooking Cape Town in episode 3x22 “In Memory”.

J. Gold Build.

Tokyo Tattoo Parlor

Reade watches Akiko as she leaves the tattoo parlor and walks down the street with her bodyguards in episode 4x01 “Hella Duplicitous”.

2 Gramatan Avenue

Municipal Workers Association

The team pulls up outside a hostage situation that they were clued into by the tattoos in episode 1x05 “Split the Law”.

Jemâa el-Fnaa

Marrakesh Market

Roman and Victor are walking through a market after acquiring the item when they notice they are being followed in episode 3x09 “Hot Burning Flames”.

New York Times Building

The Booky Bentley Company

Jane accompanies Rich Dotcom to the production company to so he can pitch a movie as cover for their theft in episode 3x06 “Adoring Suspect”.

Palais Namaskar

Marrakesh Hotel

Roman heads to Marrakesh for his new job and finds Hank Crawford's chief of operations Victor waiting with a mission in episode 3x09 “Hot Burning Flames”.

5 Eldridge Street

Chinatown Apartment

Weller & Zapata investigate an apartment in Chinatown they were led to by one of Jane's tattoos while Jane and Reade wait outside in pilot episode.

28 Klaasens Road

Kruger Home

The team arrives at the coordinates Roman left them and Jane realizes it was home she once lived with Roman and their parents in episode 3x22 “In Memory”.

Pier 88

Manhattan Cruise Terminal

Jane and Weller head to the cruise terminal to locate and stop the biological weapon in episode 1x04 “Bone May Rot”.


Amsterdam Draw Bridge

Zapata runs ahead of the man in a suit who is chasing her through the city in episode 4x04 “Sous-Vide”.

Marina Swing Bridge

Cape Town Marina Bridge

Blake calls Roman and tells him that she is in Cape Town looking for him in episode 3x22 “In Memory”.

Ravel Hotel

The Sloan Hotel

Jane and Kurt track the bomb to a tech conference and rush to evacuate everyone and defuse the bomb in episode 3x10 “Balance of Might”.

Digi Plus

Electronics Store

The team tracks the car involved in the robbery and Jane gets into a fight with the suspect in episode 1x03 “Eight Slim Grins”.

11 Waverly Avenue

Meeting Spot

Jane rushes to meet her Sandstorm contact Dolan and convince him to trust her before the FBI arrives in episode 4x01 “Hella Duplicitous”.

Nobel Square

Cape Town Waterfront

Reade introduces Jane and Weller to their local intelligence liaison in episode 3x22 “In Memory”.

St Mark's Clocktower

St Mark's Clocktower

Jane and Weller follow the clues to the top of the clocktower and find a package from Roman waiting for them in episode 3x01 “Back to the Grind”.

Stark Carpet Corp.

Nuclear Weapons Warehouse (exterior)

The team investigates the location of the video and find a Department of Energy investigation already taking place in episode 3x09 “Hot Burning Flames”.