“The Resurrection” Filming Locations

Jefferson Pierce is just trying to raise his daughters and run a safe school for his students, but police racism and gang violence lead him back to his life as the superhero Black Lightning to protect what he loves.

Series: Black Lightning Season 1, Episode 1
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Black Lightning episode "The Resurrection" was filmed in Atlanta in United States of America.
Show Map

Alley (south of Cone, east of Walton) as Alley behind Club One Hundred

Jefferson is leaving the club when two cops arrive and demand his surrender.


307 Joseph E. Lowery Boulevard Northwest as One Hundred Hangout

Jefferson heads to Lala's place to talk with him about Will's incident at the school.


Economy Inn as Seahorse Motel

After Anissa and Jennifer are kidnapped and taken to the hotel, Jefferson dons his Black Lightning suit and heads there to rescue them.


Cone Street Northwest & Walton Street Northwest as Intersection

Lala is sitting at a stop light when Tobias Whale's car drives up to summon him to a meeting.