“Kitten” Filming Locations

Skinner goes missing sending Mulder and Scully on an investigation into his past during the Vietnam war.

Series: The X-Files Season 11, Episode 6
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The X-Files episode "Kitten" was filmed in Vancouver in Canada.
Show Map

Blieberger Farm as Vietnam Jungle

A young Skinner is tasked with transporting a mysterious crate during the Vietnam war.


33a Avenue (between 34 & 41b) as Welcome to Mud Luck Sign

Mulder and Scully discuss their increasing unease with Skinner while driving into town.


Ladner Community Centre as Mud Lick Morgue (exterior)

An odd begger talks to Mulder about a Kitten while they are entering the morgue.


Ladner Pioneer Library as Mud Lick Police Department (exterior)

Scully and Mulder leave the police station and Mulder remembers the homeless man he encountered earlier.

Delta Heritage Air Park as Airfield

A pair of individuals load a crate of chemicals into a small plane.


Farm (off 104 Street) as Farm

A crop duster drops the chemicals on a field.