The X-Files Filming Locations

A pair of FBI agents investigate supernatural and extraterrestrial mysteries and uncover government conspiracies.

Part of the X-Files series
The X-Files was filmed in Vancouver & Britannia Beach in Canada and Los Angeles & Piru in United States of America.

CBC Vancouver Broadcast Centre

FBI Headquarters (bullpen & Mulder's office)

Scully walks though the bullpen on the way to her meeting, and later she heads downstairs to Mulder's basement office in pilot episode.

Crease Clinic (Riverview Hospital)

Raymon County State Psychiatric Hospital (interior)

Mulder and Scully go inside the hospital to question Billy Miles and Peggy O'Neil and Mulder is able to confirm that Peggy has the bumps on her back in pilot episode.

Bethesda Naval Hospital

Mulder & Scully are summoned by some mysterious government agents to investigate some strange deaths in episode 1x06 "Shadows".

Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital

Scully calls Mulder from the hospital where she is working to let him know about Tad Tad O'Malley in episode 10x01 "My Struggle". The agents talk to Sister Mary about the involvement of Augustus Goldman with the hospital in episode 10x02 "Founder's Mutation". Scully and Einstein work to cure the sickness in episode 10x06 "My Struggle II". Mulder gets a message from Jeffrey Spender and is followed away by mysterious driver in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III".

Trashman Hideout (interior)

Scully and Mulder search the dark basement for the Trashman and confront the artist who created it in episode 10x04 "Home Again".

Franklin Hospital (interior)

Daryl Landry is overseeing the homeless settlement when he follows a sound into an empty wing of the hospital in episode 10x04 "Home Again".

Beatus Medical Center

Scully sits by her mother in the hospital while she is in a coma in episode 10x04 "Home Again".

Excelsis Dei (interior)

From episode 2x11 "Excelsis Dei".

Source: Christina McClellan

Henrico County Jail

Mulder and Scully interview Arkie Seavers with his lawyer present in episode 11x03 "Plus One".

Erindale Apartments (interior)

Mulder and Scully question the landlord at the apartment building about the mysterious tenants upstairs and then Mulder heads to the basement to search for Scully in episode 11x09 "Nothing Lasts Forever".

West Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Raymon County State Psychiatric Hospital (exterior)

Mulder and Scully question Dr. Glass about their patients, and later Mulder explains his alien abduction theory to Scully in pilot episode.

Excelsis Dei (exterior)

From episode 2x11 "Excelsis Dei".

Queen Elizabeth Park

Bellefleur Cemetery

Mulder and Scully head to the cemetery for the exhumation the body of Ray Soames in pilot episode.

Marine Drive (between Martin & Johnston)

Driving into Bellefleur

Scully and Mulder drive down the coast into town in pilot episode.


MacGyver Cabin (LSCR)

Collum National Forest

Mulder and Scully investigate the forest where Karen Swenson is found dead in pilot episode.

Cedar Lane Motel

Bellefleur Motel

Scully writes her report on the case, and later their room is burned down in pilot episode.

Source: IMDb


Southwest Marine Drive & Old Marine Drive

Bellefleur Town Sign

Mulder & Scully drive past the town sign in pilot episode.


Cambie Street (between 28th & 29th)

Rural Highway 133

Mulder and Scully arrive at the scene of an accident where Peggy O'Dell is killed after she ran in front of a car in pilot episode.


Old Marine Drive

Drawing X

Mulder stops to draw an X on the road in spray paint, and later their car loses power at the same spot and they lose time in pilot episode.

The BC Hydro Centre

FBI Headquarters (lobby)

Scully enters the FBI building and talks to the receptionist in pilot episode.

Bellefleur M.E.'s Office

Scully examines the burned body of Ray Soames while Mulder takes photos in pilot episode.


Centre for Applied Research & Innovation (BCIT)

FBI Headquarters (offices)

Scully meets with Scott Blevins and gets her assignment to work with Mulder in pilot episode.

Pentagon Storage Room

The Smoking Man places the implant in a box in a massive warehouse in pilot episode.


Southwest Marine Drive (between Westbrook & Kullahun)

Driving to Bellefleur

Scully reads the case file while Mulder drives towards the town in pilot episode.

Road to South Carolina

Mulder drives to the Cigarette Smoking Man's hideout while ducking calls from Skinner and Scully in episode 10x06 "My Struggle II".

Hilltop Cafe

The Flying Saucer

Mulder and Scully talk with the cafe owner who shows them photos of UFOs in episode 1x02 "Deep Throat".

Boundary Bay Regional Airport

Ellis Air Base (runway)

Mulder sneaks onto the base and sees one of the UFOs flying, but he is captured and brought into the hanger in episode 1x02 "Deep Throat".

Beach Grove Motel

Gateway Motor Lodge

Mulder and Scully stay at a motel near Ellis Air Base in episode 1x02 "Deep Throat".

St. Rachel Motel

Scully and Mulder check into the local motel late at night and later Dean shows up in a panic after seeing his doppelgänger in episode 11x03 "Plus One".

321 Fourth Avenue

Budahas House

The military police from the nearby base raid the house and find Lt. Col. Robert Budahas having a breakdown in episode 1x02 "Deep Throat".

405 Fourth Avenue

Colonel Kissel's House

Scully and Mulder confront Colonel Kissel outside his home about the Aurora Project but are quickly rebuffed in episode 1x02 "Deep Throat".


Former Airport Road & 80th Street

Ellis Air Base (gate)

Scully forces Paul Mossinger to drive to the base at gunpoint and picks up Mulder at the gate in episode 1x02 "Deep Throat".


Washington D.C. Bar

Mulder is going over case files with Scully at a bar when he is approached by someone warning him off in episode 1x02 "Deep Throat".


Former Erik's Restaurant


Scully and Mulder take Emil and Zoe to a diner to discuss what they saw at the base in episode 1x02 "Deep Throat".

South Delta Secondary School

Running Track

Mulder is running the track when Deep Throat approaches him once again in episode 1x02 "Deep Throat".


Riverview Hospital

Druid Hill Sanitarium

Scully and Mulder watch Tooms where he is being held in a mental hospital in episode 1x03 "Squeeze".

Whiting Institute for the Criminally Insane

Mulder and Scully enter a secure psychiatric facility to question Eve 6 about the cloning program in episode 1x11 "Eve".

750 Pacific Boulevard

Washington D.C. Restaurant

Scully has lunch with an old colleague Tom Colton and he tells her about his new case in episode 1x03 "Squeeze".

West Hastings Street (between Thurlow & Burrard)

Baltimore Street

George Usher leaves a restaurant and walks back to his car while being watched by Tooms in episode 1x03 "Squeeze".

F.B.I. Headquarters

Scully parks her car on the street outside headquarters and later she has to fight her way through the riot to get to it in episode 10x06 "My Struggle II".

610 Jervis Street

Scully's Apartment (exterior)

Scully enters her apartment while being watched by Tooms in episode 1x03 "Squeeze".


Alley (south of Cordova, west of Carrall)

66 Exeter Street (exterior)

Mulder and Scully head to the address where they believe Eugene Victor Tooms is living and set several FBI agents on a stakeout in episode 1x03 "Squeeze".

1 West Cordova Street

66 Exeter Street (interior)

Mulder finds a hidden hole in the wall while searching Eugene Victor Tooms's former apartment in episode 1x03 "Squeeze".

EasyPark (Columbia & Cordova)

Office Parking Garage

Scully stakes out the parking garage of George Usher's office where She and Mulder capture Eugene Victor Tooms in episode 1x03 "Squeeze".

510 Burrard Street

George Usher's Office

George Usher is murdered inside his securely locked office in episode 1x03 "Squeeze".

Vancouver Art Gallery

Sioux City Library (interior)

Scully and Mulder talk to a friend of Ruby Morris who claims she ran away with her boyfriend in episode 1x04 "Conduit".

North Beach (Buntzen Lake)

Lake Okobogee

A young girl disappears while her family is camping by the lakeside in episode 1x04 "Conduit".


Pennsylvania Hotel & Pub

Pennsylvania Pub

Mulder and Scully ask questions about Ruby Morris's boyfriend at his work in episode 1x04 "Conduit".


2434 West 6th Avenue

Morris House

Scully and Mulder head to the home of the young girl who was abducted and talk to her mother and brother in episode 1x04 "Conduit".

Accent Inn (Richmond)

Stay 'n Save Motor Inn

Scully's room is invaded by NSA agents who want to know where Mulder got the sheet of classified information in episode 1x04 "Conduit".


Christ Church Cathedral

Washington D.C. Church

Mulder prays at the church while thinking of his sister in episode 1x04 "Conduit".


West 16th Avenue & Southwest Marine Drive

Sioux City Highway

Scully & Mulder drive down the highway to investigate Lake Okobogee in episode 1x04 "Conduit".


St. Vincent's Hospital Langara

Sioux Falls Hospital

Mulder and Scully head to the hospital to question Ruby Morris about her experience but are rebuffed by her mother in episode 1x04 "Conduit".

2212 10th Avenue

Sioux City Sheriff's Department (exterior)

Scully tries to convince Mulder that antagonizing the local police isn't in their best interest when he finds a note on their car in episode 1x04 "Conduit".

St. John's School

Sioux City Library (exterior)

A mysterious woman has Mulder and Scully follow her into the local library in episode 1x04 "Conduit".

HTG Industrial Technologies (exterior)

The agents watch Lauren Kyte argue with someone who is trying to replace her former bosses's parking space in episode 1x06 "Shadows".

Spur 4 Bridge (LSCR)

Atlantic City Woods Stream

Ranger Brullet takes Mulder into the woods near where there was a strange sighting in episode 1x05 "The Jersey Devil".

Pacific Central Station

Atlantic City Police Station

Mulder and Scully walk out the police station after being kicked out by the local police and Scully heads back to D.C. while Mulder stays in town in episode 1x05 "The Jersey Devil".


The Eastside Flea

Atlantic City Diner

Mulder and Scully talk about what Scully missed in the case in episode 1x05 "The Jersey Devil".


1451 Angus Drive

Ellen's House

Scully attends her godson's birthday party in episode 1x05 "The Jersey Devil".

Scully's Date

Scully goes on a date with the man she met at her godson's birthday party but it is interrupted by a page from Mulder in episode 1x05 "The Jersey Devil".

Rob's Office

Rob calls Scully from his office and invites her out on another date in episode 1x05 "The Jersey Devil".

Bosham Estate

A man spontaneously combusts out front of his house in England in episode 1x12 "Fire".

Twin Bridges (LSCR)

Atlantic City Woods Bridge

Mulder, Scully, Ranger Brullet, and Dr. Diamond track the Devil and manage to tranq her, only to have the sheriff and his posse kill her in episode 1x05 "The Jersey Devil".


Station Street (between Prior & National)

Outskirts of Atlantic City

Mulder walks into town and asks several homeless people about the murdered man in episode 1x05 "The Jersey Devil".


Mountain View Cemetery


Mulder and Scully follow Lauren Kyte to the cemetery where she is putting flowers on her boss's grave in episode 1x06 "Shadows".

Colonel Belt's Funeral

Mulder & Scully attend Colonel Belt's funeral in episode 1x09 "Space".


858 East 15th Avenue

Lauren Kyte's House

Scully and Mulder question Lauren Kyte about the two men who attacked her in episode 1x06 "Shadows".


East 15th Avenue & St. Catherine's Street


Mulder and Scully's car is hit by another car while running out of control in episode 1x06 "Shadows".


6749 Macdonald Street

Brad Wilczek's House

Mulder and Scully visit Brad Wilczek's smarthome and interview him about the murder in episode 1x07 "Ghost in the Machine".


Bob Prittie Metrotown (Burnaby Public Library)

Eurisko World Headquarters (parking garage)

Mulder and Scully attempt to enter the headquarters using Brad Wilczek license plate in episode 1x07 "Ghost in the Machine".

F.B.I. Headquarters (boardroom)

Jerry Lamana presents Mulder's profile as his own to the FBI and gets chewed out by Mulder in episode 1x07 "Ghost in the Machine".

Metrotown Tower II

Eurisko World Headquarters (lobby)

Scully and Mulder arrive at the company headquarters where an executive was killed under mysterious circumstances in episode 1x07 "Ghost in the Machine".

Meeting Deep Throat

Mulder meets with Deep Throat to get information on Eurisko in episode 1x07 "Ghost in the Machine".


Burnaby Civic Square

Talking to Scully

Mulder tells Scully about the A.I. murderer in episode 1x07 "Ghost in the Machine".

Bonsor Tennis Courts (Burnaby Central Park)

Another Deep Throat Meeting

Mulder meets with Deep Throat again to learn about what happened to Brad Wilczek in episode 1x07 "Ghost in the Machine".

Delta Heritage Air Park

Doolittle Airfield

Mulder and Scully arrive at a small airfield in Alaska and meet with their team in episode 1x08 "Ice".


A pair of individuals load a crate of chemicals into a small plane in episode 11x06 "Kitten".

Robson Square

Meeting Monica Reyes

Scully meets with her old colleague Monica Reyes and learns about the Cigarette Smoking Man's plan in episode 10x06 "My Struggle II".

Washington D.C. Square

Michelle Generoo approaches Mulder & Scully and gives them the leaked x-rays in episode 1x09 "Space".

The Sutton Place Hotel

Colonel Belt's Hotel

The spirit leaves Colonel Belt to cause trouble while he is sleeping in episode 1x09 "Space".

Mulder & Scully's Hotel

Scully and Mulder are getting ready to head home when Michelle Generoo runs up and tells them something is wrong with the orbiter in episode 1x09 "Space".

Robson Square Campus (UBC)

Houston Mission Control

The shuttle launch is aborted at the last minute in episode 1x09 "Space".


CAE Vancouver Training Centre (YVR)

Johnson Space Center (hanger)

Mulder and Scully arrive at the space center in Houston to investigate potential sabotage in episode 1x09 "Space".

Academic Quadrangle (SFU)

Washington D.C. Square

Chief McGrath meets with Deep Throat and asks why he didn't want Mulder fired in episode 1x10 "Fallen Angel".


Travelodge Vancouver Lions Gate

Budget-Rest Motel

Mulder runs his investigation into the U.F.O. from a local motel where Max Fenig is staying in his van in episode 1x10 "Fallen Angel".

Former Wallace Shipyards

Lake Michigan Waterfront

Max Fenig hides from the soldiers in a warehouse on the docks where Mulder and Scully find him in episode 1x10 "Fallen Angel".

Shaughnessy Building (BC Children's Hospital)

Townsend County Hospital

Scully and Mulder are talking to the doctor about the injured fire fighters when a bunch of soldiers are brought in for medical help in episode 1x10 "Fallen Angel".


Water Tower Building (SFU)

U.S. Microwave Substation B21

A group of soldiers are attacked by the creature from the crash in episode 1x10 "Fallen Angel".


Seymour Mainline (near Gravel Pit) (LSCR)

Townsend Forest Road

A sheriff's depute is attacked while investigating a strange fire in the forest in episode 1x10 "Fallen Angel".

News Report

Mulder watches a news report on the evacuation of Townsend in episode 1x10 "Fallen Angel".

North Shore Studios

Luther Staples Center for Reproductive Medicine

Scully talks to the doctor in charge of the clinic where both families went for their IVF in episode 1x11 "Eve".


Scully tells Mulder that they need to ditch all of their electronics so they cannot be tracked in episode 11x07 "Rm9sbG93ZXJz".

Town of Eastwood Police Department (interior)

Officer Eggers identifies a local sexual predator while Scully talks to the Chief of Police in episode 11x08 "Familiar".

Sidharth Grill

Hi-Way 49 Cafe

Scully and Mulder take the twins to a roadside diner and the girls poison their sodas while they're in the bathroom in episode 1x11 "Eve".


Lynnwood Marina

Deep Throat at Marina

Deep Throat calls Mulder to talk about the Litchfield program in episode 1x11 "Eve".


Former Seacrest Motel & RV Park

Pt. Reyes National Seashore Motel

Dr. Sally Kendrick takes the two clones to a motel and the FBI later follows in episode 1x11 "Eve".

Hotel Vancouver

Venable Plaza Hotel

A fire starts in the hotel where the Marsdens are attending an event in D.C. and Cecil L'Ively saves the children in episode 1x12 "Fire".


Cape Cod House

The Marsden family takes residence in a rental home in Cape Cod while the attempt on their lives is investigated in episode 1x12 "Fire".

Robson Street & Seymour Street

Walking to Car

Mulder and Phoebe Green chat while walking back to their car after visiting the hospital in episode 1x12 "Fire".


The Shops at Vancouver Centre Garage

Parking Garage

Mulder and Scully are getting into their car when they find a surprise from Mulder's old friend Phoebe Green in episode 1x12 "Fire".


Porteau Cove Railway Siding

Exploding Train Car

From episode 3x10 "731".

Source: IMDb


Eagle Rock Substation

Abandoned Power Plant

From episode 6x09 "S.R. 819".

Source: IMDb


Griffith Park

From episode 6x18 "Milagro".

Source: IMDb


First Congregational Church


From episode 6x18 "Milagro".

Source: IMDb


John Ferraro Building

Washington National Hospital

From episode 7x17 "All Things".

Source: IMDb


S.S. Lane Victory

USS Valor Victory

Source: IMDb


Blieberger Farm

Mulder's House

Tad O'Malley arrives to pick Mulder up in his helicopter, and later Scully visits and they discuss the conspiracy in episode 10x01 "My Struggle". Scully talks to Mulder at his home in episode 10x05 "Babylon". The house is attacked by a small team of private military contractors in episode 11x02 "This". Mulder comes home and finds himself beset upon by drones in episode 11x07 "Rm9sbG93ZXJz".

Source: X-Files News

Sveta's House

Mulder and Scully arrive at Sveta's house in Tad O'Malley's limo and question her about her abductions in episode 10x01 "My Struggle".

Source: X-Files News

Vietnam Jungle

A young Skinner is tasked with transporting a mysterious crate during the Vietnam war in episode 11x06 "Kitten".

Catalyst Paper Corporation

ARV Hanger

Tad O'Malley takes Mulder to the secret hanger to show him an aircraft built with alien technology in episode 10x01 "My Struggle".

Colebrook Frontage Road

Sveta & UFO

Sveta is driving away down a remote country road when he car loses power and a UFO appears overhead in episode 10x01 "My Struggle".

West Hastings Street & Hornby Street

Downtown Washington D.C.

Scully and Mulder meet up for the first time in awhile and are joined by Tad O'Malley who offers them a ride in episode 10x01 "My Struggle".

Source: YVRShoots


North Shore Winter Club

Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital Parking Garage

Scully is walking to her car when she spies a message from Mulder written in the dust in episode 10x01 "My Struggle".

Source: X-Files News

Secret Meeting Garage

Mulder is summoned to a meeting with a strange individual claiming that everyone's memory has been changed in episode 11x04 "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat".

Main Mall (between Biological Sciences & Stores) (UBC)

National Mall

Mulder meets with an old contact and asks whether his new theory is correct in episode 10x01 "My Struggle".

West Hastings Street (between Hornby & Howe)

Side of the Road

Scully has Tad O'Malley pull over so she can talk to Mulder on the phone in episode 10x01 "My Struggle".

Source: YVRShoots

1776 Cornwall Road (field)

Roswell Crash

A young doctor is brought to the site of the Roswell crash to investigate in episode 10x01 "My Struggle".

The Ironworks

Dr. Sanjay's Apartment

While searching Dr. Sanjay's secret apartment, Mulder hears the same noise that Sanjay heard in episode 10x02 "Founder's Mutation".

The Blarney Stone

Corner Pocket Bar

Mulder meets with Gupta, a mysterious contact from Dr. Sanjay's phone in episode 10x02 "Founder's Mutation".

Aerospace Technology Campus (BCIT)

Nugenics Technology

Dr. Sanjay breaks down during a meeting and Mulder and Scully are brought in to investigate his death in episode 10x02 "Founder's Mutation".

Blood Alley / Trounce Alley (south of Water, west of Carrall)

Dupont Circle Alley

Scully and Mulder talk while driving to Dr. Sanjay's secret apartment in episode 10x02 "Founder's Mutation".

23539 Rawlison Crescent

Kyle's House

Mulder and Scully head to the home of Kyle Gilligan where they talk to his mother in episode 10x02 "Founder's Mutation".


Queen Mary Elementary School

School in Dream

Scully dreams of taking William to school in episode 10x02 "Founder's Mutation".

Nat & Flora Bosa Centre for Film & Animation (Capilano University)

Goldman Technology (exterior)

Mulder and Scully head to question Augustus Goldman at his research facility and later are told that everything has been classified in episode 10x02 "Founder's Mutation".

Valleyview Pavilion (Riverview Hospital)

Goldman Technology (interior)

Augustus Goldman shows Mulder and Scully the children he is studying in his lab in episode 10x02 "Founder's Mutation".

Saint Elizabeth Hospital

Mulder and Scully talk to Jackie Goldman and learn about her daughter in episode 10x02 "Founder's Mutation".


Bridgeway Street Tunnel

Body in Underpass

The police call Scully and Mulder to where Agnes was killed in a hit-and-run in episode 10x02 "Founder's Mutation".


Keith Road West (between Mahon & Chesterfield)

Street in Dream

In her dream, Scully imagines William being taken away in an ambulance in episode 10x02 "Founder's Mutation".

Campbell River Store

Campbell River Store

A woman is attacked by the strange creature and then Scully and Mulder proceed to chase it around the gas station in episode 10x03 "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster".

Animal Control Office

Scully talks to Mulder on the phone while waiting for the animal control officer in episode 10x03 "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster".

North Vancouver Cemetery


Mulder finds Guy Mann at the cemetery and gets the whole story out of him in episode 10x03 "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster".

Tourism Surrey Visitor Centre

Andy's Burgers

Guy Mann tries to order a burger while walking through the drive-through in episode 10x03 "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster".


Tom Harris Cellular

Smart Phones Is Us!

Scully finds the monster-man at his work and calls Mulder in episode 10x03 "Mulder & Scully Meet the Were-Monster".

Arch Alley (south of Hastings, west of Abbott)

Homeless in Alley

Mulder interrupts an argument between Nancy Huff and Daryl Landry in episode 10x04 "Home Again".

Centre Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Trashman Hideout (exterior)

Scully and Mulder follow the kid who bought the spray paint into a building in episode 10x04 "Home Again".

Franklin Hospital (exterior)

The homeless people are unloaded off a bus at the hospital in episode 10x04 "Home Again".


Cates Park

Ashes on Beach

Scully talks to Mulder about their son in episode 10x04 "Home Again".

Edgett Building

H.U.B. Field Office

Joseph Cutler is killed by the Trashman in his office and Mulder & Scull are brought in to investigate in episode 10x04 "Home Again".

Carrall Street Church

Hardware Store

Scully watches from outside the store where the spray paints are sold in episode 10x04 "Home Again".

West Cordova Street (between Abbott & Carrall)

Homeless Street Cleaning

Daryl Landry watches while Joseph Cutler leads the hosing of homeless people on the street in episode 10x04 "Home Again".

Source: YVRShoots

BC Place Stadium

Dulles Concorse

Agents Einstein and Miller are waiting at the airport when they are called by Mulder and Scully respectively in episode 10x05 "Babylon".

East Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Texan Hospital

Miller and Scully arrive at the hospital where Shiraz is being kept alive and discuss how to communicate with him in episode 10x05 "Babylon".

Henrico County Psychiatric Hospital

Scully talks to Dr. Babsi Russel about the rash of incidents and takes special interest in one of the patients, Judy Poundstone in episode 11x03 "Plus One".


Westward Inn & Suites

Babylon Motel

Shiraz arrives at the motel which SWAT later raids in episode 10x05 "Babylon".

Roosters Country Cabaret

Country Bar

Mulder hallucinates while tripping on mushrooms in episode 10x05 "Babylon".

Elements Casino

Texas Airport

Miller picks up Scully at the airport, and later Einstein picks up Mulder in episode 10x05 "Babylon".


611 Alexander Street

Trumpet Video

Mulder shows Scully a video of people hearing strange trumpeting from the heavens in episode 10x05 "Babylon".


Parking Lot (on Railway Street)

Ziggura Gallery

An art gallery explodes after Shiraz enters it in episode 10x05 "Babylon".

Cecil Green Park House (UBC)

Cigarette Smoking Man's Mansion

The Cigarette Smoking Man takes a phone call about the Tad O'Malley situation in episode 10x01 "My Struggle". Mulder confronts the Smoking Man in his mansion in episode 10x06 "My Struggle II". The Smoking Man talks to Reyes about his plan and Mulder arrives but finds that the Smoking Man has already left in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III".


Georgia Viaduct

Southeast Freeway

Scully works her way through traffic to Mulder and Miller with the cure in episode 10x06 "My Struggle II". Mulder is heading down the highway when he notices someone following him and speeds up to evade pursuit in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III".

North Lawn Building (Riverview Hospital)

Cigarette Smoking Man's Hospital

In a flashback, Monica Reyes is recruited by the Cigarette Smoking Man while he is recovering from his burns in episode 10x06 "My Struggle II".

Our Lady of Sorrows Hospital (interior)

Scully is taken to the hospital for treatment after her seizure in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III".

1745 West 8th Avenue

FBI Parking Garage

Reyes and the Smoking Man approach Skinner with an offer for the cure in exchange for Scully's son in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III". Reggie approaches Mulder again with new theories but Scully arrives with information on his true history in episode 11x04 "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat".

The 209

Jeffrey Spender is taking out the trash when someone tries to hit him with their car and get information on Mulder & Scully's son in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III".

Titanpointe Building

Mulder and Scully infiltrate the building with the simulation servers through the adjacent federal building in episode 11x02 "This".

Government Offices

Reggie works in an assortment of government jobs over the years in episode 11x04 "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat".

West Cordova Street (between Thurlow & Burrard)

Street Ramp

Mulder hides out of sight as the pursuer drives past in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III".

West 8th Avenue (between Burrard & Pine)

Parking Spot

Scully has another seizure while driving and crashes her car in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III".

West Hastings Street & Thurlow Street


Mulder races through a red light and casuses his pursuer to crash in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III".


Southwest Marine Drive & Wesbrook Mall


Mulder talks to Scully on the phone as he drives south in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III".

Thurlow Street (between Pender & Melville)


The driver continues his pursuit of Mulder in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III".


Northwest Marine Drive (between Wesbrook & Acadia)

Winding Road

Mulder follows his former pursuer down the road through South Carolina in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III".


Main Street (between National & Terminal)


Mulder is pursued through traffic by the mysterious driver in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III".


Prior Street & Main Street

Highway Exit

Mulder and his pursuer exit the highway in episode 11x01 "My Struggle III".

Henry Esson Young Building (Riverview Hospital)

Semple Technical Academy

Mulder and Scully track down Professor Karah Hamby who tells them about the computer simulation Ringo is trapped inside in episode 11x02 "This".


A doctor walks out of the hospital and sees a cooler of organs left outside in episode 11x09 "Nothing Lasts Forever".

208 Street (between 102b & Yeomans)


The group of mercenaries drive down the road to Mulder's house in episode 11x02 "This".


3175 West 57th Avenue

Dean Cavalier's House

Dean Cavalier tries to remove everything dangerous from his house but the doppelgänger appears before he can in episode 11x03 "Plus One".


Murrayville Community Memorial Hall


Arkie Seavers is at a concert when he sees his doppelgänger in the crowd in episode 11x03 "Plus One".


Holly Drive (between Colony Farm & Fern) (Riverview Hospital)

Crash Site

Arkie Seavers's doppelgänger takes the wheel and crashes his car into a tree in episode 11x03 "Plus One".

Ovaltine Cafe


In what is apparently an old episode of the Twilight Zone, a man sits in a diner complaining that Martians have invaded the planet in episode 11x04 "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat".


Quarry Lookout (Cypress Mountain)

Alien Landing Site

Reggie tells the story of the last case of the X-Files in episode 11x04 "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat".

Morton Park

Statue Park

Mulder meets with the mysterious Dr. They who talks about the post-truth world in episode 11x04 "The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat".


Queen of Sidney


Two teenagers search an abandoned ship for the strange creature known as Ghouli and end up attacking one another in episode 11x05 "Ghouli".


Arcade Gas Station

Arcade Gas Station

Scully runs into the mysterious man at the windmill gas station and only later realizes it is Jackson Van De Kamp in episode 11x05 "Ghouli".


4676 Decourcy Court

Van De Kamp House

Scully has a sleeping vision in a strange house and during their investigation she and Mulder identify it as the home of Jackson Van De Kamp in episode 11x05 "Ghouli".

Ladner Community Centre

Mud Lick Morgue (exterior)

An odd begger talks to Mulder about a Kitten while they are entering the morgue in episode 11x06 "Kitten".

Ladner Pioneer Library

Mud Lick Police Department (exterior)

Scully and Mulder leave the police station and Mulder remembers the homeless man he encountered earlier in episode 11x06 "Kitten".

Farm (off 104 Street)


A crop duster drops the chemicals on a field in episode 11x06 "Kitten".


33a Avenue (between 34 & 41b)

Welcome to Mud Luck Sign

Mulder and Scully discuss their increasing unease with Skinner while driving into town in episode 11x06 "Kitten".


Helen's Grill


Scully and Mulder have breakfast in a nice, normal, human-staffed diner after their ordeal in episode 11x07 "Rm9sbG93ZXJz".


Old Dollarton Road & Seymour River Place


The driverless car carrying Scully speeds recklessly through town in episode 11x07 "Rm9sbG93ZXJz".


Whistler Water


Mulder and Scully take refuge in a factory but are still doggedly pursued by robots in episode 11x07 "Rm9sbG93ZXJz".

Lynn Canyon Park

Eastwood Forest

Andrew Eggers follows the creepy figure into the woods and soon after his mother Diana follows looking for him in episode 11x08 "Familiar".

St. Helen's Anglican Church

Eastwood Church

The whole town attends the funeral for Andrew Eggers and afterwards Officer Wentworth ends up telling the boy's father about the profile Scully came up with in episode 11x08 "Familiar".

Source: IMDb


McIntosh Avenue (between 223 & 224)

Eastwood Street

The Chief and Scully chase Officer Eggers through town in episode 11x08 "Familiar".


McIntosh Avenue (between 224 & Haney)

Street near Station

Officer Eggers races down the street away from the station in episode 11x08 "Familiar".


Hillside Community Church

Eastwood Courthouse (interior)

Mulder and Scully sit in on Officer Eggers arraignment for the murder of Melvin Peter in episode 11x08 "Familiar".

Town of Eastwood Police Department (exterior)

Scully follows the Chief outside and they see Officer Eggers speeding off in a squad car in episode 11x08 "Familiar".


Garibaldi Park

Ash Hill Park

A young boy is playing in the park when he sees a full sized version of his doll beckoning him in the woods in episode 11x08 "Familiar".


Randy Herman Centre for Community Safety

Eastwood Courthouse (exterior)

Officer Wentworth hands over Melvin Peter's alibi to to Scully and Mulder after the hearing in episode 11x08 "Familiar".

St. Andrew's-Wesley United Church

Cathedral of the Sacraments

Scully attends a service before the case and later returns with Mulder to light a candle in episode 11x09 "Nothing Lasts Forever".

Del Mar Inn

Erindale Apartments (exterior)

Scully and Mulder follow the tracking device to the apartment building and Juliet Bocanegra follows them inside in episode 11x09 "Nothing Lasts Forever".

Burrard Ironworks

Port Morris Iron Works

A group of doctors are harvesting the organs from a victim when woman arrives and starts killing them with stakes through the heart in episode 11x09 "Nothing Lasts Forever".


St. Francis of Assisi Roman Catholic Church

St. Joseph's Church

Mulder and Scully visit the local church while Juliet Bocanegra is talking with the priest and notice the three missing poles from outside in episode 11x09 "Nothing Lasts Forever".


2111 Alberta Street

Bocanegra House

Juliet Bocanegra washes the blood off her hands and later gets a visit from Scully and Mulder asking about her sister in episode 11x09 "Nothing Lasts Forever".


Rogers Sugar Mill

Old Sugar Factory

Mulder and Scully follow William through the old factory while being pursued by the Cigarette Smoking Man in episode 11x10 "My Struggle IV".

Deltaport Way

Interstate 81

Mulder follows the truck that William took a ride in but by the time he gets there William is already gone in episode 11x10 "My Struggle IV".


Mill & Timber Sawmill

Abandoned Sawmill

William is hiding out in an abandoned paper mill when he is chased out by the Smoking Man's agents in episode 11x10 "My Struggle IV".

Timberland Motel & Campground

Timberland Motel

Mulder tracks William to the hotel where he is staying but is followed by Erika Price and her goons in episode 11x10 "My Struggle IV".

Heli-One (YDT)


Mulder follows Monica's tip looking for William but only finds Mr. Y and his goons in episode 11x10 "My Struggle IV".


Raymur Avenue (between Cordova & Pender)


Erika Price and her goons find the bloody car of their colleague who gave William a ride in episode 11x10 "My Struggle IV".


Powell Street (between Hawks & Vernon)

Driving to Harbor

Mulder drives out to the waterfront followed by Scully and Skinner in episode 11x10 "My Struggle IV".


Tilbury Husky Centre

Tennessee Gas Station

Mulder follows a series of strange lottery winnings to a remote service station where William won some money before hitching a ride with a trucker in episode 11x10 "My Struggle IV".


23rd Street East & St. Georges Avenue


William uses his powers to cause a massive pileup at a stop light in episode 11x10 "My Struggle IV".


Cotton Road & Gladstone Avenue


Scully and Skinner spot Mulder driving past and follow him in episode 11x10 "My Struggle IV".