“Both Sides Now” Filming Locations

The two Howards swap places with this world's Howard learning his other's secrets and the other searching for information from his local contacts.

Counterpart episode “Both Sides Now” was filmed in Berlin in Germany.

Berlin Tempelhof Airport as The Crossing

This world's Howard meets up with Peter to cross over disguised as his other.

Source: Chicago Lawyer/Author Larry Judd

Hotel de Rome as Hotel Walcot (exterior)

Source: Chicago Lawyer/Author Larry Judd

Moltke Bridge as Driving

Howard looks out at the strange new buildings on the other side.

Monbijoupark as Riverside

Peter meets the other Howard outside the office and tells him he needs to keep his head down.

Fleischerei as Fleischerei

Howard heads to meet with one of his old friends from the other side to get information on the conspiracy.

Source: Chicago Lawyer/Author Larry Judd