“Don't I Know You?” Filming Locations

Villanelle uses Eve's name while eliminating a target in Berlin prompting Eve and Bill to travel there to investigate.

Killing Eve episode “Don't I Know You?” was filmed in Berlin in Germany and London in the United Kingdom.

Monbijoustraße 2 as Hot Medica (exterior)

Zhang Wu talks to his colleagues while heading in to Hot Medica.

4 Warwick House Street as Task Force Offices

Bill and Eve talk to one another on the phone about another potential killing while they both walk to the office.

Freischwimmer as Restaurant

Eve & Bill track the Chinese officer Jin Yeong and ambush him to ask about the assassinated official.

René Lezard as Clothing Store

Eve talks to Elena about the case while picking out a dress for the evening and Villanelle lends her a hand from out of sight.

Weberwiese as Subway Station

Bill drops Eve off at the subway and then notices Villanelle watching her and stops Villanelle before she can get on the train.