Killing Eve Filming Locations

A story of obsession between a female assassin and the woman hunting her down. Based on the novellas by Luke Jennings.

Killing Eve was filmed in London in the United Kingdom, Paris in France, Berlin in Germany, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Barcelona in Spain, Bucharest in Romania, and in Italy.

4 Warwick House Street

Task Force Offices

Carolyn leads Eve the task force's offices and later Eve meets Bill and Elena outside in episode 1x02 “I'll Deal with Him Later”. Bill and Eve talk to one another on the phone about another potential killing while they both walk to the office in episode 1x03 “Don't I Know You?”.

Black Park Country Park

Forest of Dean

The Ghost is transported to a shipping container in the middle of the forest where Eve brings Villanelle for the interrogation in episode 2x05 “Smell Ya Later”.

Taplow Station

Taplow Station

Villanelle gets off the train meets her new partner Diego and and old "friend" Nadia in episode 1x04 “Sorry Baby”.

TFC Waltham Cross


Villanelle has trouble finding a mark to help her out due to her injuries but eventually settles on posing as a victim of abuse to Julian in episode 2x02 “Nice and Neat”.

Guy's Campus


Eve tracks down Bill after he leaves the office and he pushes her to identify the motive for the assassinations in episode 1x02 “I'll Deal with Him Later”.

De Belhamel

Amsterdam Cafe

A woman asks to take Villanelle's picture while she is watching her target with his family in episode 2x04 “Desperate Times”.

Gate near Field

Edge of Field

Frank hides in the bushes near his car as the three assassins riddle it with bullets in episode 1x04 “Sorry Baby”.



Konstantin takes Villanelle to the museum but she finds most of the paintings boring except one she is drawn towards in episode 2x04 “Desperate Times”.

Andrew's Cafe


Eve tells Elena and Kenny about the suitcase and instructs them to test it extensively in episode 1x04 “Sorry Baby”.

Guy's Hospital

East Middlesex Hospital

Eve visits the hospital with Dom to have another talk with Kasia Molkovska but Villanelle is in the hospital at the same time to kill Kasia in episode 1x01 “Nice Face”.

Kent & Sons

Kent & Sons

Eve meets with Carolyn and reveals what she learned about Frank in episode 1x04 “Sorry Baby”.

Cottage on Holloway Lane

Veronica Hill's Home

Villanelle and Nadia talk to Frank's mother posing as work colleagues and try to ascertain his whereabouts in episode 1x04 “Sorry Baby”.



Eve & Bill track the Chinese officer Jin Yeong and ambush him to ask about the assassinated official in episode 1x03 “Don't I Know You?”.

19 Clarendon Court

Clarendon Court

Villanelle drops a smoothie onto a target's car from a balcony above to force him to visit he car wash in episode 2x05 “Smell Ya Later”.

Koningsstraat 7

Red Light District Window

Villanelle leads Markus back to a room where she strings him up in view of the street and guts him like the painting in front of his wife in episode 2x04 “Desperate Times”.

Place Vendôme

Place Vendôme

Villanelle tries to convince Konstantin that she is okay to do another mission and she ends up stealing the postcard in episode 1x02 “I'll Deal with Him Later”.

Podere Monacianello

Villa Overlook

Villanelle has a snack and examines her target's villa through her binoculars in episode 1x01 “Nice Face”.

Villa di Monaciano

Villa di Lusso

Villanelle sneaks inside the villa to find and assassinate Cesare Greco in episode 1x01 “Nice Face”.

René Lezard

Clothing Store

Eve talks to Elena about the case while picking out a dress for the evening and Villanelle lends her a hand from out of sight in episode 1x03 “Don't I Know You?”.


Subway Station

Bill drops Eve off at the subway and then notices Villanelle watching her and stops Villanelle before she can get on the train in episode 1x03 “Don't I Know You?”.