Killing Eve Filming Locations

A story of obsession between a female assassin and the woman hunting her down. Based on the novellas by Luke Jennings.

Killing Eve was filmed in 9 cities across 7 countries.
London & Camberley in the United Kingdom, Barcelona & Seville in Spain, Paris in France, Bucharest in Romania, Berlin in Germany, Rome in Italy, and Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

Hyde Park

Serpentine Bridge

Carolyn's assistant Mo claims to finally have found the link between Paul and the Twelve in front of Serpentine Bridge in Hyde Park, then is murdered there quickly after in episode 3x07 “Beautiful Monster”.

De Belhamel

Amsterdam Cafe

A woman asks to take Villanelle's picture while she is watching her target with his family in episode 2x04 “Desperate Times”.


Villanelle shows Konstantin that she hasn't lost her edge after meeting Eve, while enjoying some Hagelslag.

Guy's Hospital

East Middlesex Hospital

Eve visits the hospital with Dom to have another talk with Kasia Molkovska but Villanelle is in the hospital at the same time to kill Kasia in episode 1x01 “Nice Face”.

Koningsstraat 7

Red Light District Window

Villanelle leads Markus back to a room where she strings him up in view of the street and guts him like the painting in front of his wife in episode 2x04 “Desperate Times”.


Subway Station

Bill drops Eve off at the subway and then notices Villanelle watching her and stops Villanelle before she can get on the train in episode 1x03 “Don't I Know You?”.

Stairs along Via di Sant'Onofrio


Konstantin provides Villanelle with a car and a gun and tries to persuade her to leave without Eve, then has a second meeting in the same location with Carolyn Martens to get his reward for helping in episode 2x08 “You're Mine”.

Former Averard Hotel

Carolyn's Russian Safe House

In Season 4 Carolyn defects to Russia so she can continue her hunt for the 12. Her rough Russian housing, complete with a dead rat for a rat, is really filmed a stones throw from Hyde Park in London in episode 4x03 “Rainbow in Beige Boots”.

Paddington Hotel

interiors for the almost empty hotel Villanelle stays in when Raymond is her handler, season 2.

The London Library


Martin meets Carolyn between the shelves of books to tell her that he's assessed Eve, and she's too into Villanelle to continue working. Carolyn avoids hearing information she doesn't like by wandering through the narrow book racks and talking about them collapsing in episode 2x05 “Smell Ya Later”.

Pl. Argüelles

Havana Plaza

Covid restrictions limited filming for Season 4. Villanelle is CGI'd onto these building in Cadiz where she lures the abusive firefighter husband in to kill him, and as seen on twitter a local body double is hired to be seen walking out of the building in episode 4x05 “Don't Get Attached”.

The Grosvenor Pub

The Barn Swallow

Villanelle and Eve show up to the bar hoping to find the 12, but instead find Carolyn and Pam in episode 4x08 “Hello, Losers”.

The Cabin Cafe

Truck Stop Cafe

Villanelle and Eve stop at a truck stop and order curly fries on the way to London in episode 4x08 “Hello, Losers”.

Syon House

Aaron Peel's Roman Palazzo

While exterior scenes were filmed in location in Roma, Italy, interiors of Aaron Peel's Palazzo were filmed locally in England, at Syon House.

RAF Upper Heyford

Race Track

Villanelle takes Konstantin's daughter to a race track in an attempt to find out where they're planning on running off to.

Chenies Manor House

Country House

Villanelle tries to get rid of her hiccups before an assassinating the accountants wife in episode 3x04 "Still Got It".

Hornsey Town Hall

Hotel Atlasov

London stands in for Moscow, as the hotel Eve and Carolyn stay in where they have a breakfast buffet. Season 1.

The Mildmay Club

Bridge Club

Eve comes to visit Neko and Dom while they're playing bridge and asks them to translate some youthful Polish slang.

Sessions Art Club

Havana Restaurant

Villanelle and Carolyn play truth or dare while waiting for a member of the 12. Episode 4x04 "It's Agony and I'm Ravenous".

Russian Entryway

Helene finds Konstantin and lets him know there's a new recruit he needs to train. Episode 4x03 "A Rainbow in Beige Boots"

The Bentley Hotel

Meeting Room

Helene wants to tell Villanelle in person about being promoted.

Timișoara România Hotel

Villanelle modifies the hair dryer in the bedroom before an assassination, then later tries to tend to her wound while splayed out in the luxurious hotel bathroom, in the Imperial Suite at the Bentley Hotel.

Amsterdam Hotel

Villanelle stays in a beautiful suite while she's in Amsterdam, but really filmed in the Kensington area of London, in the Ashburn Suite of The Bentley Hotel. Episode 2x04 "Desperate Times"

The Standard, London


Eve trails Helene while Helene is publicly making out with another woman, because, well, thats what you do at Standard Hotels. Scene filmed by the elevators and in Decimo, a restaurant inside the Standard Hotel. Episode 4x02 "Don't Get Eaten".

Helene's Hotel

Pam meets Helene outside of the Standard hotel to update her about her family problems. Episode 4x03 "A Rainbow in Beige Boots".

Aylmer Cl

Martin's Home

In episode 4x03 "A Rainbow in Beige Boots" Villanelle coerces a meeting with Martin at his home and demands therapy. You can even see the lawn chairs Villanelle straps Martin to for their therapy session on google maps satellite view.

Passeig de les Drassanes

Côte d'Azur Bus Stop

Villanelle picks up her new mentee in episode 3.02 "Management Sucks." Stiges, a town just west of Barcelona stands in for the French Riviera.

Loch Morar

Feasgar Island

Villanelle goes to find Anna at her private island in Scotland and spends some time enjoying life out there. You can see a similar photo to Villanelle's rowing scene on Google Maps.


Amsterdam Night Club

Upset that Eve didn't come to Amsterdam to see her killing, Villanelle takes the pop up stairs from a parking lot down to try and forget about her feelings.

fabric London

German Club

fabric in London is used for interior shoots of the club in Berlin where Bill is murdered on the dance floor.

Dreamland Margate

Amusement Park

Pam makes a friend at the Dreamland Amusement Park, used for filming throughout season 4. Dreamland includes the Roller Room, a roller rink that is used for a scene with Pam and Konstantin eating burgers in episode 4x06 "Oh Goodie, I'm the Winner"

Faith House

Villanelle's London Loft

When Villanelle pairs up with Eve to work in series 2, she finds herself living in London's Shoreditch neighbourhood. Her flat is part of Perseverance Works, a group of historic buildings for rent in the area. You can see photos of her flat and also look into hiring the unit for yourself at Perseverance Works, where the piano and kitchen stayed, but the rest was cleared out for a bed, mirror, and books taken off the shelves and replaced with random wooden objects.

Viscri Home


Niko goes back to Poland for a simpler life, but his association with Eve causes trouble once again. The episode has many images the beauty of life in Viscri, Romania. Production stayed down the street at Casa Printul de Wales, Prince of Wales refurbished home to showcase the ways of historic Transylvania.

Greenfield Rd

Bitter Pill Offices

Exterior entryway and parking lot where Kenny falls to his death are seen behind a very intense fence on Greenfield Road.

Clayton House

Carolyn Martens Home

In season three Carolyn moves out of her townhouse and moves into the Highgate suburb of London. The house it is filmed out is much further out of London.

La Casa Ramos

Villanelle's Barcelonan Apartment

Series 3 starts with Villanelle getting back into work, and given a fancy apartment with good water pressure. Filmed on location in the historic apartment building, some scenes filmed in the sunroom you can see off the back side of the building.

Dixie Queen

Dixie Queen

Dock for getting on the boat the Dixie Queen, the final episode of Killing Eve was filmed on the Dixie Queen.

The Observatory


Eve waits for Villanelle as Billie to get done with AA. We get to see Eve's reaction through the window, even though in real life the cafe is not across the street from the building entrance where Villanelle "handles" Amber's handler.

Rowans Tenpin Bowl

Bowling Alley

Eve goes to a bowling alley in Barcelona to speak to Dasha in episode 3x06 "End of Game" but really filmed in the Finsbury neighbourhood of London.

Strada Zambilelor

Konstantin House

Villanelle waits for Konstantin to try and kill him peacefully, but he throws a log at her head and runs out to the dock to boat away.

Hadrian’s Villa (Villa Adriana)

Hadrian's Villa

In the season 2 finale, after escaping Rome through underground tunnels, Eve and Villanelle pop out in The Maritime Theater section of Hadrian's Villa, where Villanelle tries to convince Eve to run away with her to Alaska, when that does work she shoots Eve in the Grandi Terme.

Lancaster Hall Hotel

Drayton Hotel

Season 4 finds Eve living out of the Drayton Hotel, the entrance and lobby scene (fish tank added for the show) are filmed at the Lancaster Hall Hotel.

Margate Lido

Havana Beach

The "Lido Sands" mosaic was covered up with a mural to look like a beach in Havana, where Villanelle takes Carolyn to rough her up. Episode 4x04 "It's Agony and I'm Ravenous".