“What Is America?” Filming Locations

Series: The Purge Season 1, Episode 1
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The Purge episode "What Is America?" was filmed in New Orleans in United States of America.
Show Map

Westbank Expressway (near exit 5) as Highway

Miguel drives down the highway thinking about Penelope's letter.


Southeast Louisiana Veterans Medical Center as University Medical Center

Jane visits her mother in the hospital and tells her that she has to work for the whole evening.


F. Edward Hebert Defense Complex as Parking Garage

Miguel chases down a lowlife to find out where Henry is hiding out.


Southeast Louisiana Veterans Medical Center as 4100 Bank Street (lobby)

Jane runs into Mark on her way into the office for their Purge night work.


Energy Centre as 4100 Bank Street (offices)

Jane checks in through security and prepares for a long night locked in with her team.


ArcGNO of New Orleans as Cult Compound (exterior)

Good Leader Tavis prepares the sacrifices before putting them on the bus.


Frisco Avenue & Farnham Place as Train Tracks

Jenna and Rick talk with their driver as they head to the party.


W.P. Brown House as Stanton Estate (exterior)

Rick and Jenna are searched for weapons before being let inside the party.

Source: IMDb


St. Claude Avenue & France Street as Street

The blue bus drives through town as the Purge approaches.


Thayer (between Eliza & Evelina) as Street

Miguel drives across town with the sketchy guy in his trunk.


Woodlands Apartment Complex as Henry's Hideout

Miguel asks some lowlife about his sister and ends up getting the information after rescuing a woman that Henry had tied up.


Royal Street & Press Street as News Report

A reporter gives a live report just before the start of the Purge.


Dauphine Street & Press Street as Intersection

A gang of people in pink bunny suits walk past Miguel's car as he is driving.


Burgundy Street & Press Street as Train Tracks

Miguel drives across the tracks while wearing his night-vision goggles and sees a man being dragged behind a car.


Press Street (between Royal & Chartres) as Street

Miguel drives around the corner and searches for the blue bus.


Dauphine Street (between Press & Montegut) as Street

The blue bus drives past violence on the street.


Lot at Burgundy & Press as Empty Lot

The first member of the cult sacrifices himself as everyone else watches and chants.