The Purge Filming Locations

The story of several people trying to find their way through the 12 hours of Purge night.

The Purge was filmed in New Orleans in the United States of America.

Warren's Corner

Pete the Cop's Cantina

Miguel travels to find Pete the Cop who might have information on the blue bus in episode 1x02 “Take What's Yours”. Miguel talks to Pete the Cop and trades his new car for information on his sister's location in episode 1x03 “The Urge to Purge”.

Appears in 2 additional episodes.
Release the Beast

Miguel returns to ask Pete about the nuns who took his sister and Pete directs him to someone who can bring him to them.

Giving Time is Here

Miguel takes Penelope to the cantina to be safe for the rest of the night.

Energy Centre

4100 Bank Street (offices)

Jane checks in through security and prepares for a long night locked in with her team in episode 1x01 “What Is America?”. Alison goes into Jane's office looking for her and sees something incriminating on her computer instead and in a flashback Jane remembers her early days working with David Ryker in episode 1x02 “Take What's Yours”. Jane sees Alison standing over Mark's body covered in blood and desperately tries to call off the hit she took out in episode 1x04 “Release the Beast”.

Market Street Power Plant

Empty Lot

Joe comes upon a group of people beating up another guy and he steps out to stop them in episode 1x05 “Rise Up”. Joe fights the three thugs and saves the man they were attacking in episode 1x06 “The Forgetten”.

W.P. Brown House

Stanton Estate (exterior)

Rick and Jenna are searched for weapons before being let inside the party in episode 1x01 “What Is America?”. Jenna and Rick run away from the mansion as it is being taken over by the anti-NFFA militia in episode 1x05 “Rise Up”.

Source: IMDb

Former Times-Picayune Printing Plant

Carnival of Flesh

Penelope finds herself taken to a terrible carnival of death where she is set to be sold at auction in episode 1x04 “Release the Beast”. Penelope finds herself under control of her abusive ex Henry and Miguel infiltrates the carnival searching for her in episode 1x05 “Rise Up”.

Algiers Point Condominiums

336 Park Avenue

Jane stops outside David Ryker's home and heads inside after seeing some wild people driving past in episode 1x05 “Rise Up”.

Picayune Place


Jane is walking down an alley when she is attacked and nearly raped before being saved by the Matron Saints in episode 1x04 “Release the Beast”.

Poche Court West


The blue bus drives down the road past a man being pulled between two trucks. Later, the reporters drop Miguel off and he runs off after the bus in episode 1x03 “The Urge to Purge”.

City Park


Penelope and Miguel argue while making their way through the woods and avoiding the obstacles in episode 1x07 “Lovely Dark And Deep”.

Boland Marine & Industrial

Saticoy Supply Company

Several years ago, Joe goes into work and talks with his father who gives him some platitudes about his love life in episode 1x06 “The Forgetten”.

Ugly Dog Saloon & BBQ

Ugly Dog Saloon

Joe, his father, and the other workers from the factory go out drinking after work and Joe's father has a bit too much to drink in episode 1x06 “The Forgetten”.

Hynes Charter School

Thomas Jefferson High School

Jane's teacher calls in her mother to tell her how good a student Jane is and how well Jane is doing in math and later she reluctantly takes part in a pageant at her mother's urging to raise money for college in episode 1x07 “Lovely Dark And Deep”.

ArtEgg Studios

Henry's Apartment (interior)

Penelope hangs out with Henry in his apartment where he tells her about his parents and talks to her about drugs in episode 1x05 “Rise Up”.

Woodward Warehouse

Henry's Apartment (exterior)

Henry assaults Penelope when she tries to leave and Miguel arrives and nearly kills him in episode 1x05 “Rise Up”.