“Number Five” Filming Locations

The Umbrella Academy episode “Number Five” was filmed in Toronto, Mississauga, & Hamilton in Canada.

East Thirty-Six as Breakfast Spot

Vanya meets Leonard for breakfast and he encourages her to go in for the first chair audition.

Lillian H. Smith Library as Argyle Public Library

Allison researches Leonard while nearby Cha-Cha investigates the Umbrella Academy.

1187 Queen Street West as Griddy's Doughnuts

Hazel eats lunch with Agnes behind the shop while Diego stakes out and follows him when he leaves.

Moose Lakeshore Lodge as VFW Lakeshore Post

Klaus has Diego drop him off at a Veterans of Foreign Wars post so he can pay respect to someone from his past and they get into a fight with some ornery veterans.

Fort York Motel as Motel

Cha-Cha and Hazel check into a new, even crappier motel but soon find they were followed by Diego and Klaus.

Dyment's Market + Bakery as Remote Road

Luther and Number Five set up a meeting with Cha-Cha and Hazel using a fake briefcase but it is interrupted by the arrive of Diego and Klaus.