Movies Filmed at The Royal Conservatory of Music

273 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S 1W2, Canada

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The building housing the Royal Conservatory of Music was constructed as McMaster Hall in 1890 for McMaster University. When the university relocated to Hamilton in 1930, the building was sold to the University of Toronto and became the home to the Conservatory in 1962. A major remodel in 2008 added Koerner Hall to the rear of the building with over a 1,000 seats.

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Music Conservatory

Vanya arrives late for a rehearsal and then has an intense talk with another violinist afterwards in episode 1x03 “Extra Ordinary”. Vanya auditions for the first chair position and her performance unexpectedly affects the conductor in episode 1x05 “Number Five”.


Thorburg Cultural Center

Nikita infiltrates a party where Alex and her team are set to assassinate a Georgian politician (the country, not the state) in episode 1x13 “Coup de Grace”.

Source: Marco on Tumblr