“Blue Note” Filming Locations

Andre's past reveals his motivations while Tandy and Tyrone track him across the city with some dangerous assistance.

Cloak & Dagger episode “Blue Note” was filmed in New Orleans in the United States of America.

F. Edward Hebert Defense Complex as Abandoned Building

Andre abandons his trumpet and prepares to kill himself but the rig explosion happens before he can complete the act.

Leni's Cafe as Leni's Cafe

Tyrone approaches Solomon and asks him to arrange a meeting with the head of his gang.

The Orpheum Theater as Orpheum Theater

Tandy and Tyrone head deeper into Lia's mind and find a younger version of her playing cello in a concert hall in front of her parents.

Premium Parking P373 as Roxxon Corp Building

Tyrone takes the two gang leaders to the roof and negotiates with them by throwing them off the roof.

Former 3101 Tulane Avenue as Old Club Delight Ruins

Tyrone and Tandy head to the burned out ruins of the old club to find a bunch of people under Andre's thrall as he works towards playing the Blue Note.